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If The Progressive Blacks With Establishment Power That Are Victims Of RACISM Can't Handle Domestic Political Attacks, How Will They Handle World Opinion In Response To American Imperialism IF Someone Took Their Drones Away From Them?

Using The Negro's Historical Power Relationships To Expose Today's FRAUD and HOKUM Done For Marginal Ideological/Political Advantage

Pictorial Artifact
The Negro And The POLICE Power 

The Classical Black Victim Of Assymetric State Power:  "Take Away That Gun, That Badge And That Police Dog And Fight Me Like A Man - And You'd Just Be Another White Boy Getting His Ass Kicked".

The Negro And The Establishment Power As Represented Through Protest Breaking Firemen 

The Classical Black Victim Of Asymmetric State Power: 
"Your Advantage At Breaking Our Protest March For Justice Comes Because You Hold The City Owned Fire Hose, The Special Wrench To Turn On The Hydrant That The Municipal Government Gave You To Oppress Me And The POWER Of 100 PSI Of Water Pressure To Break My Physical Ability To March Outside Of This Racist Establishment.  But You Will NEVER Break My SPIRIT No Matter What You Do!!"

Negro Labor "Locked Out" From Its Ability To Work And Get Paid An Honest Wage
The Classical Black Victim Of Asymmetric State Power: 
"NO Don't Bother Getting Some Bolt Cutters To Remove This Padlock And Chain That The Owners Of This Production Plant Has Put On To Lock Us Out Rather Than Bargain In Good Faith To Provide Us With Safe Working Conditions, A Living Wage And Health Benefits That We Are Asking For.   They Have The Power Of The Pinkertons Behind Them To Suplilment The City Police Force That Is On The Side Of The Owners Rather Than The Workers.  They Have Long Guns And Our Bolt Cutters Are No Match".

The Negro Seeking "Integration" As A Means Of Destroying The System Of Imbalanced Educational Funding In The Same School System Due To Racial Discrimination.

The Classical Black Victim Of Asymmetric State Power: 
"No.  We Cannot Fight Them Alone.  They Have Bats, Rocks And Fists That Block The Doorway If We Try To Receive Our 'Social Justice RIGHTS' To Sit In The Classroom That The Federal Judge Said That We Meet The Residency Requirements To Attend.

We Must Petition The Mayor, Then When He Refuses Will Go To The Governor, And When He Has A Press Conference Saying - 'Segremgation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation FOREEVER" We Will Have A Civil Rights Video Tape To Take To The US President, The US Attorney General And The Director Of The FBI - To Show Them The Hostility To The Law That The People Standing Against Us Are Demonstrating.  We Need The Federal Authorities To Use Their POWER To Call In Federal Troops And Law Enforcement To Put Down These Racists".

The Urban Negro's Battle Over "Housing Justice" Against The Power That The Slumlords Had To Deny Him A Healthy Residence 

The Classical Black Victim Of Asymmetric State Power: 
"We Have No Choice But To Keep Paying Rent To This Corrupt Man Who Refuses To Honor Our Human Dignity By Fixing Up His Property And Bring It Up To Adequate Living Standards Fit For Human Habitation.   We Plan To Follow The Guidance Of Bayard Rustin And Vote In A Progressive Power Establishment Who Are Going To Tip The Balance Of Power Black Toward The Least Of These, Forcing Those With The Power To Keep Us Suppressed And Depressed To Fix Up These Properties That We Live In OR Face Fines From The City Code Enforcement Agency That We Have Pressed The Current Unresponsive Government To Implement For Our Protection But They Have Refused.  
The Struggle For Integration Of Professional Sports That Allowed Blacks To Sit In The Upper Seats But Not To Play On The Field
1939 Cincinnati Reds 
The Classical Black Victim Of Asymmetric State Power: 
"Even Though We Are Happy To Have The 'Negro Leagues' Which Allows Black People To Express Our Talent - I Just Can't Get Over The Fact That If Black People Were Allowed To Play In The Major Leagues Prior To Jackie Robinson - We Would Have 3 Times The Number Of Black Sports Millionaires In Existence Today".

Today's Fraud And Hokum Protection Racket

While I  Empathize With Their Progressive Spirit Of Protest......I Just Can't Understand Why They Are So Opposed To The "Humanitarian Mission" That America Bestowed Upon Them.  IT MUST BE Because The Commander In Chief Is Black.   

The Aggrieved People Of Color Need A Credible Source Like "Jet Magazine" To Document Their Cause As They Struggle For Justice Against Imperialist Powers.

Its A Shame That All Of These Military Men That Circle Obama To Give Him Advice That Causes Him To Unwillingly Command The US Government To Do What The Shadow Government Wants Obama To Do.

At Least Obama Is A Faithful Husband To Michelle Obama.  As We Blacks Try To Reinforce Positive Role Models For Black Male/Female Committed Relationships We Should Use Michelle And Barack Obama As The Reference Model. 

 Since Amy Goodman Of "Democracy Now" Is Pleased That Obama Has Purged The RIGHT-WING FORCES From The CIA And Now It Is Around The World Doing GOOD - I Am Not Worried About Why They Were In Benghazi In The First Place. I Am Satisfied That They Were Doing Good, Just As Obama Commanded Them To Do.

If Those Protesting Muslim Terrorists Overseas Were Living In America They Would Be Tea Party Members Who's RACISM Compels Them To Burn A Black Man's Picture As A Sign Of Their Hatred .

Its A Good Thing That We Have Strong COUNTER FORCES That Can Prevent Them From Exerting This RACIST Power Upon Us.

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