Sunday, December 02, 2012

Protesters Throw Firebombs At Inauguration Of Mexican President - Not Only Are They Not Labeled "Racist" - Rev Jim Wallis's "Social Justice Jesus" Is Pleased That The Right-Wing In Arizona Did Not Give Them The Gasoline For The Bombs As That Would Be Considered "Racist Terrorism"

No way this could happen in America - and the "Occupation" demonstrators escape being called "Racist" for doing this on January 21, 2003 on "MLK Day" as they protest against:

  • US Drone Bombings Of Sovereign Nations
  • The CIA Insurgency In Various Nations
  • The Shooting Of 12 Somali "Pirates" In The Forehead To Save 3 Western Hostages
  • The "Humanitarian Mission" In Libya
This would be a tremendous disrespect of "Dr King" for anyone to transact such violence after watching the US Government's transactions. 

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