Saturday, December 01, 2012

If Slavery And Colonialism Are Understood As The Usurpation Of The African's Benefit Of His Own Capital Resources AND A Denial Of His Choice Of Methodology Through Which To Recognize The Benefit Of Them...........Then....

DOES IT MATTER If One Uses SYSTEMATIC VIOLENCE To Separate The "Negro" From His Valuables But Instead Uses An Intricate SYSTEM Which Lulls The Negro To Walk Forward Quasi-Voluntarily As His Own Hatred, Resentment, Lust And Greed Are Used Against Him As The Compass For Navigation?

IF He Ends Up Without Control Over The Resources, Despite His Feeling Of "Forward Motion" - Can We Conclude That VIOLENCE Is The Primary Agent Of "Offendedness" - When "Compulsion By The Afro-disiac Of Honey" That Is Used To Fill In The Void In The Negroes Self-Worth - Is JUST AS EFFECTIVE,  With The Plus That Few "Negroes" Ever Try To Escape For Its Clutches?

After Plowing The Fields Of SOCIAL JUSTICE - They Are Not About To Walk Away!!!
They Are Going To Wait In These Fields Of STRUGGLE and TOIL Until Their "Social Justice Harvest" Bears The Succulent Fruit That The Black Racial Services Machine Told Them To Expect If They Stayed Congregationally Unified.

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