Tuesday, December 11, 2012

President Obama Goes To Detroit

April 2012 - Republican Mitt Romney Goes To West Philly To A Strugging Charter School For A Photo Op

The Least Of These In Philadelphia Converge Around Romney's Presence with the following taunts

  • "This is President Obama's Community, You Don't Belong Here."
  • "Come Outside Of That School And Walk Up And Down The Streets.  I'LL SHOW YOU POVERTY!!!"
  • "What Have You Republicans  Done For Black People?"
  • MAYOR NUTTER - "Mitt Romney Destroyed The Public School System Of Massachusetts" (NOTE: Despite the fact that the Philadelphia Public School System is under control of an emergency management board BECAUSE it has failed to make progress in educating its 70% Black school population - the protesters who came to protest Romney were more pleased by hearing Mayor Nutter talk about what he did in MA after one term than what plans Nutter had to fix the school system in is SECOND TERM and beyond)
At some point you can't claim that it is the POLITICIANS that are USING the people.
In their quest to have their present beliefs AFFIRMED - they open themselves up for usurpation.

December 2012 - President Obama goes to Detroit.

AP: Obama heading to Michigan to push taxes on rich

Despite the fact that he got applause for spending $49.5 Billion in DEBT MONEY to save General Motors in the context of a year that had a federal budget deficit was over $1,200 Billion - when President Obama told the crowd of Union members that "The REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO MAKE YOUR MIDDLE CLASS TAXES RISE" -  None of them in the audience - including the MSNBC journalists bothered to ask him why they should focus on the $80 Republican tax cuts for the rich in the context of a $700 billion tax and spending cut proposal BUT NOT the 5TH YEAR OF $1 TRILLION + DEFICITS that are at work?

WASHINGTON — The federal deficit fell to $1.1 trillion in the 2012 fiscal year, down from about $1.3 trillion a year earlier, the Obama administration said on Friday.
That is the smallest deficit since 2008 but represents the fourth year in a row that the deficit has exceeded $1 trillion. Before the recession, which prompted huge federal spending and large tax cuts, the deficit had never exceeded half a trillion dollars.

What point does this New York Times Reporter seem to be emphasizing?

"President Obama - PLEASE come to our community in Detroit.   We cleaned the streets up in your honor so you don't have to be disappoionted in us as you see the trash and abandoned housing.   We know that if YOU see that we are working hard enough that you will double down your efforts to fight the STATE REPUBLICANS so that we can get back on track toward receiving SOCIAL JUSTICE, just as we believed that we would have right now if we retained our congregational unity.

WE NEED FOR YOU TO COME BY AND ENCOURAGE US.  You never OFFEND US by telling us that WE are at fault for the present condition of our city.    The favorable people that we have in power in the city, the civil rights organizations and the local news media just can't lift us up our spirits any longer.  But you can..".

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