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Keep Your Enemy On Trial - "Hatred" Caused The Shootings In Tucson But Lack Of Social Justice Is The Cause Inside Of Mexico And Chicago

C-SPAN Book TV - Amy Goodman: "The Silenced Majority".

I spend the majority of my media consumption these days on "Left Wing" media sources.  The only show on Fox News that I consistently watch is "The O'Reilly Factor".

I record at least 2 "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio stations" each day on my computer - I listen to about 15% of the content, varying based upon the hot topic de jure.

I watch "Democracy Now" everyday.

I am a fan of "muckraking press" more than I am bothered with the intrinsic bias of most news sources - right or left.

With "Democracy Now" I consider the show more "Progressive Fundamentalist" than "Democratic Party operatives" - even though there is a healthy overlap.   I have NEVER seen a "Black Progressive" go on the show and have a hostile interview in which the "main-stream Black Progressive Agenda" has run into conflict with the far left Progressive agenda.  

Black Progressivism is best thought as "Standard Progressivism" with the INTENTION of "breaking off" a fair share of "Social Justice" for the supporters in the Black community who stood shoulder to shoulder to fight the right-wing enemy.  

It DOES NOT have the primary agenda of "Developing The Black Community".   When it fails to develop the Black community after taking over key institutions it can count on two facts:

  • Since it purposely did not set up an infrastructure of transparency - the operatives (particularly the media) only need to agree to not do "Self-Muckraking Reporting" in order to expose itself on ......ITSELF
  • As long as it keeps the "Black Congregation behind it - with a healthy dose of transactional issues that are framed in a myopic way to indict the right-wing and set up a "historical narrative" that the Progressive is leading the charge - it will encumber Black people who are itching for a fight. 
    • Examples of "Fraudulent Framing:
      • "Gun Control" of assault rifles, high capacity clips - while carefully avoiding the fact that the monopoly majority of Black homicides are NOT at the hands of either of these two tools - this proving that they want a "Struggle" more than they care to MITIGATE the problem though proper modeling
Why Did Amy Goodman Focus On The "Hatred In Arizona"  But Doesn't Attribute Such A Characterization To The Violence In Mexico And Chicago?

Go to the link at the top and listen in - particularly to the introduction of Amy Goodman by her show partner.

Even though there was no proof that Tuscon Shooter Jared Loughner was motivated by "the immigration debate", causing him to murder several people and severely injure several others  -  this characterization plugged in nicely with "Democracy Now's" agenda to indict those who are concerned about waves of illegal immigrants matriculating through the border state of Arizona and the violence on the opposite side of the border.

As long as "HATRED" from the right-wing is faulted as the catalyst - it appears - Democracy Now becomes "self-justified" in their advocacy.

Yet when we see the steady stream of violence and corruption out of Mexico - I CREDIT "DEMOCRACY NOW" FOR COVERING IT.    The issue is that their ANALYSIS is never laced with the same indictment that they (and Rev Jim Wallis) have reserved for the American Right Wing.

MY agenda is NOT to defend "The American Right Wing".   They indeed have an expert capability of putting their foot in their mouths -without my assistance.

When you make note of the pattern of analysis by "Democracy Now" and other Progressive-Fundamentalists, however, they appear reluctant to make INDICTMENTS against "serial killers" or "violent cultures" for anyone other than their RIGHT WING ENEMY.

As I was researching the CIA activities in Haiti from several decades ago - per the ouster of Aristide - in addition to their actions in South America - it is more accurate to conclude that "Democracy Now" is not sworn to "out" the antics of the CIA where ever they might go.  They were more concerned with the CIA that was spawned from RIGHT-WING AMERICAN administrations (Reagan and Bush) and for the assistance of right-wing entities overseas.

When we look at their coverage of the CIA today - again - yes we see reports of their actions in Libya, Yemen, etc - but since the "historical narrative" that the progressives are operating under today is that this is all a part of a "freedom movement" (The Arab Spring) - the CIA is not the "resident evil" they once were.  

Indeed maybe John Perkins may have to reconsider how the 'Economic Hit man" of today works.  He seems to operate more surgically.

What About The Violence In Urban America - And The "Hateful Results" Makes It Inferior To The Situation In Arizona ?

In my analysis - no other force shapes the analysis on common outcomes across various contexts than the "Left / Right" shooting war that constantly streams in nearly ever venue in America.

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