Sunday, December 02, 2012

Shaking My Damned Head And Praying For An Alternate Channel Other Than Violence To Vent My Internal Rage So I Don't Get Sent To The Prison Industrial Complex

An Open Letter To NBC, Washington Post Co and The NABJ:

Please stop.
Please stop.

You've got me.

You have successfully beaten me down as I read the content from your affiliates and operatives  while attempting to retain my sanity and dignity.

What do you want out of me?

Were you attempting to prove that BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BE REGULATED by "Government" or "Jesus" just like any other "Equal Human Being" lest they begin to do things that are ultimately self-immolating?

Here I was imagining that SOME STRONG VOICE WITHIN THE PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY was going to stand up and say "ENOUGH!!!!, Dr King Would Be Smashing Your Apple MacBook Pros if he was alive to see the FOOLISHNESS that you are pushing as evidence that you have TAKEN YOUR EYES OFF OF THE PRIZE."

This is NOT going to come from the ranks of Black people with the PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS that has been concussed by their play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"..
I now accept this.

If only the Atlanta Journal Constitution hadn't made today's  report on the challenge of lifting Georgia's 67% High School Graduation rates as a Paid Subscriber Exclusive on the iPad or Web.
I would have syndicated this on THIS blog as it stated that BLACKS and HISPANIC students form the read, even though White students have only a 75% rate.

If this report was public and it was coupled with the Schott Foundation Report - then one would have to question the PRIORITIES and the SERIOUSNESS of that which TODAY is presented to Black people as 'THE BLACK PRESS - FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE".

It seems that your agents are more interested in carrying out "Systematic Racism Chasing" and, ultimately, a BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS ATTENTION FILIBUSTER - which blocks the formation of a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE - the most IMPORTANT loss to our ancestors beyond the value of their "labor", "social culture" or land.   Take these others away yet retain a GOVERNANCE CULTURE and eventually A FULLY REPAIRED BLACK SPECIMEN will return.

With two computers recording various "Black-Winged Grievance Talk Radio Stations" daily - I am CONVINCED without question that YOU prefer "Black Congregational Unity" in your IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL PURSUITS - regardless of IF the Black person who voices his line of thinking Publicly arrives at this conclusion:

  • Through thoughtful insight, using cogent examples, relevant statistics and a "scientific method"
  • OR if a "Negro calls in" talking FOOLISHNESS but ultimately voices WHY the talk show host and the consensus of the audience is CORRECT and that therefore the RIGHT-WING THREAT requires that all Blacks partner with the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally so that our VALUABLES ARE NOT TAKEN.

I am forced to ask you - WHAT do you anticipate will be the BLACK SPECIMEN that is built up - 50 years from now after having unchecked ability to run your shenanigans? 

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