Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Stop And Frisk" Has Its Roots In Gun Control Despite Being Seen As "Racist" Now

Stop And Frisk:   Adopted In Various Large Cities As An Attempt To Remove "Illegal Guns Off Of The Street"

The situation in which a police officer who is suspicious of an individual detains the person and runs his hands lightly over the suspect's outer garments to determine if the person is carrying a concealed weapon.

We must understand - INDICTMENTS are the fuel of Progressivism and "The Permanent Struggle".

"Gun Control" today.   Two weekends ago in Atlanta - the need to stop "Black on Black" killing in the form of "PROGRAMS" to give our people "something productive to do".   Those who come up with the "brilliant progressive ideas" - define the narrative through which our present pain is relieved.   Those who REFUSE to go along and, in most cases "SHARE their money" so that the "Establishment Power" in the problem plagued community will have the resources to operationalize their FIX are promoted as "The Enemy".   The "Congregational Unity Struggle" - gets lost.   Instead of focusing on "Mitigating the Problem" - it use "The Struggle" against the entrenched right wing opposition to GAIN MORE POWER so that "Progressive Public Policy" can be implemented without resistance.

QUESTION:  Which force is tabulating the Body Count that transpires under the aegis of "Progressive Public Policy" as the state of safety for Black people living under its protection is contrasted with the "Klan-based Public Policy" of the past?   If this is so ridiculous of a proposition - Why is such an appraisal not done?

"DO SOMETHING!!!"  - The First Word Said In The Process Of Conscious Outsourcing 

When you hear people say "SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO STOP THE KILLING!!" - you had better accept that one consequence of the forces who seek to take advantage of a present situation to make a run against their right-wing adversary is that you may not get what you want in the end.  In fact you might even have to protest the "SOMETHING" that is ultimately implemented.

The truth is that if "SOMETHING" is cast as a regulation of a manufacturer or retailer - all is well.   When the regulation is done upon the individual BY the POLICE - then this same base of supporters have a problem.

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