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I've Only Been To Gary Indiana Once In My Life And I Know Exactly Where The Civil Rights Violation/ Murder Scene Of This Prosecution Witness Is

(My sympathies to the family of the murder victim)
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Jesse Jackson on "Gun Violence In America" - Gun Control is the Answer

In the killing of the beautician by a person who came inside of her shop in Gary Indiana, right across from the police station

  1. This is a problem of GUN CONTROL - check
  2. This was a civil rights violation due to WITNESS KILLING - check
  3. This is a problem of gross lawlessness as the Street Pirate acted without concern that the Gary Police Department was right across the street - check
  4. This is evidence that what ever system of cultural norms and affirmation that the KILLER was treated to all of his life HAVE FAILED to promote the proper value of HUMAN LIFE in his mind. - check
  5. This murder of a Black business owner is EQUAL TO any of the storied attacks upon Black owned businesses in Tulsa or Atlanta or Greenwood.  This one act and that series of "one acts" are both motivated by the same spirit of hatred and evil  - check
  6. This adds to the count of "Black Homicide victims" for 2012 - check
  7. The "Right-wing Media's" depiction of Gary, the Black homicide victim and the "Street Pirate" as a PROXY for their contempt for Black people - should be understood as the "Yin and Yang" to the observable fact that the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" will not see this "Civil Rights Violation" as worthy of NATIONAL COVERAGE because they are the "Yang" to the Right wing - CHECK
    1. The Prevailing Black Consciousness Would Rather Be "AFFIRMED" rather than "OFFENDED" - when they should be focused on an ACCURATE REPRESENTATION as the foundation of a restored BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE - its goal being to REDUCE "BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION" RATES FROM NEAR 50% OF THE NATIONAL TOTAL DOWN  TO 13% - OUR PROPORTION OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION - CHECK, CHECK CHECK

We will experience a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" in the coming months.
Those who have harvested been stewards over the "cultural consciousness" that produces the same grade of STRANGE FRUIT as their relatives suffered in Mississippi many decades ago have a vested interest in having you convinced that their response to "DO SOMETHING!!!" is fully encapsulated by the STRUGGLE FOR GUN CONTROL.

This is a trick.

Since THEY "SELF-DEFINE" the dimensions of the problem - anyone who REFUSES TO YIELD to their narrative becomes "The enemy who is HAPPY TO SEE BLACK PEOPLE MURDERED ON THE STREETS".  They will continue to collect "Black Valuables" in the fight for GUN CONTROL - by fighting against the OPPONENTS.

All the while the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES that they dominate will continue to bear STRANGE FRUIT.
The STATISTICS do not have to change on the streets as long as the CONGREGATION feels affirmed that "They KNOW WHO DID THIS TO US and they are going to PAY AT THE NEXT ELECTION!!!!"

  • When the KLAN was killing Black people "Civil Rights Leaders" DEMANDED that the corrupt law enforcement - put down their Klan robes and PROTECT THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   The Gun Control was against "The Blacks" so they would not shoot a Klansman, forcing the local physician to dismount his horse and tend to the hooded sheriff who got struck by the shotgun that Bishop Henry McNeal Turner advised the family to purchase
  • When Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman - we were not talking about GUN CONTROL - there was the enumeration of a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION and the demand was for the Police Department to make an arrest
  • On the subject of the School Shooting in Connecticut not only is there calls for Gun Control - people are noting that the CRAZY WHITE KID Street Pirate is not being criminalized enough in the media - that would be doing so if he were BLACK
  • These same people can't see that because of the MURDER SCENE IN GARY - Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez over the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division WILL NOT be called in to do a "Warm Blood Still On The Sidewalk" Case  review of this CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION.    It is not considered a 'CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION by those who ASSIGN the label "Civil Rights Violation" for fear of making a SELF-INDICTMENT. 

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