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SBPDL 360 Journal: From Protests Against "The First Negros In Levittown" To "Levittown 2012 - Votes For Obama As Fewer Black People Were Murdered Right In Front Of His Levittown Campaign HQ Than The One In Atlanta

Executive Summary:
Levittown PA 1952 - A Place Where Stuff Black People Don't Like would love because of its racial exclusivity

Levittown PA 2012 - A Place Where The Civil Rights Pharisees Would Love because this blue collar, working class, racially diverse community - voted for Obama because Romney was for the rich.

The Civil Rights Pharisees and their minions reserve the right to CONTINUE to use Levittown 1952 as PROOF of The American Economic Apartheid System that still today has Black people in an economic rut.

References to this SUPERIOR past gives them cover from having to protest against the "favorable people in power" who they donated their valuables to because they said they would break up these "right-wing islands of SUPERIOR power and 'Social Justice' would flow to all as a result.

The Embedded Confidence men understand that the only thing they need to do is RE-RUN THE CYCLE:  Keep showing people who answer when called 'The Least Of These' evidence of White Right-Wing POWER and they will not demand that they be "Shown Their Money" invested from the previous cycles.  They will dutifully ramp up for another fight against a White Right-Wing Enclave BECAUSE this focused STRUGGLE gives them a purpose and connects in with their present Americanized consciousness.

It is only when "Levittown PA" gets renamed to "Dr King's Town" after Rev Joseph Lowery convinces the crowd that the old name carries too much racist baggage - that the "Least Of These" who now dominate the area where they had once been barred - slowly realize that "THEY ARE THE ONE'S WHO THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR to provide themselves with SOCIAL JUSTICE"

Levittown Pa 2012 represents what you can expect when the RIGHT-WING RACIST ENEMY has been DEFEATED due to the passion that has been channeled to its defeat - YET - despite this victory in the area that you were lulled into YOUR BASIC QUALITY OF LIFE has NOT improved as promised.

The real problem is that as you were "fighting against" your sworn enemy - you should have been BUILDING UP institutional strenght and transparency - preparing you for the day when YOU ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER who is failing to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE to the masses.

While Levittown PA is RACIALLY DIVERSE - it has failed to develop the Least Of These within.

As BBC World News reviews some of its videos from 2012 - the one video that caught my attention was "Levittown At 60 Years Old".

Video: BBC: Levittown's 'American dream' after 60 years

The developer made the most memorable statement of the BBC video.  In justifying why Levittown did not sell homes to Black residents:

"I realized back in the 1950's that America had a HOUSING problem and a RACE problem.  I could solve one or the other but not both.   My expertise was in building houses and I made the business decision to focus upon what I knew best."

Not a profile in courage but recognition that a prevailing sentiment does not change with ease.

White people in Levittown lining up for housing - similar to the crowd that amassed in East Point Georgia.

In THIS picture IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTS lead "The Blacks" to believe that their prosperity will come when they receive "Social Justice" from the government - if they keep voting.

In the above picture from Levittown -  "RACIAL BIGOTS" used the GOVERNMENT to insure that the Blacks that dared to line up with them yet survived the violent beat down would NEVER be allowed to submit an application for consideration of residency because the someone on the inside deleted the application that they filed on the World Wide Web.

The First Ninja In Levittown

The cousins of SBPDL rose up in protest against the idea that a BLACK FAMILY would be allowed to move into their lily White community.    

Even though they were happy that all of the HOUSES were EQUAL (in size, furnishings, and lot size) - they were not about to allow a "Ninja" to start THINKING that he is equal to a White man as he sits in his house after cleaning eggs off of the windows and the burned ashes from the cross that his "Christian" neighbors stole from their church to use in a more effective application.   They were happy that the dirt in the lawn was still soft from the recent grading work.    

They understood that the hole that they dug in the Bermuda grass would fill itself in once they ran the "Ninjas" off and a GOOD WHITE family moved in to take their place - as long as the windows were left open to get the "Negro smell" out of the house.

"The White American Dream" did not come easily - indeed!!!
Sometimes it had to be fought for using clubs and pitch forks.

The Mother Of A SBPDL member:  "Why is it that the Ninjas always want to try and live around White folks? Can't they see that we don't want them around?  I don't want the embarrassment of having to push a Black grand child around the shopping mall.   My friends would not believe me if I told them that the baby is 'The Help's child' and that I am just watching her because the mother is cleaning my house with bleach and the baby is allergic to harsh chemicals. "

The nation believed that there was a debt of gratitude owed to these soldiers who risked their lives in WWII and Korea.   The GI Bill paved the way for the financing necessary for veterans to move into Levittown.

While the US government did not officially support "racial discrimination" thanks to the executive order signed by President Harry Truman - they did not enforce "secondary systematic racism" - where the proceeds from the "GI Bill" could be applied to a property with racially exclusive policies.

(None of this is sinking in with SBPLD.  They believe that all of America's governing policies now cater to Black people)

Before The Internet - When White Folks DIDN'T LIKE Something they came out in large rallies to oppose Negroes.

"Hell No!!  We Don't Want No Negroes!!"

Even back in the 1950's the DWL (Disingenuious White Liberal) was a thorn in the side of SBPDL.

SBPDL Thought Of Her:  "She is opening the door to Negroes, who are going to come in and alter our culture, commit crimes and show that we are hypocrites when it comes to abortions - as long as the child has Black genes programming how it is going to look."

The DWL Thought Of SBPDL:  "I predict that one day we be the prevailing force within this racist community.  'The Blacks' who I am kind to today will be forever apprciative that I stood up against my racist sister in defense of their right to live whereever they want to - even if they are conditioned to believe that White schools need to 'Share The Poverity' - the talking point that I told the NY NAACP to start using.  They rejected this because they told me that this made the case that Black people are permanenately poor. I believe that they are being short sighted though.   I predict that one day in the future there will be a Black President and my current efforts to get 'The Blacks' into Levittown will pay off as they will vote to keep the right-wing force out of Levittown and other areas of power - without worrying that the nearby US Steel plant that created most of the jobs for us has closed down.   Instead of 'Good Jobs' from corporations with my help they will be heard asking for 'Good Social Justice' after they defeat the right-wing enemy.    At this point MY RACIST SISTER will have been made to PAY for tormenting me during my youth!!!"

Brother!  Sista!!  You had better move away from that window!
Even though SBPDL prefers to show us broken windows in Detroit - they know as well as I do that when THEY break a window - it usually has a "Negro" on the inside.

Instead of breaking a window for them to climb in and steal a flat screen television - THEY break the front window - hoping that the Negroes will climb out of the back window - before the gun shots are fired into the house, just in case the "brick" didn't provide enough evidence of their intentions.

Its a good thing that only Black people are criminals OR the neighbors of Levittown would have called the police at the sound of glass being broken.


"Sign right here and pledge that you will vote for Obama.    Though Obama won the Levittown Vote in 2008 and our community is facing hard times - due to Bush - if the rich man named Mitt Romney gets into office - I hear that SBPDL is going to order a load of bricks from the Home Depot.  I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were planning to build a new house just outside of Levittown.  When I saw that they also ordered new windows - I knew that this is to fix the windows that they broke once they drive us out of Levitown.  They know that White people won't move into a house that has a boarded up window.

We need you to look past the economic condition of Levitown under Obama and instead think about how SBPDL would be emboldened to terrorize us if Romney gets into office. "

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