Saturday, December 01, 2012

Rev Jim Wallis' "Jesus" Of Social Justice Respects Man Made Borders - No Assistance To The Women Of "The State Of Mexico" Being Killed And Dumped In Graves

As I slowly return my conscious focus onto international affairs and away from the TRANSACTIONAL IGNORANCE of American politics I am compelled to give credit to the BBC.   WITHOUT QUESTION their reporting is more likely to perform muckraking of the ESTABLISHMENT POWER, regardless of whom is in power.  

By listening to the BBC one can get a sampling of how much the average American is being robbed by the slanted coverage (regardless of the bias) by the American press.


(And you can "Print It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Unless they can find a way to fuse the American RIGHT WING as the cause of this carnage in Mexico - the AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST will limit his concern for 'The Mexican" as much as he can make an INDICTMENT against his AMERICAN RIGHT WING enemy - in the border states depicted below.

Thus as it was the case in the early stages of the Iraq War that there was more outrage when an American solider desecrated the Quaran, while the incident in which a fellow Muslim blew up the Quaran along with the body of the Muslim person that was carrying into the Mosque that was destroyed - SO is the case with Progressive Fundamentalist Preacher Jim Wallis.

There is far more focus on the "banning of Mexican History" from the written curriculum  in Arizona than there seems to be concern about the Mexicans who have their BRAINS BLOWN OUT on the MEXICAN side of the MAN MADE BORDER.

I am still trying to find the BBC broadcast about the mass grave for women in the "Mexican State" where bodies of victims of domestic violence are buried without much chance that the local authorities will ever seek out JUSTICE for the victim.

In 2010 alone, there were 2,418 women murdered in Mexico, according to the report. The State of Mexico, where Pena Nieto governed from 2005 until 2011, was one of the states with the worst female murder rates.
Pena Nieto won the July 1 election to replace President Felipe Calderon and is due to take office in December.
The Amnesty International report highlighted a case in 2006, when Mexico State police were alleged to have sexually abused 26 women arrested during protests in the town of San Salvador Atenco.
Several police officers were charged over the incident but all were acquitted on the grounds of lack of evidence.
"The poor quality investigations by Mexico state prosecutors also undermined the outcome of judicial proceedings, ensuring acquittals and decisions not to prosecute," it said in the report.

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