Thursday, December 06, 2012

Rita James, 77 Years Old - The Winner Of The "2012 Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self Defense Award" - Don't Start None, Won't Be None

The Atlanta Police Were Called After These Two Shells Were Fired At The Street Pirate.  
Once They Arrived At The Scene And Did The Forensic Investigation - They Said that Ms Rita James DID THE RIGHT THING - Despite What Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens Said About Having A "Cellphone Pre-Programed To Dial 911" As A Better Option

Tell The Street Pirate Of The "Better Option" Than To Break Into Someone's House In The Middle Of The Afternoon In Broad Day Light. 

Blax News Fake Quoting Service: "Come On Street Pirate!!!! I'm Gonna 'Stand My Ground On Yo' Ass!!!  I Don't Care If The NAACP Protests Outside Of My House Even Though I Am Not A White Hispanic.  Let Them Open Up An 'Early Childhood Street Pirate Prevention Center In Southwest Atlanta To Teach These People That 'Dr King' Would Never Throw A Rock Through An Old Woman's Window To Steal Her Stuff This Close To Christmas.   If The NAACP Wants To Help Me They Should Make Him Pay To Fix My Window And Sand Down My Hardwood Floor That The Rock Scratched Up." 
I never liked that fast talking Yella Ninja anyway.  He always wants to be in front of the news camera but doesn't show his face within the Black community where we are under attack.   

BLAX NEWS:  "Do you mean Benjamin Jealous?  

Ms James:  "NO I mean that damned Julian Bond!!  Back in the 1960's he had me marching along with him because he said that by the year 2000 Black people would be able to leave our doors unlocked just like the White folks do in Buckhead.  Now I am gonna have to pay someone to put up burglar bars and it is 2012.  Do you think he called me to apologize for stringing me along?"  

No Weapon Used Against Me Shall Prosper

No Street Pirate That Throws A Rock Through My Bedroom Window Is Going To Get Away With My Valuables!!

We Need To Figure Out Who FAILED TO TEACH HIM ABOUT "JESUS" After God Gave Them The Gift Of His Life That They Were Supposed To Provide Stewardship Over.   I Love The Lord And I Respect LIFE But I Almost Had To Take His.

An Example Of: Stand Your Ground Consciousness

AME Bishop Henry McNeal Turner - Recommended That All Black Families Own A Gun Just In Case The Klan Night Riders Were Illiterate And Did Not Understand The Biblical Versus That He Game Them To Hand Out To Them Prior To Them Lynching, Looting And Torching Their Houses, Black Owned Businesses  And Churches

An Example Of Community Consciousness Outsourcing

Reporter:  "What did you think when you saw a man who had broke into your bed room"

Ms Rita:  "Nothing but to shoot him.   And I fired twice and didn't care".

Ms Rita James Is My Hero!!!   She Has Made My Week With Her Actions
After having her house broken into twice before - SHE WAS NOT GOING TO BE A VICTIM AGAIN!!!!


I am not sure about Ms James' aim because with two shots there was no blood on the floor anywhere. 

 Ms James Is PACKING, About To Bust A Cap In The Behind Of A Street Pirate Who Has No Respect For Her House
This Is The Rock That The Street Pirate Threw To Break Out Her Window.   He Has No Plans To Pay For Her Window.
Ms James Points Out Where She Saw The Street Pirate Standing In Her House
This Is The Weapon That Ms James Used To Stand Her Ground
After Breaking Out The Windows This Is Where The Rock Landed, Scratching Her Hardwood Floor
She Heard Something And Went To Look
The Street Pirate Had The Audacity To Start Pulling The Shards Of Glass Out Of The Window Frame So That He Would Not Cut Himself On The Way Back Out
This Is The View Into Ms James' House That The Street Pirate Used Prior To Throwing The Rock

2011 Award Winner

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