Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In A Year Of Record Murders - Camden NJ Has A Record Gun Buy Back Program - Must Wait Until Next Year To See If It Actually Worked

Camden Gun Buy Back Program

The demand to "DO SOMETHING" is often met with "pats on the back" for responding to the populist will.

There is less discipline, however, in returning to the scene to make a transparent measure of the real question:  "Did it WORK to address the main problem" OR was the goal to appease the people with "motion"?

What will be done to the gun runners that are seen bringing a new stock of guns into the city limits?
IF and when the remnants of the police force that is left in Camden begin to make arrests of young people who are caught trafficking guns - will the same people who were appeased by the "Gun Buy Back Programs" going to affirm the police as they stop the flow?

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