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Jet's "Black History" Is An Eclipse Of The Truth Of Today: "So Remind Us Again, Mayor Hatcher About How Black People Should Be Proud Of The Condition Of Gary IN Today?"



They merely have learned never to OFFEND YOU and thus you will never demand that they reconcile what is on their pages with YOUR REALITY.

I told you before:  It is more fruitful to appraise "Black Progressive Fundamentalist political antics" from a PSYCHOLOGICAL "want and need" perspective rather than from a POLITICAL perspective.  

Until you find a way to psychoanalyze the present "open ended" rationalizations/ justifications that they put forth to continue their "Perpetual Struggle" you will be flustered at trying to debate them.

The COST TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY for this unchecked "Embedded Confidence Man Effect" is the long term damage to the BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE.

When it is "Left All Alone" and expected to be "The Tallest Pole In The Tent" That Provides Our People With Shelter - instead of being able to leverage this "Governance Culture" that has been expertly crafted, implemented and enforced over time - our people are left WITHOUT the resident (right-wing) enemy to generate CONGREGATIONAL UNITY in support of the line that is towed.

I have a bunch of pictures from Gary Indiana.
I am not going to post them at this time.
The ONLY picture that is relevant to my point about the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Media and the "Embedded Confidence Men" is that when this sign that is hanging on the wall of Gary Indiana's City Hall was brand new - there is no doubt that the "Black Press" was dispatched from nearby Chicago to cover the "wine and cheese" affair which had so many prominent progressives on stage, mapping out the bright future for the city of Gary.

There were no doubt a sequence of speeches that talked about what WE CAN DO TOGETHER if we stay united and stay focused.

UNFORTUNATELY for the rank & file in Gary Indiana - Johnson Publishing - after they took a snapshot for publication DID NOT invest the gas money to send a muckraking reporter back to Garry - 1, 3, 5, 10 years later to check up on the Administration's progress IN DEFENSE OF the Black Community who stood in earshot of the grand speeches that day.

In the view of Johnson Publishing - THEIR JOB WAS DONE when they showed the picture that still hangs on the wall, prior to it being sun-bleached and tattered by winds.

We Are Jet And Ebony Magazine And We ENDORSE The Current Condition Of Gary And Cleveland And Detroit And Newark Because We  Provided Propaganda Protective Cover For The "Favorable People In Power" Since The 1960's When They MADE US PROUD, Never Once Asking Our Friends On The "Black Racial Services Machine:  "Where Is The Money That We Invested In Your Offering Plate?"

Jet Magazine December 10, 2012

In the mind of the Black Racial Services Machine - the criticism of a "BLACK PROGRESSIVE IN GOOD STANDING" by having the AUDACITY to walk past the "Portrait Upon The Wall" in the rotunda of the government building and instead JUDGE HIM BY THE CONDITION OF THE "LEAST OF THESE" is a betrayal.

NO - NOT the OPINION of "The Least of These" to those who "Made Them Proud" as they lived vicariously through his "accomplishment".

Instead you must have the courage to make the case that the same people who can tell us how much Black people have been PSYCHOLOGICALLY DAMAGED by centuries of oppression (even those among us who were born after 1990) should also accept that what is POPULAR with our people - IN OUR PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS - might not be that which is EFFECTIVE at DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE.

In truth - I wouldn't expect Jet/Ebony to publishing a "painful truth" expose' on any Black Progressive elected official upon their departure from office - any more than "Fox News" would detail the damage that the Bush Administration has done to the economic standing of this nation.

The problem is that they are too bigoted (yes this and not "biased" is the proper word) to use a transparent set of measures to appraise any official that made grand promises, seeing how he ultimately measured up to these proforma statements.

Those who compelled the Black community to "INVEST THEIR VALUABLES" - IN MY OPINION - should be scrutinized MORE thoroughly than the forces that 90% of Black people can agree will NEVER get "the investment".

When I say "Investment" - the lesser "investment" is "The Black Vote" as this is dispensed from the government.   The INVESTMENT of the "BLACK EXISTENCE" into a particular cause, with the cherished HOPE that by supporting this entity into SUCCESS that the Black Community will be lifted into the SUCCESS of our "Desired Standard Of Living" is the greatest valuable of all.

Unfortunately - we see that when this total buy in is granted the "Black Community Institutions" tend to compromise themselves.  The Black press and the other "Confidence Men On Stage With Mics In Their Hand" set forth a "HISTORICAL NARRATIVE" that defines an existential "Black Racial Threat" that justifies the same compromises that "The War On Terrorism", "The War On Drugs" are set to have elicited .

The problem is - when you have a convergence of cause between the otherwise loosely coupled cogs in the wheel of the "Black Racial Services Machine" there is agreement to express this compromise and to not tell upon "their own selves" about the damage that they have done......................TO THEMSELVES.

The Black Press Has Been "Regulatory Captured" And It Now Is Seeking To Grab Up More Negroes Per Its Circulation By Tricking Them

As long as I apply any frustrations that I acquire when I see this scheme, over toward refining the accuracy of my models about "What makes the present prevailing Black Progressive Political Consciousness tick?"  - I don't get upset.

Even though former Gary IN Mayor Hatcher believes that Commander In Chief Obama is a man of world peace - Democracy Now did a broadcast from the "Nobel Peace Prize" awards ceremony that called Obama's "Nobel Peace Prize speech" from a few years ago in which he defended his power to choose war - "Disgusting".

After riding through the war zone called "Gary ID" I am predisposed to believe that the Democracy Now guy has more credibility in his analysis.

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