Thursday, December 06, 2012


I would have more respect for "Republican Who Is Black" - Lenny McAllister IF he went on the "Jon Stewart Show" and made the case that HE IS the "NON-WHITE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN IN WAITING".
THEN he turned the tide on the Progressive Fundamentalists and DEMANDED their support for IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY in Chicagoland.

My Analysis - As Posted On "Booker Rising"

Ahhh Lenny McAllister.
NOW we will see if there is a METHOD TO YOUR MADNESS in the "Steele/McAllister/Jackson/Laramore Branch" of the Republican Party.
You spent most of your time trying to get THE REPUBLICAN PARTY to reform itself so that it would not be as OFFENSIVE TO PROGRESSIVE NEGROES.
You couldn't bring yourself to see that:
* Media Matters
* AOL Blax
* Daily Kos
* Oliver Willis
* The Root
* The Grio
* "Obama's Rolex Watch Featuring Roland Martin"
WERE CREATED to KEEP BLACKS OFFENDED as they KEEP THE ENEMY ON TRIAL TO PREVENT AN INDICTMENT OF THEIR FRIENDS IN POWER.With all due respect sir, I believe that it is YOU and your desire to be LIKED that steal away any chance that you have to become a REFORMER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - regardless of the pleas that I heard from a Black woman on WVON last night which said: 'OUR PEOPLE GET KILLED EVERY WEEKEND!! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS KILLING!!!"
You believe that you are going to make ground against the Progressive Fundamentalist Juggernaut which controls every office BUT needs not worry about that voice of the woman above.
What you can't bring yourself to see is that the "VOTING FOR COMMUNITY SALVATION" is the problem AND THAT YOU merely represent A VOTE FOR THE OTHER TEAM in the Malcolm X Political football game.
If you had any insight, sir, you would REAFFIRM that BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE.
Not as a AFFIRMATIVE action but in a REGULATED MANNER.
* VOTE FOR sound policies in schools - BUT YOU NEED TO CHECK your own children's homework and BE THE #1 MANAGER of their EDUCATIONAL CAREER
* VOTE for certain SPENDING PRIORITIES in your community - BUT DO NOT expect to hold someone accountable for the NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE that YOU can't bring yourself to give to the Negro around the corner
Do you see Mr McAllister - YOU DON'T GET IT.
You are coming up against an indomitable force of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" yet YOU believe that you can get them to LIKE YOU (when you appear with Roland Martin or on MSNBC). The truth is that they are laughing at you.
YOU ARE A PARTY MAN. YOU must defined your party in the company of EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who are never asked to DEFEND the VALUABLES THAT THEY MINED OUT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS for more than 50 years.
THE ONLY think they have to show for it is "Fools Gold" that shines in the WHITE HOUSE - that is "BLING BLING" which triggers ANOTHER ROUND OF INDUCEMENTS where the Negro is made to LINE UP AGAIN - and DEMAND that he be allowed to HAND OVER HIS VALUABLES in order to FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHT WING.
HIS VOTE - is THE LESSER of his VALUABLES as this is a UNIVERSAL ENTITLEMENT given from the government (We all are Socialist - when it comes to this appropriation of THE BALLOT).
The most damning valuable that the Negro has handed over to your friends is HIS CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT HIMSELF.
After being called THE LEAST OF THESE for so long - AND ANSWERING TO IT - choosing to participate in all sorts of FRAUD AND HOKUM that needs an "ANGRY MARCHING BLACK" - the district of Chicago that you seek to represent - could not find a BETTER MATCH than you.
Your more accurate slogan would be: "I AM Not A Corrupt Black Democrat, So I Deserve Your Consideration As I Will Make Sure That The Republicans DO NOT OFFEND YOU"

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