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Psychological Assessment To Explain Black Political Priorities - What Makes A White Killers Actions SUPERIOR To That Of A Black Killer?

Someone Please Advance A Better Model To Explain This Phenomenon


A Silver Semi-Automatic Hand Gun

Campus Progress - Shooting By A White Man In Florida Evokes Memories Of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Jordan Davis

A Carbon Black Semi-Automatic Hand Gun

Chicago: 2 gang members accused of killing rival who pleaded, 'Don't do it, I love you'

Keith Shaw


In the two above example cases "A Ninjas Got Himself Kilt" using a firearm and was rendered "equally dead".

Though both of their bodies have experienced the same "post-death" processes of decomposition - the respective MEMORY of their murders have taken very different tracks as represented in the "Black Political Discourse" and the "News Media".

For the Chicago based soul - his murder comes in the context of 6 other murders this weekend in Chicago as of Sunday morning as I type this.  While his family will forever remember the void that his murder was created - the collective consciousness of the Black Racial Services Machine has almost fully "gotten over" his death at the hands of an organized "Street Pirate" gang that ignored his plea for his life.   The two gang members valued their gang membership more than they valued his life.  They understood that if they didn't "Smoke That Ninja" that their gang would in turn "smoke them" - therefore exponentially expanding the number of "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" on the streets of Chicago and other Mission Accomplished Cities where the absence of would-be Confederates pacify the Civil Rights Pharisees interest in high Black murder rates.

 In the case of Jordan Davis, the teen killed in Florida a few weeks ago - even though he was not composed of a material that is "better" than Keith Shaw - his life has a greater value due to the composition of his KILLER.

You see - unlike Keith Shaw - who was killed as part of a gang initiation/ enforcement action and thus premeditated murder - the young Jordan Davis was murdered BY A WHITE MAN.

Michael David Dunn - the WHITE STREET PIRATE KILLER of Jordan Davis Dunn belongs to a GANG THAT IS SUPERIOR to any loose assemblage that a group of "Black" or "Hispanic" youth can put together today.   Michael David Dunn belongs to the gang called: 'THE WHITE RACE ROLLING 401Ks!!!!    

THE WRITE RACE ROLLING 401Ks indeed have a track record of murder, criminal conspiracy and forced labor practices that merit the "Gang Profile 3 Ring Binder" that is maintained by the legal establishment in America - which enumerates the RIGHTS of their historical targets:   Racial Minorities, Women (of all Races), Lower Class (of all Races).

When it comes to expunging this criminal record of the group and instead appraising each assault in the future upon its INDIVIDUAL merit - indeed the official law enforcement official have largely already done this.  The fact that the majority of them are themselves White has assisted in this "benefit of the doubt" being afforded.

We need to look into the "friend of the court" organizations that doggedly maintain their own "Gang Profile 3 ring binders"

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center
  • The NAACP
  • The ACLU
  • MSNBC's Rachael Maddow
These are examples of the "Friends Of The Court" who are tracking the criminal tendencies of the splinter group from the original "The White Race Rolling 401Ks".   Where as the original group was all encompassing - today's gang is named the "Right-Wing White Rolling 401Ks".
While the original gang has been sufficiently regulated - this splinter gang, despite being unable to operate with the impunity of the past are of SUPERIOR INTEREST to the "friends of the court".

You see their primary value is not that they make RACIAL assaults.   From the vantage point of the "Friends" they generate an IDEOLOGICAL INDICTMENT for use in the "American Political Domain".

The Vantage Point Of "The Friends Of The Court"

In one night 6 "Keith Shaws" were MURDERED on the Mission Accomplished streets of Chicago alone.

Place yourself in the mindset of a Progressive Fundamentalist bigot - who can lay claim to this turf as their own - based upon their political dominance and influence over the masses encamped within.   

Even though these lands produced a higher grade of "Strange Fruit" today than what the original Mississippi Delta soil had produced - as indexed by the perceived self-determination between these two locales - it is the Chicagoland condition that will produce a SELF-INDICTMENT against the forces that keep the books on the WHITE Street Pirate Gangs.

More Recording Artists Will Be Harassed To NOT Perform In Israel Than Any Of Them Will Face Sanction For Doing A Remix Along With Chief Keef On The Song "I Don't Like That" .  If They Specifically Ask For Chief Keef's Friend "Lil Reese" Because They Believe That His Lyrical Skills Would Cause A Doubling Of  Downloads On "iTunes" - NONE Of The Civil Rights Pharisees Will Bother Mentioning That Lil Reese Was Caught On Video BEATING THE HELL OUT OF A BLACK FEMALE Who Dared To Say That She Is Not Scared Of The Handgun That He Flashed At Her.   She Ultimately Was Quieted By A Size 12 Timberland Boot That He Stomped On Her Head With.
When  A Local Community Organizer Started To Protest Outside Of The Korean Store That Sold Lil Reese His Boots - No One Bought Into The Movement As They Understood That Lil Reese Was Responsible For Using His Boots As A Weapon Upside A Black Woman's Head.  The Korean Boot Salesmen  Had Nothing To Do With It.

The "Friends Of The Court" operates are thus a BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS ATTENTION FILIBUSTER SCHEME.  They are an existential threat to the development and maintenance of a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE.

  • The Racist Threat From The RIGHT-WING Must Be Made SUPERIOR To The Issue Of Safe Streets WITHIN The Black Community Lest Someone Notice That The Mission Accomplished Streets Are Not SAFE ENOUGH - As Promised When Black People Invested Their Valuables Into "The Political Struggle"
  • The Racist Threat From The RIGHT-WING Must Be Made SUPERIOR To The Issue Of Quality Education, Received Through The Schools That The Black Racial Services Machine Now Control.  The Threat To This Power Structure Is That IF An EXTERNAL ENEMY FORCE Is Not Identified As The Reason Why The "Schott Foundation Report" Is So RED In Places That Were Supposed To Have PROGRESSED - Then The Wily Black People Within The Community Will Begin To Ask "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO YOU For 50 Years?"
  • The Racist Threat From The RIGHT-WING Must Be Made SUPERIOR To The Issue Of THRIVING LOCAL ECONOMIES - the promise that Keynesian Economics That Took The Form Of Government Jobs Programs To Fill The Void That The Greedy Capitalist, Exploitative Corporations Which Vacated Because The Regulation And Unionization Formed A Strong Counterbalance To Their Unchecked Power.   IF A New "Occupation" Was Not Forged To Keep The Least Of These FOCUSED OUTWARD And UPWARD - Then, Once Again, Someone Will Pat Their Buttocks And Ask "Hey WHERE THE HELL IS MY WALLET?"
  • While Indeed The Street Pirate Consciousness Was Forged In The Crucible Of Healthy Human Relationship Outcomes That Were Derailed, Those Who Control The VOICE Of The Black Community Make The Case That The Polices Of The Above Bulletpoints Are Responsible For DESTROYING THE BLACK FAMILY, Thus The UNHEALTHY HUMAN RELATIONSHIP OUTCOMES That Are Seen Within These Communities Are A Consequence Of This Molestation

You only need to observe WHO STANDS TALL while the Black Community falls down.   In as much as THEY are holding the VALUABLES of the Black community and cannot lose - this would ordinarily trigger a MUCKRAKING INVESTIGATION from the news media who claim to be beholden to nothing other than the BEST INTERESTS OF THE LEAST OF THESE.

Fear not though - they are a part of the same machine that is executing this grand "Theft By Taking (of Conscious Attention)".   Even though some psuedo-offense might be heard regarding what "WE NEED TO DO" - once the POLITICAL SEASON starts again - the INTRA-BLACK COMMUNITY ISSUES will be necessarily placed aside in pursuit of the passing play against the SUPERIOR RIGHT-WING POLITICAL ENEMY.

(I challenge anyone to refute this set of observations as being inaccurate from what the REAL WORLD offers the Negro community)

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