Saturday, December 15, 2012

Morris O'Kelly To Tavis Smiley: "Tavis The PLAN To Reduce Poverty And Getting Progressives Elected In Pursuit Of The Plan Is More Important To Black People Than Actually Reducing Poverty. If We Did Anything Beyond Talking About Your Contract With Black America - We'd Have To Fire Some Black Leaders Who Took Our Valuables - Just As Tom Ricks Told You To Fire Some Of Their Asses!"

Yet another FIGHT FOR THE ALPHA DONKEY is brewing between two (or more) Black Progressive Fundamentalists.

It seems that radio host Morris O'Kelly is concerned about Tavis Smiley's "Poverty Tour" possibly upsetting his interest in protecting President Obama and the other forces who "Received Valuables From The Least Of These" - with the promise of "Social Justice".

They can't see that - there needed to be a TWO WAY exchange in which Black people's hatred of the RIGHT-WING and the propensity for the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist media to keep a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" going MUST be followed up by transparent evidence that the "Black Community Development Consciousness" has been duly invested into a GROWTH MUTUAL FUND.

Instead they know that APPEASEMENT is of equal value to many Black folks per the present Prevailing Consciousness among the Americanized Blacks.  If you can convince the congregation that it is "Pro-Black" to take pride with the cherry picked result and look past the large cancerous tumor that is sitting inside of city hall - then IF THIS IS YOUR PLAN - your PLAN was successfully accomplished.

The problem that the Black community has today has nothing to do with "A Plan".  There is a GOVERNANCE PROBLEM.   Too many inside traders agreeing to relax the normal rules for "governance" because of the "War On The Right-Wing" has compromised the "Governance Culture".

The establishment power's job #1 is to hide the COST of doing what they do.  

Self-Appraisers That Are More Fraudulent Than The Home Appraisers Who Were Key To You Getting Your "SubPrime Mortgage" 

Do you see the PERVERSION of Morris O'Kelly demanding that TAVIS SMILEY come up with a CREDIBLE PLAN  that will show RESULTS?
While I have never in my life even heard of Morris O'Kelly or heard him speak - I assure you that two months ago during the American Election season - HE was one of the cheerleaders SELLING the benefit that an "Obama Second Term" would yield to all Blacks who put their "DEVELOPMENT HOPES" into the offering plate.

Please Watch The Chickenhawks  As They Watch This Latest Alpha Donkey Battle

In observing Black Press/Bloggers - it is clear that those people who used to have a front row seat in the school yard fight in elementary school have matriculated into a new profession.    They focus on TRANSACTIONAL incidents and then take sides, while unable to look at the big picture.

Then when some WHITE neighbor observes that "They fight too much at that Black school - I don't want to go there" - these same people who had been doing the punch count in order to find a victor - get OFFENDED and charge "racism" - as they stake out the White school, looking for fights.

This is the height of FRAUD.

Isn't it more logical for Morris Kelly to PUT THE ENTIRE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE ON TRIAL, noting that for more than 50 years IT HAS harvested the BLACK COMMUNITY VALUABLES with the promise of PRODUCE but today HE is now asking a MAN WITH NO ELECTIVE POWER to produce a PLAN?

To be clear - I have no empathy for Tavis Smiley on this point.  If there was such a thing as "Social Justice" then Clarence Thomas would be filing a character assassination lawsuit against Tavis Smiley.

When The Same Committee Who Reviewed The LAST 10 RFP's And Were SATISFIED Each Time With The Promises From The Vendor And Then Paid The Invoices For Serviced Rendered - Are Allowed To SIT IN As The PRESENT PROCUREMENT PANEL - We Should Not Look At The PANELIST - It Is Time To Review The CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 

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