Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Psychological Analysis: Does It Take A White Killer/Police Man To Bring Value To The Life Of A Black Homicide Victim, Beyond The Loss That His Family Feels? How "The External Indictment" Drives Black Activism At The Cost Of The "Black Community Governance Culture"

The Location

The Crime Scene
In Atlanta 
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
Man Murdered At "Underground Atlanta", Shot In The Chest

AJC: Man, 24 Is Shot To Death At Underground Atlanta
In New York 

Man Murdered On A Busy Street In Manhattan, Shot In The Back Of The Head

New York News | NYC Breaking News

Black people in America get murdered all of the time.

There has never before been such a separation between "The Homicide Of A Black Person" and the "COMMUNITY ACTIVISM" that transpires as a result.

Community Activism is the combination of:

  • Civil Rights organization activity
  • Outrage expressed on "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio"
  • Black Press amplification of the offensive action against the Black community
  • The resulting concentrated stance which says:  "THEY are not going to be allowed to kill Black people in cold blood and think that they are going to get away with it as if they merely generated 'road kill' ". 
The call for "Congregational Unity" - the proverbial show of force is the " 5 fingers clinched to make a strong fist" disposition that the Black Racial Services Machine likes to project.

Take the model that is defined above that is targeted toward an EXTERNAL KILLER and then apply it to a "Black On Black Murder" and then sit back and observe.
This is the best way to understand the VOID IN "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE".

When the killer is logically forced to bear the burden of:

  1. "WHY does he believe that Black life is cheap?"
  2. "WHERE did he get this hatred for Black people from?"
  3. "DID he value the material item more than he did a human being?"
  4. "WHAT CULTURAL reference taught him to think this way about a fellow human being?  WHO failed to show him a greater consciousness?"
.................the desire to avoid making SELF-INDICTMENTS about the Black community - coupled with the all encompassing fear of what the WHITE RIGHT-WING will say IF the Black community admits that there is a problem within - causes a conspiracy of mass silence to transpire.

IF there are "White murders" to throw up as a counterbalance to these feelings - it will be mentioned. 

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