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Is The Black Media Providing "The Blacks" Credible Fiscal/Economic Information? How Many Are Discussing The $4T Deficit Reduction Over 10 Years?

The Greatest 0% Interest Rate Credit Card Con Job Of All Time!!!

Picture This - Your Debt Since 1983 Has Increased Exponentially BUT The PERCENTAGE Of Your Debt Service Payout Has DECLINED?    
COULD IT BE Because You Are PRINTING NEW MONEY Now To PAY FOR The Debt That You Are Generating As It Allows You To Maintain A "Fiat Standard Of Living"  - As Long As Everyone Plays Into The Scheme?

This is a "Subprime Mortgage Scheme" EXCEPT the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is living in the house AND they Underwrote The Mortgage.
The POLITICIANS are the Corrupt Mortgage Brokers
The AMERICAN MEDIA are the HOME APPRAISER that feed the numbers that the brokers need.

(Psst: How Will Your SOCIAL JUSTICE Endure When This All Collapses But You Have Few Organic Competencies BECAUSE You Chose To Be A CONSUMER?)

  • I am watching "PBS News Hour" Now with Gwen Ifill and Erskin Bowles - formerly of the "President's Debt Commission"
  • I listened to and read several "Financial Media" sources yesterday (as I always do)
  • I listened into the two "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" sources and several of the shows on them that I record daily

The key takeaway from this exercise is as such:

  • Esrkin Bowles - and other individuals who are above the fray are saying:  "The Deal needs to bring $4 Trillion In A Combination Of Tax Increases and Spending Cuts On Entitlement Programs" FOR THE LONG TERM DEBT SITUATION IN AMERICA TO STABILIZE 
  • The House Republicans with their proposal seek Spending cuts without the adequate tax increases that are necessary to achieve the $4T number
  • The Obama Administration and (by proxy) the Congressional Democrats seek "Tax Increases On The Wealthy that fail to achieve that $4T number
  • Various voices heard on "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" had a HELP OBAMA FIGHT THE RIGHT-WING DISPOSITION 
    • The guest host on the "Minister Al Sharpton Show" apologized to his audience for failing to do his part as a radio host.   He promises to FORCE BLACK ELECTED LEADERS to come on his radio show and VOICE THEIR SUPPORT FOR THE PRESIDENT and be more VOCAL IN THEIR FIGHT against the Republicans

Are YOU, a consumer of "Black Media" being told about the $4 TRILLION MAGIC NUMBER?  
OR are you being told about:
  • The Republicans have never done anything for Black people
  • The Republicans want to cut entitlements on the poor in support of the wealthy
  • WE as Black people need to support our President?

Here is the value of doing what I have told you all to do all along - with respect to noting THE MODEL of how you are being USED rather than focusing on THE PRESENT TRANSACTION.

In Georgia - the recent dust up over School Choice and "State Authorized Charter Schools" - most of the cogs in the Black Racial Services Machine opposed the measure.   There was a surprising but few elements within the Black community that supported the measure.    

The unspoken issue was "BLACK CONTROL" over local school systems versus PARENTS who are unhappy with the results and options available to their children - going to the state to bypass the intransigence of the local school system.    

In order to get away from the construct of "The School System versus The Parents & Students" - the Embedded Confidence Men in the media had to put a FACE UPON THE PROPOSAL that Black news consumers could "read between the line upon".   The Republican Georgia Governor because the whipping boy in the tired, oft repeated claim:  "Do YOU Want Republican Nathan Deal Running Your Children's Schools?"

It doesn't matter that this claim makes no damned sense!
There is no possible scenario in which a substantial balance of local schools would be converted into "state charter schools". PERIOD!!!
Whereas my observed conclusion is that the average Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio host (with some noted exceptions) doesn't mind how the caller arrives at his "congregational unity" position - as long as it is UNIFIED - the above is the same process except this time the HOST is arriving at a predefined end - REGARDLESS of the violation in "Proportionality Filter".

They achieve a nullification of the norm "Black Community GOVERNANCE" in which BLACK PARENTS are supported in their efforts to pursue "Quality Education For Their Children" - by KEEPING THEIR ENEMY ON TRIAL, so they do not have to INDICT THEIR FRIENDS IN THE LOCAL SCHOOL SYSTEM that "Took The Valuables From Black People" but failed to deliver the promised benefit in the school system.

Take The Above Diversion Scheme And Apply It To The National "Fiscal Cliff"

Attending a presentation by "The Concord Coalition" back in 2005 or 2006 forced me to change my view.

A set of resources from my long time debate adversary "Noah The African" nailed the long term fiscal calamity that this nation faces.

Chris Martenson - The Crash Course

The bottom line is that the "Two Dung Producing Political Party Animals" that stand between THE PEOPLE and the CONTROLS OF GOVERNMENT are having a fight in the drivers seat as the vehicle is headed for a major crash.

Their job is to get their respective base of supporters to SHOOT THEIR GUN at the enemy - hoping that they will kill the enemy and not the "Good Guy".

(As Concord said - Debt Service will cost more than "Defense" if nothing is done to control the debt)

MY CHALLENGE - SINCE IT IS INCONTROVERTIBLE that "BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS" are indeed separate and distinct from what the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" would have us all to believe:   IS THE "BLACK MEDIA" A CREDIBLE SOURCE OF GUIDANCE FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY - or does it merely provide CONGREGATIONAL UNITY in support of the Democratic Party, creating "Ride Or Die Chicks" of Black people - regardless of the cost to our people.

The main cost - if you want to know is - the FAILURE TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE through the Human Resource Development Institutions that they increasingly control.

After listening over time to various voices saying "I support Obama, no matter what BECAUSE:

  • I know that the Republicans do not have the Black community's interests in mind
  • I have a vested interest in a BLACK PRESIDENT being successful, evading the attempts by the right-wing to discredit him"......................
I know that such a person is going to YIELD all of his "Governance" of the Federal Government (and/or his local government) BECAUSE - he has outsourced his "Black Consciousness" to a FAVORABLE POLITICIAN IN POWER.

I was surprised and impressed to see that even "The Black Agenda Report", a "progressive purist entity" noted that Black people are compelled to "Stand With Obama" - at the cost of being SILENT about what the Federal Government is doing - even if it violates what they would have otherwise protested against.

Don't get too excited by this passing agreement.  After observing what I have been saying for a while - they go on to produce proposals that are off of the left cliff in response.   I give them credit for going beyond "loyal transactionalism" and calling out the scheme.  This is how "NATO and 5 African Colonists ran an International coup" upon an African nation with scant opposition from American based "Afro-Centrists".
The trick is to PLACE OBAMA'S FACE upon the US Government and then stand up a RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN for "The Blacks" to fight against.

In the process of setting up this scheme that is to the benefit of the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalism - THE COST that is suffered by the Black community - comes in the area of "The Black Community Governance Culture".

Instead of RESPECTING THE FULL INTELLIGENCE OF BLACK PEOPLE - by TRANSPARENTLY offering up the full facts and then debating the issues - they need to keep Black people in the "Struggle Meme" - KEEPING THE ENEMY ON TRIAL.

When the enemy moves away at the local level - talk about the THREAT of him coming back and taking over.  The Black vote becomes "The PROTECTION VOTE" with this mode of "Struggle".
When the issue is NATIONAL - and there is a "Resident Right-Winger" in the same political boundary - the Black vote becomes "THE OPPOSITION VOTE" - the most valuable asset to the Democratic Party - and thus the reason why "The Black Press" has been engineered as it is at present.

Lost in all of this, in the areas that are most important to the Black Community, is the governance and protection of OUR KEY COMMUNITY ISSUES.  

Any elected official, policy maker or voter that lives in a "Mission Accomplished City" that is near insolvency gets to pretend to be an ECONOMIC POLICY WONK when the debate is scaled nationally.  

The trick is to shift the debate from one of pure ECONOMIC consideration over to the form that they are most comfortable with - as they have a thumb to put on the scale:  "A Social Justice Debate".

Just as Europe is on the ropes economically because past ECONOMIC decisions were done using "Majority Wins Democracy" and calling it "sound public policy" - the "Stand With Obama to Tax The Rich" similarly scuttles clarity on economics.

For me - trumping the moral issues of "Taxes On The Rich"  (Progressive Taxation) - is the mandate that those who TOOK CONTROL OVER THE KEY "HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS" - prove that they are DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE by showing ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that has been generated from the ranks.
(I would love to hear a counter argument on why this is a bad idea for a mandate).

To be clear - BOTH of the "Dung Producing Party Animals" are corrupt and cannot get past their respective ideological bigotry.  
When BLACK PEOPLE (a race of people) allow themselves to be so "self-chummed" that the prevailing public policy positions are functionally fused to an ideology that they are compelled to nullify the results that they have suffered when they cleared out their enemy and were the establishment power - on the hook for providing "Social Justice" - but decided to punt so they could confront their enemies again - IS NOT in support of a "Black Community Governance Culture" that can ever stand on its own.

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