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SMDH Report: After Decades Of Grieving Over Black People Killing Other Blacks - Urban Advocates Are Happy That Gun Control Might Regulate Guns To Keep Them Out Of The Hands Of Young Black People Who The Advocates Were Responsible For Developing Their Consciousness

UPDATE - The video and the title of the story do not sync up.  Here is the text: My Fox Atlanta: Urban advocates say new gun control talk overdue

When you are reading it - Please insert "THE KLAN"  as the killer of "Urban Children" and then ask yourself if this article would have been written about GUN CONTROL rather than RACISM and the need for "Klan Control".

MY ARGUMENT: Since those community forces who are most culpable for producing these conditions based on their ABSENCE OF GOVERNANCE, also do not want to create a SELF-INDICTMENT causing a protest against themselves - THE GUN as the focus of their newest "Struggle Motion" achieves what they are ultimately interested in:  A FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHT WING (NRA) who resist what they view as a solution.  PERIOD!!

From The Associated Press
By JESSE WASHINGTONAP National WriterFor years, voices have cried in the urban wilderness: We need to talk about gun control.
Yet the guns blazed on.

It took a small-town slaughter for gun control to become a political priority. Now, decades' worth of big-city arguments against easy access to guns are finally being heard, because an unstable young man invaded an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., with a military-style assault rifle and 30-bullet magazines. Twenty young children and six adults were slain.
President Barack Obama called the tragedy a "wake-up call." Vice President Joe Biden met Thursday with Obama's cabinet and law-enforcement officers from around the country to launch a task force on reducing gun violence. Lawmakers who have long resisted gun control are saying something must be done.
Such action is energizing those who have sought to reduce urban gun violence. Donations are up in some places; other leaders have been working overtime due to this unprecedented moment.
The moment also is causing some to reflect on the sudden change of heart. Why now? Why weren't we moved to act by the killing of so many other children, albeit one by one, in urban areas?
Certainly, Newtown is a special case, 6- and 7-year-olds riddled with bullets inside the sanctuary of a classroom. Even in a nation rife with violence, where there have been three other mass slayings since July and millions enjoy virtual killing via video games, the nature of this tragedy is shocking.
But still: "There's a lot of talk now about we have to protect our children. We have to protect all of our children, not just the ones living in the suburbs," said Tammerlin Drummond, a columnist for the Oakland Tribune.
Heaven Sutton Was MURDERED In The Context
Having A GUN FIGHT On A Public Street

In her column Monday, Drummond wrote about 7-year-old Heaven Sutton of Chicago, who was standing next to her mother selling candy when she was killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout. Also in Chicago, which has been plagued by a recent spike in gun violence: 6-year-old Aaliyah Shell was caught in a drive-by while standing on her front porch; and 13-year-old Tyquan Tyler was killed when a someone in a car shot into a group of youths outside a party.
Wrote Drummond: "It has taken the murders of 20 babies and six adults in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Connecticut to achieve what thousands of gun fatalities in urban communities all over this country could not."
So again: What took so long? The answers are complicated by many factors: resignation to urban violence, even among some of those who live there; the assumption that cities are dangerous and small towns safe; the idea that some urban victims place themselves in harm's way.
In March, the Children's Defense Fund issued a report titled "Protect Children, Not Guns 2012." It analyzed the latest federal data and counted 299 children under age 10 killed by guns in 2008 and 2009. That figure included 173 preschool-age children.
Black children and teens accounted for 45 percent of all child and teen gun deaths, even though they were only 15 percent of the child/teen population.
"Every child's life is sacred and it is long past time that we protect it," said CDF president Marian Wright Edelman in the report.

It got almost no press coverage - until nine months later, when Newtown happened.
Tim Stevens, founder and chairman of the Black Political Empowerment Project in Pittsburgh, has been focusing on urban gun violence since 2007, when he said Pennsylvania was declared the worst state for black-on-black violence.
In the days since the Newtown killings, Stevens has felt sadness, emotional turmoil - and a bit of vindication at the new movement on gun control.
Stevens said America still would have been spurred to action if the Newtown victims had been black. He recalled the way that the Birmingham, Ala., church bombing during the civil rights movement, which killed four black girls, galvanized the nation in 1963.
"But in all honestly, because (Newtown) was a suburban, very small quiet town where normally people feel nothing happens, that does make some degree of difference," Stevens said. "It made a statement to the nation that if such profound tragedy can happen there, it obviously can happen anywhere."
Drummond, the columnist, said in an interview that even many people who live in violent urban areas, which are predominantly black and Hispanic, have almost come to accept gun deaths.
At community meetings in her own East Oakland neighborhood, where a half-dozen people have been fatally shot in the past six months, Drummond has heard residents pose more questions about weed removal or gutter cleaning than stopping the violence.
"If a white cop kills a black man, there's this huge outcry. But when you have the vast majority of young black men being killed by other young black men, you don't get that kind of response," said Drummond, who is black.
"In order to look at that you have to look at yourself," she said. "You have to say there are issues in this community."
Big cities have long dealt with the perception that gun violence is an urban problem. John Feinblatt, who works for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and is chief policy advisor for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization, said that Newtown has spurred action because of the age and number of victims, and that they were killed in school.
"There is no doubt that something has changed," Feinblatt said. "America's heart has been broken."
At the Violence Policy Center, a national organization that combats gun violence, an unprecedented surge of donations has arrived since the Newtown killings, as well as many emails from people asking how they could help, said executive director Josh Sugarmann.
Why hasn't this happened before, during decades of urban violence?
"There's an element of race to it," said Sugarmann, who has been working against gun violence since 1983. "There's a belief among all too many people about young black males, if you're shot you're in a gang or someplace you shouldn't be, or a bad kid doing things you shouldn't be doing. But in Chicago, there are reports of kids walking to school getting gunned down."
"The fact that these killings can't shape people's view that something needs to be done," he said, "is incredibly disturbing."
IF This White Man Had Murdered Any Of These Black Children Who Were Murdered In This Story WE WOULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT "GUN CONTROL".  We Would Be Taking About RACISM And The Need For JUSTICE.   
 NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY/ ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY (the thought that a Black murderer is not as big of a threat as the man pictured above is) IS at the core of the DIVERSE PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST COALITION'S STRUGGLE.

Their goal IS NOT TO DEVELOP "The Least Of These".  Their goal is ONLY to fight against the Right-Wing with a series of "Progressive Base Hits" that give the image of FORWARD PROGRESS.
When we step back and apply the expectations that they are the ESTABLISHMENT POWER who must produce universal results while retaining rights and freedoms - they prefer to exercise "Establishment Power Repudiation" - focusing on MARGINAL right-wing threats or opposition rather than the conditions that they produce where they have monopoly control.

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As I read your works - the inability for some of you to STITCH IT ALL TOGETHER draws a tear inside of me but then ultimately triggers anger.

In the face of "Serial Murders" of Black people (the CONSCIOUSNESS not the person being the same) - WHY is it that the MEDIA RESPONSE (as contrasted with Newtown CT) THE FOCUS?   This is as big of a logical leap as is the call for "Gun Control" against weapons that only play a minor role in the aggregate number of Black people who "get themselves kilt".

When one listens to Black people's "Self Debate Style" one begins to see the pattern of "Standing Up A Target" from which proof of EQUALITY (equal valuation) has been indexed and then standing up a Black person and noting how "WE" are shorted.

The National Urban League "Perfect White 1.0" annual report is a formal expression of this psychosis. Even more shamefully - the majority of the NUL's action focuses on what THE GOVERNMENT must do to produce "equal 1.0 results" for Black people.

As you listen to their arguments about THE MEDIA you will never hear the classification of "The Media" into the categories that would be given if we were talking about electoral politics:

  • The Mainstream Corporate Press
    • The Right-Wing Media (Fox News)
    • The Progressive Media (MSNBC and CNN and Salon)
  • The Black Press
  • The Independent Press (Democracy Now, The Nation)

Its an easy indictment to say that "The Right-Wing Media" has no interest in the affairs of the inner city.  "As long as WE are killing each other and not White people...............THEY don't care about US" is the logic that is frequently stated.

When the "Dark Matter Analysis" is applied and one begins to note that the ALLIED PRESS is little different than the "Enemy Press" - the agenda of the "They Don't Value Blacks" line of thinking comes into clearer focus.

There are two key constructs at work - that reside of the heart of the competing ideologies:

  • NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE:  "THEY have not shared the national resources and protection into the Black community.  The violence is a result of ABSENCE OF JUSTICE rather than the PRESENCE OF HATRED"
  • GOVERNANCE: "You now occupy all of the seats of establishment power that were sufficiently able to oppress you in the past.  Today it is you who are looking past these same seats of power that you have affirmed via your continuous support.  It is time now to stop allowing people to string you along on a NATIONAL STRUGGLE FOR POLITICAL POWER and instead focus upon producing the desired outcomes through the institutions that you sought to control in the past.
Note: I would be remiss if I did not also include the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" viewpoint:
  • BLACK GENETIC INFERIORITY: "Black people are genetically incapable of establishing a culture and a government that can produce the favorable outcomes that they receive by integrating with White people.  If White people were to separate from 'The Blacks', 'The Blacks' would collapse into chaos"

Of course I believe that the "Governance" bullet point is the solution.
The "National Social Justice" channel ultimately damages the interests of the Black community because it starves out the need to develop an effective community "GOVERNANCE CULTURE".

The SBPDL viewpoint is ignorant.   Right now I am sitting in a "BLACK RUN COUNTRY" - not in the tourist area but in the part where "the Black natives" actually live.   If SBPDL toured the homes and businesses that are run by "The Blacks" that I saw yesterday - their fear of too many Black people would outstrip their ability to see prosperity and stability.

(Back to America) The truth is that forces on both extremes are equally damaging to the cause of
crime abatement via the development of Black people through the institutions that are at the community level.   MSNBC (the ally of Black progressives) has no more intent on running a serial focus upon "Black on Black crime" and WHO DID IT than Fox News has.  Fox News is the avowed enemy of the same people who give MSNBC awards.

Fox News is damned because what it DOES report (an angle on the news that is misaligned with Progressivism).
Ironically MSNBC is LOVED because of what it DOES NOT report.   The Detroit NAACP gave MSNBC's Rachael Maddow an award for coming up to Detroit to do a report on the negative impact that is being had upon Black residents.  She blamed the STATE'S RIGHT-WING BUDGET CUTS but did not blame the incompetence of the 100% Democratic Party city government.

It goes without saying that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" who got their street cred for going after LEGITIMATE threats from right racists in the past - TODAY have no interest in changing as they adopt Dr King's guidance about "judgment of character".   This is because such a change in disposition would force them to go against their "Friends In Power" - and ultimately themselves.

If you want to understand the unmitigated problems within the Black community - don't just "Follow The Money" - Focus On The INTERESTS IN POWER and you'll get your answer.

The Black community's HOPES represents a treasure-trove for use in larger political/ideological struggle that those who are failing to effectively govern these problem plagued communities are ultimately interested in.

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Would anyone be surprised if new gun control laws that are being supported by a coalition that includes the "Civil Rights Pharisees" ends up leading to results that are in line with what "Stop And Frisk" ultimately resulted in?

In their chatter they have focused so much on the NRA and how "they don't care if Black people are killing each other" with the guns that dealers are flooding into "our communities".

Since their main competency is in "fighting the right wing" and leveraging the growing power in government to impose the regulatory regime that they desire - when a "Street Pirate" (an otherwise "pillar of the community" who was placed into their charge to develop into a productive force for the benefit of the community but who has turned into a source of terror for the community) begins to show that HE needs to be regulated - when the GOVERNMENT dares to cut out the middle man (the gun dealer) and focus on the forces that are pulling the triggers and killing Black people - these same forces of advocacy end up going after the police rather than re-engineering their own process for engagement of the young people.

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