Monday, December 31, 2012

My Ninja

Equal Examples Of "Regulatory Capture"

Since it would "not be cool" for a White kid to "smooch the Black President's Head" - the Embedded Confidence Men Propagandists decided to use the picture and add their own "propaganda" quotes to the bottom of the picture.

 Madam Noir - Boy Pats The President's Head Makes History (As The First Black To Touch A Sitting President On The Head Who Was Not A Part Of The Staff Of White House "The Help" Staff)

My Visit To A "Predominately Black Mall" Over The Weekend 

The Black Thinkers

The Figurines Were Made In China But Its The Thought That Counts
These don't sell as well now that the "Obama Figurines" are on display

This is the picture that the East African woman who was running the "Black Art Gallery" on the lower level of the mall told me "No Pictures Allowed".

The very same picture was on display in the other 'Black Art gallery"

"No Weapon Held By A Republican Against The President Of The United States Shall Prosper"

"It is IGNORANT for you to think that we believe that 'Obama is our Jesus'.  But we do believe that JESUS is on our side and not on the side of those Right-Wing Republican Christian Evangelical Devils who misuse Christianity for Political Purposes."

"Jesus Please Help This President To Successfully Conduct Another 'Humanitarian Mission' In Africa In The Name Of 'Social Justice' " .

When the "Buffalo Soldiers" were deployed to Cuba to fight the Spanish and were heard making "Indian Chants" in the jungle to frighten the enemy into believe that there were more combatants against them than there actually were on the American side  - they did not learn this from Killing Native Americans while wearing American uniforms.  They were "too conscious" to kill Native Americans on behalf of the United States.

After I learned from the East African woman on the first floor that I am not allowed to take pictures of the merchandise - upon entering the second "Black Art Gallery" on the second floor of the mall - I made sure that this Indian woman in the second gallery was not looking when I took pictures of her merchandise.  He told they guy in the grey "No pictures of the merchandise sir".

I did notice that both shops had the very same "Horseman In The Struggle" picture .

(Note: The Indian Woman was looking at me so I could not get the "Swagga" portrait.)

Get "The Blacks" To Live Vicariously Through The Object Of Veneration And You Won't Have To Worry About Justifying POLICY, RESULTS And "Imperialist Actions" To Them.   They Will Always Ask "Why Is The Racist Opposition So Opposed To This Honorable Agent Of Social Justice?"

Hey - I had just watched "Training Day" this weekend and they have  a picture of Denzel Washington and another picture of "Scar Face" right across from him.

Note - I will protect the right of any artist and vendor to SELL WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE TO.

The hard truth remains - Few people who have this "Black Art" hanging on their walls will be out protesting ANYTHING that the American Government does through 2016 - because they are anticipating that the "family heirloom" that they have on display will exponentially multiply in price one day and they won't play a part in degrading their VALUABLES.

It was telling, however, that an East African woman and then an Indian woman were running both of these shops targeted at Black American consumers.

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