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Morris O'Kelly's Poverty Reduction Plan Analysis: The Pot Said To The Kettle That His Spout Makes Him Look Like A Very Dark Skinned Black Republican Elephant"

The words of Morris O'Kelly:  LISTEN TO "WHO" is talking.

“I gave him a lot of puff, actually,” Mo’Kelly said. “I took issue with his process. We all have a moral imperative to reduce poverty and I accept that. But Tavis has no plan, no program, no would-be law that he’s pushing. His premise does not validate his process and that’s what I was arguing about.
“He’s just trying to trick people into believing he has a process; but he does not and I have the right to say so,” he added.


When I read this type of passage - I have a combination of ANGER that would trigger violence and DEPRESSION that makes an internal tear rain down inside

Morris O'Kelly sets himself up as the "Guardian Of The Negro's Treasure".
As the chief loan officer in Los Angeles he agreed to allow Tavis Smiley to come into his office and present his business plan to "Save The Least Of These".

Per his own view - Mr O'Kelly went into the meeting with an open mind.
Tavis Smiley merely CAME UP SHORT.  He was not CONVINCING ENOUGH to garner his support.

The problem with the governance of the Black community at present is that - when it comes to the "Black Community's VALUABLES"..............

  • There is no local/commonwealth banking regulators
  • There is no FDIC
  • There is no SEC
  • There are no GAAPs
  • While the Glass-Stegal Act presents collusion between investment and commercial banking - the PROGRESSIVE JOINT VENTURE which STRENGTHENS the hand of Progressive Fundamentalism against the Right-Wing Enemy is ENCOURAGED 
  • Just as the Republicans opposed Elizabeth Warren over the "Consumer Protection Agency" - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men do not want THEIR ability to do what the HELL THEY WANT TO DO in the name of "Blackness" abridged by anyone who dares to note that they are ONLY ideological/political operatives that USE the front of "Blackness" for cover.  Anyone else injuring the Negro in a similar manner would not only have been fired - he would have gotten his azz kicked by now!!!
Modeling The Key Constructs Of The Black Community

What is the meaning of the diagram to the left?

After observing the arguments and attempts at usurpation of "The Black Community's Conscious Attention" by lulling it into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - I saw the need to build up arguments that define the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of the continuation of the present antics.

This cistern called "The Black Community Aggregate Value & Worth" is a more accurate definition of what Morris O'Kelley stated above.

You don't "Reduce Poverty" any more than you "MAKE COLD".   
A refrigerator REMOVES HEAT from the compartment that it governs.  The human body perceives the "absence of heat" as COLD!!!  

For Morris O'Kelly and Tavis Smiley to achieve success at creating "The UN-Least Of These" they need to shift their consciousness away from "Eradicating POVERTY" over to defining the means by which an EQUAL HUMAN BEING can apply his God given skills to EXPRESS VALUE, receiving commensurate compensation as these are transacted.

The consequence of the failure to think about the problem in this way is discovery of one of the first arguments that I made upon the founding of this blog.    

  • DEVELOPING ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITH THE MASSES, APPLYING THESE SKILLS INTO A MARKETPLACE, which in aggregate SERVICES the masses UP TO a certain standard.   When MEASURED the local economy is judged to be ADVANCED
Lets move away from the talking points for a second.
Which of the above two points are more rational?
Which define the reasons for the fall of the "Mission Accomplished Cities"?
Lets think about the character of these same cities when they were thriving as the primary pathway forward.

The Mission Accomplished Zone:  Where The Plan, Programs And Laws That Were Passed Back In The Day Met The POPULAR Appeal But Ultimately Failed To Deliver As Promised

This sign on the city hall of Gary Indiana is emblematic of the GOVERNANCE problem that is within the Black community today.

Though it was hung a few short years ago, after the city of Gary had suffered many decades of decline - those who lusted HOPE and "KINDLY WORDS" (the opposite of OFFENSIVE WORDS) did not bother to demand that their leaders prove that their past PLAN and the LAWS that they have passed have WORKED and why this new round of planning would be any different.

If you observe the irony of the position that Morris O'Kelly takes relative to Tavis Smiley - this is where it gets interesting.

I consider the "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" host as "The Black Media" - just like the written journalist or television opinion giver.  

When a fellow Black media personality - Tavis Smiley - sought to operate as another "cog" in the "Black Racial Services Machine" - "Public Policy Think Tank" - he had to get the blessing of a fellow media operative.  This peer rejected his plan.


ANSWER:  The Black Community Runs On POPULISM At The Expense Of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY (Constitutional Democracy)

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