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Rev Jesse Lee Peterson's Inability To Construct Accurate Representations Of The Forces Working Upon The Black Community Leaves Him Vulnerable . The Challenge Of The Black Omega Wolf Republican


I always cringe when I hear Rev Jesse Lee Peterson speak.

He always gets his use of "WE/They" (inclusiveness) and "ALL" (scale) when it comes to Black people WRONG.

He already knows that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers that are listening to him are going to get OFFENDED.
He lacks the ability at articulation of COMPLEX interrelationships among Black people to avoid being dismissed.

I have said several times before:   Those who are critics of the "Black Racial Services Machine" (note MY CONSTRUCT to define the "overlay of OPERATIVES" that "work the crowd" of the Black rank & file.  Proof that I have the perception that JLP lacks) but who can't articulate an accurate model of what is "Stealing The Valuables From Black People" - do more damage than they do good as they show that "All Negroes Are Not Complicit with the 'goings on' ".

I assure you that Black people are some of the most watched specimens in America!!!

  • The Black Rank &  File who KNOW in their heart that "Something Ain't Right" with what they have bought into and that if they didn't hate the "Right Wing More Than They Love Themselves" they would break ranks - see Jesse Lee Peterson as a potential alternative and LAUGH Out Loud
  • The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men (The Black Racial Services Machine - but more importantly - The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist) give front page coverage to JLP, just as they do their "Safe Black Republican".  
    • The Safe Black Republican (Steele, Watts, McAllister, Raynard Jackson) are invited on their shows because the bookers understand "They want to be LIKED by Black Progressive Democrats" as they are the potential recruits into the GOP
    • The Republican Party Loyalists (West & Cain) are not going to be invited to venues like "Obama's Rolex Watch With Roland Martin" THEY would be like Tim Ricks was to "Fox News" - calling the venue out as FRAUDULENT and "In the tank"
    • JLP is a hybrid.  Show his comments on the Black Progressive Fundamentalist forum and then talk about them.  He is not seen as the "Intellectual on the wrong team" as Steele and Watts are taken as.  He is the "Minstrel-Negative Reference" to AFFIRM what the Black Progressive already believes about the "Republican Who Is Black"
  • The White Conservative Wolf (Sean Hannity) - gives Rev Peterson air time because he is good for bashing Black people
  • The White Liberal Cheshire Fox Ally - understands that his Black Progressive friends has it all handled.  WHY attack the perceived intelligence of a Black man and risk the "Other Blacks" who are already doing what you want them to do - to trip up and see that JLP has the same GENETICS as they do but merely has a different ideology.  
    • The Black Progressive Fundamentalist uses the "FREE RANGE NEGRO" labeling to tell their White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies that they have OPEN SHOT at JLP and Clarence Thomas and will not suffer any racial rebuke.
    • I must add in the special case of White liberal Eleanor Cliff.  A few years ago when JLP said something off the wall - I recall Ms Cliff saying "There you have it.  If a White person talked about Black people in the way that JLP did - we'd be called out".   Fast forward to earlier this year when I pointed out that Eleanor Cliff accused "Free Range Negro" Clarence Thomas as being STUCK IN THE PAST with regard to his racial grievances from the 1960's.   I saw this as her venting what she believes about the PROTECTED BLACKS, but she understands that she as a White Progressive is only allowed to speak publicly against the "Free Range Negro". (I beg anyone to prove me wrong.  I WATCH ALL OF YOU to see how you tick)


If Rev JLP was more perceptive he would see that there is no (formal) "religious" aspect to the relationship between Barack Obama and "The Black Rank & File" or "The Black Racial Services Machine".

BECAUSE the #1 enemy of the "Black Progressive Struggle" is THE WHITE RIGHT WING - President Obama IN POWER represents their best chance to GAIN SERIOUS YARDAGE against the RIGHT WING in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".
I could stop my post right there as this would be the complete understanding of what makes the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Of Today" tick.   But, of course, I am never short on words.

Rev Peterson must first understand" THERE IS NO "BLACK AGENDA"!!!
There is ONLY a "Progressive Agenda" with "The Blacks" lobbying to get A CUT of the proceeds from CUTTING THE HEAD OFF OF the "Right Wing Beast" and freeing up the flow of "Social Justice".

To The Black Progressive Fundamentalists I say:

You all will never know how much it pains me to listen to you all talk.  You FRONT as if you are "Huffing and Puffing" BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS.   I LISTEN TO YOU - as you bring to light the "THEY" who is the "THEY" in the phrase "THEY DON'T WANT BLACK PEOPLE HAVING SH**!!".

The psychological gymnastics that you play as you first indict the generic "White People" but then when you need to "Operationalize" your STRUGGLE you have to fine tune it to the WHITE RIGHT WING causes me to want to consult Jesse Jackson Jr for advice on a clinic to attend.  (You know what I am talking about Chauncey DeVega and Filled Negro - right?)

Yesterday "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" talked about the "Right-Wing Take Down Of Dr Susan Rice".   They began to talk about how the "racist attacks" coupled with the OIL HOLDINGS that she had gave the WHITE RIGHT WING the ammo necessary to "take a sista out".

I heard stories about WHITE FOLKS crawling in to sections of pipeline and spending the night so that when the workers got in the next morning to put the pipe in place for the "Keystone Pipeline" they would be shut down because a HUMAN BEING is in the section of pipe that needs to be moved.

When you listen to the "Embedded Confidence Men" talk, however, these PROGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENTALISTS who are trying to shut down the pipeline become RIGHT WING WHITE FOLKS.

A few callers later what started out as BLACK POLITICAL STRATEGY regarding the loss of a "Qualified Sista" ended up being a PURELY DEMOCRATIC Party chess match as the fronting Black Progressives said that the Republicans were trying to get Democratic Senator John Kerry out of his safe seat.  "You see with Scott Brown - the only time the Right Wing Republicans can get a seat in Massachusetts is when something exceptional happens (the death of Progressive Fundamentalist Sen Ted Kennedy) and then they trick the people to get a Republican in office.  (Making reference to Scott Brown inserted in by the Tea Party wave against the health care plan of the Black President named Barack Obama).    

With all of these affirmation on Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio that seem to cut to the favor of the Progressive Fundamentalists and Democrats - you have a total void of "WHERE IS OUR MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO YOU?" analysis.  Once they speak in terms of "The Republican ATTACK" and how the right wing has OFFENDED "The Blacks" - then any qualitative discussions from the Black community perspective (and not the Democrats or Progressives view) is LOST - just as the embedded confidence men wanted.

I have previously challenged Eric Alter who says that "the White Right Wing" doesn't care about the truth but only UNITY OF THOUGHT - to take a listen to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" to determine if there is in fact, EQUALITY at hand.  

I assure you that CBS Radio's Sumner Redstone has a whole library of "Negroes calling in" that he saves as affirmation that he has made a sound investment in the vehicle that allows Black Progressive Fundamentalists to shout "Black Power" but ultimately consume what the advertisers (or government Public Service Announcements) have to say on the stations that he owns.

The average Black Progressive radio host cares less about how the Black caller arrived at the point where he now stands.  As long as it is a POINT OF UNITY - he can forgive the molestation of logic.
This is the source of the corruption that is within the "LampBlacked Yellow Jouranalist Press" operations.  They are ultimately a propaganda outlet in which the "Recruited and Paid Black" is a true believer in what he spouts so there is a massive "Dark Matter" space that exists in their ability to actually figure out "WHO HAS OUR VALUABLES" despite all of this struggle that I have compromised my journalistic integrity to put forth.

Jesse Lee Peterson Keeps Looking At OBAMA But Has No Clue About The BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS That Were Left Vulnerable For The Compromise

The old saying from the Congressional Black Caucus - "Unbought and Unsold" should be understood from the perspective of time.
During the time in the early 1970's when this phrase was coined the Negro did not have much power and could project himself as the "moral consciousness" of the legislature and the nation.

Today we see that this is but talk.
Now that there is a GREATER "valuable" to be had and protected - those who used to utter these words have dispensed of them, knowing that their friends in the Black press will not ask them for the "receipt".

If you read JLP's article he IS FOCUSED ON OBAMA.   WRONG!!!

Just as I told you about the antics of Bishop Eddie Long when he was wrapped in a Torah and then carried around the stage:  "Look past the stage performance and SEE WHO HAS WALKED OUT the auditorium because they are OFFENDED by the sacrilege" 

Instead there was an entire congregation of Negroes who were seen clapping enthusiastically over the fact that their leader was being adorned as such.  Not only that - the "pickle" that he was in due to the news coverage - the Jewish Rabbi told the audience that HE HAS BEEN CLEANSED.  

Since the "Congregation" already wanted to give their leader a clean bill of health - once they got the ENDORSEMENT they "Self-Tricked Themselves" into believing that it all was settled.

Take this same psychology and then scale it nationally, shifting it from religion over to the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and you will fully understand the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness" and then understand Prof "New Black Man In Exile" reference to "WE are in the White House Now"

This all proves that BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% EQUAL and are in need of REGULATION to "Deny Ourselves" from insider trading  - JUST LIKE Citibank and Madoff needed to be watched.

The Need For "Black Community Institutional Integrity Enforcement" On The Way To Building Up And Enforcing The "Black Community Governance Culture"

If you listen to the reparations movement or the "Prison Planet" people (WRFG Atlanta "The Progressive Information Station"), you will hear a thorough enumeration of what was STOLEN from the African during the "Transatlantic Slave Trade" and "European Colonialism" in Africa.
They put their focus on "stolen labor", brutality, rape and destroyed RELIGIONS and CULTURAL ACTS.

I do not deny these points.
MY position is, however, that the GREATEST loss of them all is the "Black Community GOVERNANCE CULTURE".

With such a fortification in place any material item that was lost can eventually be restored THROUGH the disciplined and conscious actions of the people.
Take away this governance culture - and worst - don't have the consciousness to see THAT YOU HAVE LOST IT and we get TODAY'S "Black American" who is functionally TRICKING HIMSELF inside of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" USING the "False Religion Of Black Americanism".  

This false religion can best be described as that which has OCCUPIED THE CHURCHES that the SLAVE MASTERS once preached in when they held "equal human beings from GOD" in captive but needed to "SELF-TRICK THEMSELVES" into believing that they had a farm animal in their possession (except that their copulation with a horse or cow never produced an offspring as was the case with the Negro slave.  They were not interested in proving themselves to be LIARS as it was too profitable).

With "White Flight" having taken place the church buildings that served as the basis for the slave master's LIES about GOD were taken over by Black people with equally strong voices to fill the sanctuary with their intent to deceive the people for worldly gain.

Rev Jesse Lee Peterson - is best described as a man who wishes he had a larger congregation.  When radio host Rob Redding began to ask JLP some of the same questions that he had indicted "Christians who voted for OBAMA" - JLP showed that he was more of a political operative than a "Consistent Christian".  

IF Jesse Lee Peterson's interests were to reverse the "Obama Effect" he would have gone beyond calling Black people "Immoral" and instead focused on the INSTITUTIONAL COMPROMISE that has taken place.   This shows that the "Americanized Black" prefers ground in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and that "Black Consciousness" is merely a front.  We saw that with the "CIA / NATO" in Africa while the "4 Star General Booty Call" got more attention than the destruction of the Libyan NAVY.   
(Note:  I just listened to a report about "The CIA In Haiti" during the Bush Administration from more than 10 years ago.   When you listen to the arguments about the CIA'S RIGHT WING intent to undercut nations of color and then play it back in the context of what we see today - IT IS CLEAR that there is grand fraud and hokum going on.  EITHER those who were outraged back then were FRAUDULENT or there is a FRAUDULENT conspiracy of silence today.  It could be BOTH)

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