Monday, December 17, 2012

South Africa's Zwelinzima Vavi Receives Death Threats For "Speaking Truth To Power" And Against The ANC

Black people are 100% Equal.
We have the capacity of EQUAL GREATNESS
We have the capability to project EQUAL BIGOTRY.

There is a need to regulate Black people with power - no different than is the case for regulating Citibank or Union Pacific Railroad.  

In the movie: "Emmanual Jah: War Child" this immigrant to America from the war-torn Somalia expressed amazement over the fact that it is permissible for Americans to criticize the President and other elected officials without being killed for doing so.

When the threatened killing is from the hands of a political party rather than a group of people who have "the government" as their official label - is there a difference?

When there is a high level of taunting and corruption if "institutional governance" for the sake of congregational unity - but no death threat - is there a difference in America - in the larger scheme of things?   If Black people are being murdered on the streets - at a rate higher than our population proportion - BUT this complicity has it that NO ONE GETS FIRED as long as they retain the popular appeal - is there any difference - where the Black man resides?

In Africa as it is in America the propensity is to outsource this governance as a residual effect of the COMPROMISED INSTITUTIONS that should have nipped this type of behavior in the bud.  They allowed it to happen because the continued presence of this condition never threatened their power.  Their leveraged position within the ranks allowed them to put forth their own "historical narrative" as to WHO is the real killer. 

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