Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Murder In The "King Compound": Would-Be Victim Shoots And Kills One Of Two Street Pirates That Weren't Taught To "Give A Damn" About Dr King

AJC - Atlanta Police: Robbery Suspect Killed By Intended Victim

I do not applaud the death of the young man.
I defend the right of the would-be victim to defend himself from an attack by two young males.

We NEED to take a look at the location where this happened and note that more ""rhetoric", rituals", "racism chasing"  and "feigned outrage" take place in this epicenter of Black Progressive Fundamentalism than does actual, effective means of addressing the problems that plague the people in "The Old Fourth Ward".

Rep John Lewis is deemed a "Hero*" for protecting Black people from threats "back in the day".
IF he had his way this would be victim would not have the means to defend himself.
Sadly many in the Black community don't see believe that this man suffered an attack EQUAL to the one that a "racist" could surmount upon them.

Those who argue the case "IF the would-be victim did not have a firearm AND if he just cooperated with the two Street Pirates young men - the victim would have merely lost his valuables and a bit of pride BUT a young life would be still with us - alive for rehabilitation though the outstreched, loving arms of the community".

My challenge and rebuttal to this claim is:  START NOW WITH "THE LIVING".

NOT just a community program that you make a "check list" of "What I Have Done For The Black Community" but a PLAN that SCALES to meeting the dimensions of the problem AND demands that every adult in the community do their part in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

You will know if your plan is "to scale" when the STATISTICS IMPROVE - not just because of the "Self-Marketing" that you receive in the Black press.

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