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Is The "NAACP Legal Defense Fund" A Stronger Pillar For Uplift Than The "Mission Accomplished" Institutions At The Local Level?

Note the two highlighted points in the article above:
  1. School Segregation And "Voter Suppression" are the key judicial victories of the NAACP
  2. The loss of these two as the key THREAT to the Black community

When I read the claims of Black Progressives it is clear that they are engaged in a "constant struggle" and that the external (White) right-wing enemy is a force of confiscation of "Black Development".

This must be squared against MY PERSPECTIVE:   When YOU become the "Establishment Power" over your schools, city hall, the police force, the economic development policies of THE COMMUNITY - the DESIRED UPLIFT should be sought from these seats of power that YOU USED TO PROTEST AGAINST - not the fight against a force that has moved away - permitting you to run your communities as you see fit.

I don't believe that people understand the dramatic differences between these two points.

While the "Systematic Racism Chasing" / Political Indictment approach (the first one listed above) indeed generates "Congregational Unity" among Black people, allowing the "Diverse Progressive Fundamentalist Agenda" to grow stronger and endure any short term losses - the DAMAGE of this (fraudulent) scheme is shown when we inspect it for two fundamental points:
  1. Organic Competency Development - OF THE PEOPLE, through the INSTITUTIONS that are now under the control of "Favorable People"
  2. The "Black Community Governance Culture" that should be developed during this present time is being squandered and destroyed - limiting the Black community's ability to stand on its own
My personal experience with the NAACP / NAACP Legal Defense Fund - is in the context of public education.  Long story short:
  • They file lawsuits against "White" school systems that resist the NAACP's "Share The Poverty" scheme and/or have leaders that say something offensive 
  • They are SILENT on the academic results that are garnered by their "Friends In Power" which has damaged the interests of Black students and their families

So, Ifill says, a lot of people have a hard time squaring "the picture of a black president and his family and the reality of what life is like for people at the bottom."
She means people of color who fell into a deep hole of poverty during the economic crisis. Too many of them, she says, still have a hard time finding homes and a good education because of the color of their skin.
It seems beyond the comprehension of Ms Ifill to take a stand in our present day and make the case that:  BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE MORE HEALED TODAY THAN WE ARE (ON AVERAGE)..................AFTER INVESTING SO MANY OF OUR VALUABLES INTO THE PRESENT ESTABLISHMENT POWER..................
  • Where these Failing Schools Are
  • Where it is hard to find quality housing in safe communities
  • Where there should have been a stronger local economic base built up
The problem is: "The NAACP Legal Defense Fund" is nothing more than the LEGISLATIVE arm of an IDEOLOGICALLY BIGOTED organization.  PERIOD!!!

The unfortunate consequence of their macro scheme is that as FAVORABLE PEOPLE GAIN POWER - per the promotion assistance and "Passover Protection" scheme that they run - the resulting experiences that 'the Least Of These' suffer from MUST NECESSARILY be shifted into a "Nationalized Social Justice Struggle".   

This shift is not because the Federal Government has a greater set of competency in addressing problems where people live.   It attests to how IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY can't bring itself to regulate its friends who are the "Establishment Power" in the mission accomplished zones.   

As much as they purport to like "Muckraking Journalism" - the truth is they'd prefer to do nothing to WEAKEN the machine that they have built up on the GRIEVANCES of "The Least Of These".

If you don't see that this scheme is not going to be regulated by the INSIDE TRADERS (Embedded Confidence Men) but instead that it needs to have a grass roots demand for better results - just as we might hear about a bank or corporation - then you have to accept that - despite them sitting in SEATS OF POWER that were once superior enough to be OPPRESSORS OF BLACK PEOPLE - today an INFERIOR person now occupies the seat and thus they cannot bear the weight of a lawsuit from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

I shred the donation requests from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund - as soon as I get them.  For me to donate money would mean a contribution to the fallen condition of the Black community for yet another interval of time. 

In the context of Metro Atlanta - the high performing Fayette County Schools received a lawsuit from the NAACP in an attempt to terminate the "All At-Large Voting".  In the case of Clayton County, Dekalb County and City of Atlanta School - all of these schools are majority Black and have serious academic performance problems.   The official line of the NAACP has been "silence".  

From the "Friends of the NAACP" (Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio) we see the drive to PROTECT the "Favorable People In Power" in these schools from the attempts by the "racist state Republicans" who hate to see a Black person in power.

So let's review this.  
In Fayette County GA - the NAACP filed a redistricting plan that has a "Super Black" district that forms a swath across the north and west of the county.   The purpose of this district is to increase the likelihood that a Black person is elected to the school board.  

What they don't tell you is the the majority of Black people who have moved into Fayette County over the last 15 years did so to EVADE the failed school districts listed above.   In the case of the NAACP -however, there is more of an interest in fighting against the right-wing school system, forcing it to "diversify" in leadership than they have the stomach to go into the "Mission Accomplished Zone" where the LACK OF DIVERSITY is ideological - BUT in line with the preferences of the NAACP.

In this case diversity has been promoted over "Academic Excellence For The Education Of Black Children".  

In reading the columns of Sherilyn Iffil I have no confidence that the NAACP Legal Defense Fund has turned the corner and plans to defend the interests OF the Black community - even against government forces that have been ELECTED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

As the "Establishment Power" yields to the wishes of the growing progressive-fundamentalist viewpoint - the NAACP Legal Defense Fund will find itself on the Pacific Coast, looking westward, trying to find a "right-wing land creature" to fight against.  They will look into the oceans and see a mirage 2 miles out and then drown as their bigotry causes them to continue moving leftward.  They need to turn around and go INTO the "Mission Accomplished lands" and regulate the people in power - even IF they are PROGRESSIVE.  

As Long As The Civil Rights Pharisees Get To CHOOSE What Is A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION The Black Community Will Be Placed On A Perpetual Struggle - Walking Past The Seats Of Power That They Used To Get Hosed Down Upon 

"The bottom line is that there's another storm coming right now," Shaw says. "A lot of the basic core civil rights laws and the values we have adopted over the decades since the end of the civil rights movement ... are under attack. And they're being taken up by a Supreme Court that by a very narrow margin is hostile in many respects."

The Civil Rights Violation That WAS NOT "A Civil Rights Violation" Because A Bigoted Judge Sees The Harm To His "Civil Rights Court System" IF He Expressed EQUALITY In The ATTACKERS OF BLACK PEOPLE'S INTERSTS The Damning Artifacts
The Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt - By A Killer UNQUALIFIED To Conduct A "Civil Rights Violation"
Do Not Look At The EQUALLY DEAD NEGRO Who's Strange Fruit Has "Bled Out" On The Ground.   The KILLER Defines The Context Of The Crime

The Lack Of Access To Quality Education For Black Children

WHITE FOLKS Who Resist "Sharing Poverty" Have Committed A Greater Assault On The Education Of Black Children - THAN HAS The Favorable People In Power Who Received The INVESTMENT OF VALUABLES From Black Voters With The Promise - "Once WE Are In Power - THINGS Will Improve For The Better".

In the mind of the NAACP BOTH of these schools are problematic.

Access To Economic Opportunities For Black People 

Black - High Unemployment Cities Closely Correlate To "Mission Accomplished Cities" 

Their success is in redirecting the indictment of their economic condition toward - to whereever the Right-Wing power resides

Advancing The Progressive Public Policy Position

ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION - The #1 Threat To Black Community Development VIA THE INSTITUTIONS That The Black Racial Services Machine has taken control over.  They desire the Black Community to protect the scheme and engage in a perpetual fight against the external right-wing enemy.

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