Monday, December 31, 2012

In Order To Combat The Fraudulent Press - You Must Know "The Album Version" And Not The "Radio Edit"

Lifted from the "Prof Mark Anthony Neal" blog

If I did not know the "album version" of Rick Ross' 'This Ninjas Won't Hold Me Back" and how HE IS PROMOTING SELLING DRUGS to pay his bills - I too would have bought the "Historical Narrative" that this radio piece that Prof Neal was a contributor to.

When "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Rick Ross sees that his fridge is empty and he orders up a "kilo" - is he ordering FOOD or COCAINE for distribution?

When Duke Professor Mark Anthony Neal heard the entirety of the radio report - was he so offended that he would be paired with "Rick Ross" that he demanded that the audio be reedited?
 OR was the "Radio Version" that focused on "Haters" instead of "Hoes and Niggas" sufficient to get Prof Neal to go along?


The Black Community Will Never Prosper As Long As The "Guardians Of Blackness" Are Corrupt And Intent On Pushing Fraud Upon "The Least Of These" Rather Than Developing Them

 I told you that "Pink" and "Janelle Monae" were not going to do an update to "Dear Mr President" during the time when a "favorable president" is in power - regardless of how much "The Least of These" struggle.   These type of indictments are used to beat the enemy upside the head.

It should come as no surprise that upon listening to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" about the "Fiscal Cliff" 100% of the "Embedded Confidence Men" have framed this as "the enemy Republicans protecting tax cuts for the rich".   The news that BOTH of the Dung Producing Party Animals ARE FRAUDULENT are no where to be found. 

The key talking point is that "The Least of These" who have been attacked by corporate and bank greed stand to be harmed as austerity cuts of needed social programs are cut and "the rich receive their 'Bush Tax Cuts".

You never hear any mention of ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT of "The Least Of These" after 50 years+ of investing their valuables in the cause.

The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is not seen as a voice of DESTRUCTION for the Black community but instead a "desperate voice" who "does what he has to do" BECAUSE "the System" is stacked against them.    The people who hope that he will use his voice to generate a "ballot harvest" argue that when "The System" offers opportunity to more people then he will stop SELLING POISON to his community.  When the system stops incarcerating him and allows him to VOTE - he will run the oppressors out of power.

When their "Infinite Universe" doubles back upon them and they become "The Establishment Power" that is failing to provide social justice to the unwashed masses - we see how "the media" and "the academy" do their part in denying the truth about the forces that they are in bed with - that are harming "The Least Of These".

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