Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Juan Williams On C-SPAN - Every Black Caller Talked About Fox News And The Offensiveness Of The Republican Party

The logic is clear:   Reframe "The Black (Progressive) Struggle" into a DEFENSE of Obama and other Black Progressive figures from the RACIST RIGHT-WING ATTACKS.   In achieving this end - "The Struggle" which has the guise of "Black (Racial) Protectionism" is, in fact, a defense of the Progressive-Democratic Party AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, the grounds by which the Black Community NULLIFIES the need to demand "Where Is Our Money That We Gave To You For The Past 50 Years?"
Again - as a Black man - though I resent the sight of having Black people used as such - I give reluctant credit to those who have invested sufficient time in understanding how Black people think and how to leverage our community based grievances for political gain.

When it comes time for "the Black rank & file" to stand up and perform their stewardship duties - the "Regulatory Capture" (of their consciousness) is so complete that anyone who dares stand up and ask such a question is HIMSELF called "a sellout" as such an inquiry may allow the enemy to WIN.

If nothing else I learn from this exercise that "Black People Are 100% Equal" and it behooves all who seek transparent governance to REGULATE the ability of "The Blacks" to form a trust or collusion - just as with any other interest group.

The fear of being called a "racist" is the #1 weapon that the Embedded Confidence men have.
If you fail to see that the greater material damage suffered by Black people today is not from Klan forces that are unregulated by legal sanction BUT by the CLEARING that is created from the protection racket that "Systematic Racism Chasing" creates - then you too will be taken.

"Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends In Power"

Some of you have some serious issues.

While it might be said about ME - that my difficulty in understanding "Black Progressive Fundamentalists" as I listen to them is akin to their claims that "Fox News speaks a foreign language".

This comparison fails in that I am able to provide critical analysis about their strategy AND some of the forces that I tend to support.

When you have 4 Black callers chiming in on the "Democrats Line" and then advancing 3 key themes:

  1. The Republicans hate President Obama because he is Black
  2. Fox News distorts the news and I am glad that you stand up to them (Juan Williams)
  3. The Republicans failed to do minority outreach efforts failed because they continue to OFFEND Blacks and Hispanics

My #1 criticism of Juan Williams' arguments on C-SPAN is that he focuses on the "POPULAR SENTIMENT" of the people rather than making reference to the statistical facts on the ground - that show a gap between what the people demand/what can appease them versus the painful decisions that must be made in order to keep the ship of state from running aground.   But for the ability to create $16 Trillion of "Magic Money" the people's will would be constrained by economic truth.

Juan Williams pointed to the instant "Twitter feedback" that was generated during the Presidential Debates.  He saw this as evidence of technology's importance in bringing more people into the political theater.  

Williams' failed to see that this is nothing more than the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" at work.   Those "instant researchers" who are pointing out the "lies" that were said on stage were ONLY inspecting "the lies" of THE OTHER GUY.    We are on the verge of "Democratic Populism" (Small D) that is going to crowd out our "Constitutional Democracy".    

Juan Williams did not mention that it might be the case that "The People" may know what is in their personal or group best interests - but don't have the COUNTRY'S long term fiscal and cultural health in mind.  Worse - the federal structure which attempted to distribute the governance of the people, thus keeping pressure off of the federal government (winner take all scheme) is under threat.

At no time did Juan Williams shift from "The people's WILL" over to the "People's CONDITION".   Add to it the "Democrats who are Black" who told us about Fox News and the Republican Party and WHY they will never get "Black / Hispanic" support" - they did not bother to detail the present condition of Black America - after 50 years of investment and take over of key "human resource development institutions".  

They are more appeased with the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" fight against the right wing enemies.  Fox News is a bunch of LIARS that distort the news.  MSNBC not only is the "good guy rebuttal to Fox News" - they operate from WITHIN the guarded consciousness of the Black Community as a sign that "The Blacks" trust them.

Yet when we look at the post-election "Pew Research" study that showed that both Fox News and MSNBC slanted their coverage of the candidate that was counter to the respective network's bias - this FACT is nowhere to be found within the Black Progressive vernacular.  

The only truth is that the Black Progressive KNOWS what Black people favor and what is OFFENSIVE to Black people.   As long as MSNBC can go to Detroit, not do a damning muckraking report on their Progressive Friends In Power, but instead keep a watchful eye on the State Republicans and Wall Street Banks who seek to foreclose on a poor, helpless city full of "The Least Of These" - the local NAACP will award MSNBC with their version of "The Nobel Peace Prize" and an "A+" on their report card.  It doesn't matter that the students within the Mission Accomplished zone are behind several grade-levels.

The answer to the quiz of "Why did the racist founding fathers create this matrix of a system?"
ANSWER: "Because they understood that a pure democracy where the people's unfettered whims would cause this nation to vacillate wildly and ultimately become ungovernable.  

Today - as we add technology which can bully someone from their principled positions and/or affirm what had previously been seen as "perversion" - the corruption that takes place in the void where a  "governance culture"  should have occupied will come to define the nation's character. 

When the scheme of "Blame The Other Guy, Indict Him And Then Roll Over Him" becomes  the operating theory - the fact that this scheme is incompetent at PRODUCING the "Social Justice" that it aspires to receive from others - will mean that it will one day cannibalize itself.  

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