Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SBPDL 365 Journal: I, A Black Man, Corrected A Group Of White Teens Who Were Doing Something They Had No Business Doing And Was Not Told "Ninja Mind Your Own Business, You Are Not Supposed To Be In OUR School Anyway"

THIS IS A TRUE STORY, with enough ambiguity inserted to cover my tracks.

Today I attended a basketball game at a predominately White school in metro-Atlanta.

At the end of the game I was talking with several other parents who are "boosters" of the team and what our team needs to improve upon.

As I we were talking I noticed bangs upon the backboard and the floor.  When I turned around I noticed that there was 4 White male teens and one White female teen throwing half full bottles of Gatorade (and 1 bottle of water) against the backboard, attempting to "score".

NOTE: This picture is from about 3 minutes later after the kids disbursed from their "Gatorade Basketball game"

I looked around at several parents who were oblivious to what was going on.

The coaches and school staff had gone into the locker room.  The only adults left in the gym were disinterested parents.
I noted to the circle of men (diverse) that "These kids know they should not be doing that.  If one of the bottles lands on the floor and the plastic cap breaks - the floor will be sticky with 'sugar water' ".

None of them made a move.

After another round of "shooting" I turned around and walked over to them.
I saw the female see me coming and she walked through the hallway doors.

I said to them:  "Could you all stop doing that?  You know that you should not be doing that in this gym.  Your teachers would not allow you to do that if they were here".

Those who remained looked at each other (probably thinking "Who the hell is this guy?").
They did stop doing it.
As I walked away I turned back to confirm.

As I continued my conversation I faced the court - and they did not resume.

First of all - there would not be a sprinkling of Black people in that school.
Secondly they would not be playing against an "integrated" team.

Lastly, short of me - a Black man - being "The Help" in their house and thus allowed to correct them - I would have had to stay in the gym as my life would have been threatened if I walked outside only to hear one of those White kids say "THERE HE HIS PAW PAW!! That's the Ninja who threw the bottle at me and hit me upside my head!  You told me never to trust them or let them disrespect a fine White fellow that you raised me to be.   Are you going to let him get away with this?  I would have took him myself but he has me beat by about 100 pounds.  Teach him a lesson about telling White folks what to do".

My dear friend Paul Kersey likely expects that if these were Black kids they would have pulled out a switch blade on me for correcting them and my murder case would be on the 11 o'clock news tonight.

In truth - IN BOTH CASES - it is how you approach a person that defines 90% of their response.
I did not disrespect these kids.  Instead I told them "You know you would not be doing that IF there was an authority figure watching you".

In his book subtitled "365 Black Days Of Judging By Content Of Character" Mr Kersey sets out to FIND INDICTMENTS against Black people - and he is ultimately successful in finding what he intended to.  Now he is selling his research on Black people - 2 books for $50.

Kersey and his "SBPDL" crew are not going to get their wish of having a "Negro free" environment - where the White female returns to her place - having discarded the "Negro-influenced" sensibilities that have clouded her vision.

Just imagine If - instead of being hostile to the idea that a few Blacks appreciate the environment and middle class living that his enclave offers - IF he focused on correcting a set of "knuckled headed teenagers" - regardless of if they are "all White",  "diverse" or "all Black" WHILE PRESENT IN HIS COMMUNITY?   THEN "the Blacks" would uphold his desired standard of living - JUST AS I imparted my "adult authority" to correct "White kids".  

The difference between ME and Mr Kersey is that he seeks to TEAR DOWN Black people in order to affirm the SUPREMACY of "White Culture".
I, by contrast (primarily) study the forces that are bearing down upon Black people - giving "consultative advise" (and a heavy dose of slander for those who need to be called out for their fraudulent thoughts and behavior) - with the ultimate goal of having BLACK PEOPLE LIVE UP TO a higher standard.

NOT a standard that is "pleasing to Mr Kersey" - because he is going to set up a "goal on wheels" with a "bubble machine" on top for us to guess "How Many Bubbles in this jar of soapy water?" - BUT a standard that is sufficient to PRODUCE THE DESIRED RESULTS inside of the INSTITUTIONS that WE have dominate influence over.

You are NEVER going to please Paul Kersey (as a Black person)  AND you are NEVER going to VOTE your way into SOCIAL JUSTICE.

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