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Media Matters Radio Only Cares About Africa When Their Interests Are Under Threat By An American Right-Wing Reference

NRA = "The Child Killer Lobby" (said the host)

"What channel is this? (On Sirius XM)

The display said "Left".
OH - its the "Media Matters Radio show" on the "Sirius XM Left Channel".

I was scrolling through NFL football games and went too far down the radio dial.   I repressed my tendency to turn away and decided to listen in.

Interesting that they believe that the NRA which supports "gun rights" are "Child Killers" but the fact that Media Matters and other Progressive Fundamentalists drive for "Abortion Right" that they are fighting for women against the "War On Women".

In using this language I immediately thought of a particular Black female blogger who co-opts this language from her "allies" and introduces these bombs into the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" space.

The man from "Equality Matters" - a gay rights group was up next.
Wow - they are talking about AFRICA.  Maybe I have been too hard on them.

Oh, I see.  Yes they are talking about HUMAN RIGHTS in Uganda, but they are only talking about the "Gay Suppression Bill".    The issue of "gay rights" that provoked MSNBC Rachel Maddow and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes to focus in on Africa and get the legislation in Uganda defeated about 3 years ago - is now back up for consideration.

The "Equality Matters" guest did a media survey:  "How much are the cable news outlets focusing on "The Humanitarian Suppression (of gays) in Uganda" versus the news that "Gangnum Style" now has 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube?

They panned CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews for promoting "Psy" over the human rights violations over "Kill The Gays" legislation.   They criticized Rachel Maddow for failing to live up to their expectations in the context of the others who they expected would fail them.

This is yet another example of "Myopic Filibuster".   
Media Matters DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about Africa or Black people - BEYOND some larger left-wing issue that they can drive in support of their own agenda.

The commentary on the radio station was disciplined to their credit.  They did not call the people of Uganda "savages", "unevolved", "ignorant" - as the "right wing" is prone to get caught doing.   I do not need to have someone SAY what their narrative clearly indicated.  

The "left wing" version of calling an African a "savage" is for them to LATCH ONTO A WHITE RIGHT-WING hand that is behind the "foolishness" that is at hand.   This is evidence of "assumed Black inferiority" and indeed "Media Matters delivered".

Despite being a sovereign nation with its own government.  Despite referencing some "man on the street" interviews of Ugandans in which there was a strong negative sentiment against homosexuality - "Media Matters" referenced to their CONSERVATIVE WOLF combatants in America - "The Focus On The Family" group and other White Christian Evangelicals as the driving force behind what the "Black Savages" are doing.

Think about this for a minute.    MY claim - as I watch domestic American relations between "The White Progressive Cheshire Fox" and "The Blacks" - is that the White allies do not see Blacks as equal in our "dimensions".  Our VOTES are equal and thus the relationship is of value.  They do not talk about ORGANIC DYSFUNCTION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  They only define any problems within our community as a FUNCTION of "Overt White Right Wing" attacks OR a situation where more work needs to be done to reform the nation with "Progressive Public Policy".  This "Trickled Down Social Justice" will wash the Negro clean.

This comes at the cost of stripping "The Blacks" of our ability to possess the same compliment of "good and evil" that they ascribe to White people.  

For so long our people have called for "Equality".   The truth is this brand of "equality" is in the form of "public accommodations" and access to "opportunity".    

I have showed a stream of examples that when it comes to obtaining a perceived benefit in the relationship with the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" it is BLACK PEOPLE who don't mind playing "inferior" as long as this benefit will be received as part of the transaction.    This "joint venture" relationship - akin to "Good Cop Bad Cop" or "Laurel and Hardy" - seeks to benefit "the team" as one plays off of the other in order to target their common enemy.   The damage is done most to the BLACK COMMUNITY'S ability to govern its own communities - after placing favorable people into power with no right-wing enemy encamped to assign the blame upon.

At some point we have to seriously inspect if the BLACK ring leaders also have these assumptions of inferiority among the "rank & file".  While we hear about "The permanent underclass" (in the context of an indictment of the American economy) - few people inspect to see if these status proves beneficial to the people seeking to harvest their "Equal Black Ballots" yet failing to develop them.

The REAL Human Rights Violations In Africa
Any Of These Places Is An Equal "HUMANITARIAN CRISIS".  The
Only Question Is About The American Interest AND The Interest
Of The Activists To Protest Against The American Government
FOR OR AGAINST Its Action/Inaction

If the proposed legislation in Uganda against homosexuals is an example of a "human rights violation" that triggers Media Matters into action then from this we can determine what is most important to them.

They cheered as Uganda was warned by Canada that economic sanctions would follow if the 'Kill The Gay's Bill" was passed.  They plan to lobby the US government for the same.  So you see "economic sanction against 'The Least of These' " are justified IF they are in line with one's own agenda.  All such actions against the poor are not the province of a "mean spirited right-wing imperialist", seeking to  impose itself.

My agenda is to identify their priorities and then infer how the priority relationship between this special interests group and "The Black Progressive Fundamentalists" who purport to be representing "Black Community Interests" comes at the cost of BLACK PEOPLE needing to purge many of our community's "permanent interests" as they instead focus upon the lowest common denominator with the coalition.

In the context of actual "human rights violations" and terrorism suffered by the people - war and the resulting carnage and chaos in certain key hotspots in Africa trump the number of people who are threatened by the "Kill The Gays' Bill" in Uganda.

To be clear - I support "Media Matters" right to choose whatever special interest, anywhere in the world.   
I reserve the right to INSPECT their agenda, applying it to the larger question: "Take away YOUR special interest - do you give a damn about Black people, when you don't have a ballot to harvest from them OR if there is no White Right-winger to indict?".  

The answer is HELL NO!!!

To be clear as well - I respect "Media Matter's" right to play Black allies as such.
Thus my ultimate indictment is against the BLACK ALLY.

They are engaged in a "joint venture" with forces that are using each other.  As long as the RIGHT-WING is the common enemy - it produces a "War On {Fill In The Blank}" effect.   The compromises are justified in the context of the crisis.  

We are not going to see protests in America against the US drone strikes in the impoverished nation of Yemen - where the drone operator determines the guilt of the "terror suspect".  
There is NOT going to be a US/NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" into the "Central African Republic", "Mali" or "The Congo".    When President Obama used this as the label for the intervention in Libya it was fraudulent.   I do not fault Obama any more than I do "Media Matters".

People can say and do whatever they want to. 
It is more important to LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION to note if they are buying it or rejecting the message. 

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