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Several NFL Players Choose To Turn Their Weapons Into Their Employer. AND???

I have a personal ban on using "Slave References" to make my arguments so I wont' make use of the word that I first thought up that defines the relationship between the 8 or more NFL players who chose to take their personal firearms and hand them over to their employer - various NFL franchises.   One said "I don't trust myself with these weapons" - as he turned them into team security - according to sports media operative Peter King.

Our media is expert at violating the PROPORTIONALITY FILTER in order to achieve a particular agenda item that they conspire to achieve.

Just imagine if "The Nation" magazine's Dave Zirin pointing out that these handful of millionaire celebrities being conflated as "common men on the streets who are 'packing' "?   Guess what - it is not going to happen.

When the 1% are good fodder to indict in order to make a point the media will do it.   Likewise, as in this case - when a group that is even smaller than 1%, that is engaged in a CULTURE of youth, free spirited living and the violence that often comes along with it chose to turn in their weapons - we don't hear about their multi-million dollar contracts - that is earned in stadiums that were built with $1 billion out of the public treasury and the "Private Seat Licenses" that are demanded to obtain a season ticket, with this all pointing to a den of capitalism and looting.

In this one case these brave 8 warriors who disarmed might be asked to testify before the US Congress as they are used as the adopted spokes-models for a movement that needs a grand diversionary scheme due to the fact that it is incompetent at compelling the AT RISK YOUTH who are purchasing guns for nefarious use.

Piers Morgan and Bob Costas talk about "The CULTURE" but they can't bring themselves to talk about WHO the sculptors of this culture are.

If George Zimmerman Had His Gun Ownership Rights "Stopped And Frisked Away" Trayvon Martin Would Still Be Alive Today

The essence of Bob Costas' claims said on CNN this evening.

How many people understand that the "Stop And Frisk" policy that is now being protested against had its foundations upon the "There Are Too Many Guns On The Street" movement?

Those who "can't lose", no matter what policy they put in place, creating circumstances that they are later seen protesting against all have one common theme:  They can't bring themselves to stand accountable for developing the PROTECTED VICTIMS.   When their policy initiatives that go after the "establishment powers" (corporations, banks, law enforcement, manufacturers etc) are then placed upon the REGULATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL - .....................

  • Instead of calling out the forces that failed to instill GREATER CONSCIOUSNESS into "The Least Of These" as expressed by his choice to AIM HIS WEAPONS OFFENSIVELY in defense of an interest larger than his own self-center ego.........
  • We are conditioned to go after the OPPRESSORS (the government, law enforcement, prison systems, gun manufacturers)   
Piers Morgan affirmed Bob Costas' rendition of "How Trayvon Would Still Be Alive" as TOTALLY REASONABLE.   
I thought that it was an ignorant statement.

In the world of Bob Costas - "the law" was to do an inventory of George Zimmerman's inventory of firearms and deny him his ability to possess a firearm due to his "restraining order" - which Costas admits had expired.   

This same world of Bob Costas can't bring himself to see that THIS IS THE REGULATION that brings forth "Stop And Frisk", but this isn't even the main point.

The STREET PIRATES WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NO LAW(!!!) is not going to be mentioned on a friendly Progressive news analysis show.    George Zimmerman is SUPERIOR enough to shoulder the weight of "If the system was working he would not have a gun".    IF Costas or Morgan began talking about the "Super Predator Black Gang Bangers in LA or Chicago" they risk being called RACISTS.   They understand that it is safer to use "George Zimmerman" and that everyone will read between the lines.

(NO Rob Redding I am NOT defending George Zimmerman - your favorite subject.  Costas brought the name into this debate).

Selective Indictments And Tugging At Our Heart Strings Is NOT Governance In Support Of Reduced Gun Violence

Of The One Real Statement And Two Hypotheticals - Which Ones Would Have You Labeled As A Racist, A Constitutional Violator And A "Reasonable Person" Per The Opinion Of Piers Morgan?

  1. "I Believe That Access To Prescription Drugs Should Be Regulated.  You Will Need To Have An Authority Prescribe The Drugs And Then Strict Identification Requirements Should Be Applied Prior To Receipt Of A Controlled Substance. "
  2. "I Believe That The Voting Process In America Should Be Closely Guarded And Regulated.  Everyone Should Present Supporting Documentation In Order To Receive A Photo ID Card.  Upon Casting Your Vote Everyone Should Be Interrogated for Their ID, All In Support Of Free And Fair Elections"
  3. "I Believe That Was Should Strengthen The Regulation Of All Guns.  Why Does Someone Need A Stockpile Of Guns In Their Possession?  We Need To Have A Background Check And A Waiting Period That Makes The Purchase Of A Gun A 'Several Week' Process To Ensure That We Have  A Safe Society"

#3 was a paraphrased version of what Bob Costas said (this was said on an earlier interview, not on the Piers Morgan show).  
Here we see that PUNITIVE GOVERNMENT REGULATION that inserts TIME in a process for the purposes of DELAY is not always seen as EVIL (as is the case with Abortion access and Provisional ballots).  
This proves that there is no such thing as "absolute evil" but instead RELATIVE EVIL, used to make a political indictment against one's enemy is more prevalent.

WHY does Bob Costas get the right to choose THE REASON why an individual is allowed to express his 2nd Amendment Rights?

We tend to go off into a tangent about "Bazookas" and "AK47s" when the INCOMPETENCE in governance and personal control is seen in the use of a plain ole "Saturday Night Special" - preventing someone from "busting a cap in someone's azz" after some petty beef.

The use of OBFUSCATION by fighting at the EXTREME (both "They are coming to take our guns away" AND "Why does anyone need a 25 round clip") do nothing more than exacerbate the condition of benign neglect, leaving innocent people exposed.

As with the "Southwest Atlanta Anti-Violence Meeting" that happened this weekend - those who are bent upon retaining control over the narrative so that they don't take the RIGHTFUL INDICTMENT that should be hung upon their necks due to their abdication of responsibility per their relationship of CONFIDENCE with the players at hand - all wish to sit back and then wait for a narrative that they can spout, which protect their image as ADVOCATES rather than COMPLICIT OPERATIVES.

The dynamics between those who stand INSIDE rendering "Protection" versus those who are outside threats deserving attack are blazing in this subject.

Facing the bigoted right-wing voices as captured by "Stuff Black People Don't Like" where nearly all Black NFL players are cast as criminals and gun slingers - those who seek to protect these players but, none the less, call out the behavior using gentle nudges rather than sledgehammers tend to compromise their positions BECAUSE of this right-wing chicken hawk that is sitting on the perch, ready to say "I Told You All That You Should Not Have Cut Those Big Checks To Those Ninjas!!!  They get to ride inside of their fancy cars and sit in elite restaurants, pouring cognac on the floor in memory of their 'dead homies' ".     

This right wing threat serves as JUSTIFICATION for the kid gloves treatment that has been expressed.  We are more likely to hear the debate:  "Is the criticism of the Black superstar quarterback motivated by RACISM" than we will an earnest debate about this concentration of MONEY, POWER. hurt female love interests  and recklessness.

  • Vicarious Living and Trophies of "Racial Conquest"......................
  • versus - "What are you all doing with that money and that fame that is providing SUBSTANTIVE uplift for those who reside where you came from"? 

It seems to me that some people have a difficult time navigating the challenge "victory", often converting it into the "jaws of defeat" per their blindness.

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