Sunday, December 23, 2012

GAS-JAR Social Justice Report: PPPP Minster Al Sharpton Plans To Protest The NRA For Supplying The Weapons That Kill Off Black Voters In The Only Legal "Black Voter Purge" That He Is Incompetent At Stopping

Editorial Note:   ANGER is the overriding sentiment that I have after watching this foolishness and redirection.

I have no choice but to respect Professional Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton's First Amendment right to free speech and MSNBC's valuation of this foolishness.   

I do not plan to do anything that will get me added to the "Prison Industrial Complex" after striking out against this foolishness.  Thus this blog, you can say - is keeping me out of jail..

THE COST TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY when the Black Rank & File allows the FOOLISHNESS that represents itself as "The BLACK (Progressive) Agenda" suffers no push back as it increasingly becomes MISALIGNED with the NEEDS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY but remains in line with the POPULAR WILL is that...........................................the BLACK COMMUNITY will continue to suffer a HOMICIDE RATE that remains far, far, far beyond our POPULATION PERCENTAGE.

I have no choice but to respect the fact that PPPP Minister Sharpton UNDERSTANDS how his base of Black Progressive Fundamentalists THINK and that they prefer to retain CONGREGATIONAL UNITY against their enemies rather than GOVERN the communities and thus mitigate the challenges that our communities face. 

GAS-JAR Agrees With Minister Sharpton: We Must Stop The NRA From Supplying Props For The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Videos"

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