Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Walked Out On The Screening Of "Django Unchained" - Right After The Black Audience Laughed At The Comedic "Klan Hood Scene"

Credit should be given to Quentin Tarantino.

I am able to do share of dispassionate analysis and give credit to forces that enter into sensitive areas that are typically guarded by Black people and use these sensitivities for their own advantage.

In the context of my study of "What makes the prevailing Black political consciousness tick?" - I LOOK into the Black Congregation and the response - NOT at the actors on stage.

For Black people - "Slavery" and "Jim Crow images" are the centerpieces of the "Zone Of Offendability" for Black people.  We already know that the "sciences" of politics, economics and academics make ample use of this knowledge of "The Blacks" propagate messages that impact public opinion and policy.  Entertainment is likely the king of them all as music and film are used to convey our sentiment of oppression.

I said 2 weeks ago that I was not going to see the movie "Django Unchained".  At best I would go and get a bootlegged copy.     I changed my mind because I saw that such a move would be inconsistent with my immersive research.  How can I talk about something if I don't consume it from the vantage point of other people?

I happened to go to a movie theater that was PACKED with Black people.   Every seat was filled and the "Up Close - Headache" seats were starting to fill up as well.   I went by myself so that I could take in the messages in the movie and not have to worry about sharing popcorn or anything else.

The key takeaways are as follows:

Reference My Reference Prior Django Django And The Audience In The Theater
Slave Beating Scenes
The last time I saw "Roots" was when I was at a gathering over a neighbor's house and it was playing on broadcast television as we were actively talking about other issues of the day.

I remember the scene of Kunta Kente being beaten causing me to say to my neighbor and friend: "Dave they used to treat Black people like animals" - as a tear welled up in my eye as I sat on the couch.

Having watched TVOne's serenade of the movie I learned that Foxx, Tarantino and the staff "teared up" as the Black female actor got whipped for breaking eggs. 

SORRY.  When this scene played through there as NOTHING there for me to connect my emotions to.

As I said before - "Django Unchained" could have easily been set upon the framework of "New Jack City" in which a former victim seeks vengeance of his former tormentors who "got his woman hooked on heroin. "

Tarantino merely USED the "Black Actors" who have strong progressive credentials with the Black community to push a film that merely used the ornaments of Slavery to serve as flora and fauna to the film.

THERE WILL BE NO "OFFICIAL" CONDEMNATION of the film for being inauthentic - taking great liberties with the subject of American Chattel Slavery.
Does The Audience Know When To Laugh versus When Someone Is USING Black People? 
When I watched "Soul Plane" - though I was sitting in the "Magic Johnson Theater" - I was sure that someone who did not like Black people had made the film.  
In listening to Black people in the audience laughing at "Tom Foolishness" got me angry and depressed.  This comedy had the reverse impact upon me.  I was depressed upon exiting the film.

In watching the movie "Precious" - once again the "silly litte girls" who were sitting behind me from "Soul Plane" appeared to follow me - a few years later when "Precious" came out. 

I recall a serious scene in which they were snickering and laughing that made me want to stand up and say something them out of anger.

It was not the screen writer that was "using Black people" in this instance.  It was the audience who did not "get it".  They merely wanted to be entertained.

I drew about 3 lines in the sand - within my mind as I watched Django and heard people laughing rather than relating to the subtext.

I - was watching a movie that was taking great liberties in its portrayal of:
  • Slavery
  • Slave Beatings
  • The Use Of The Word "Nigger"
  • The Hooded Night Riders and the Violence of those who ran a system of human oppression where - VIOLENCE was necessarily used to break the spirit of an Equal Human Being, making him see that it was less painful if he submitted himself to the life of a "farm animal".

MY observations that "BLACK PEOPLE ARE 'OVER SLAVERY'" was affirmed tonight.

When there is an INDICTMENT that can be made against the Right-Wing who's "I don't give a damn what the Ninjas think!!" disposition among friends slips into the public discourse - this one nugget that falls into their lap is exploited to affirm their beliefs.  (Ironically SBPDL's Paul Kersey - a researcher of Black Social Dysfunction - uses the incident of Black youth "wilding" on the MARTA train about 7 years ago as the same type of evidence that "The Negro is prone to violence.   He doesn't realize that those youth were practicing as "stand-ins" for the future movie "Django II - Django Returns To Kick Some Azz On The Subway" )

Many Black people don't mind "feigning offense" or "inferiority" IF there are some proceeds to be had at the end of the transaction.

For the first time in a long time a movie provided TWO DUELING bits of content on the screen and the audience made it clear that they were there to be ENTERTAINED with a good laugh - not to be the "Defenders Of Black Historical Authenticity"

  1. The Presentation of "Slavery Images"
  2. "The Comedic Remake" of Tarantino that was vouched for by Foxx, Washington and Jackson

When the audience did a mass "LOL" over the "Klan Hood eye holes" scene - this is when I walked about - vowing that I was not going to endure this foolishness any more.

TWICE in rapid succession - a "Negress evaded a beating" while strapped to a tree and a "Negro and his Ninja Loving Friend" evaded being murdered by a Klan mob because they had the presence of mind to think ahead of the pack of bigots and lure them into a trap in which many of them died.

IF there was ONE TIME in which I heard an "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" say "We are going to use the signs that we had been printing up against the NRA to do a protest outside of the offices of the Weinstein Company for molesting our history into a fraudulent minstrel show" - I would agree to do my part through my normal channels to support this effort.

It is interesting how - yet again we have a favorable progressive force - "The Weinstein Brothers" who are able to push the edge of "Black sensitivities" and not suffer any repercussions.

Add Reginald Hudlin to this mix of those who have provided cover for this film.

The sad part about it is that the typical taunt: "Do you think our ancestors GOT BEATEN for nothing????"  WON'T be used against this film as a warning to any others not to "Go There".

As long as you have your "Favorable Black Endorsers" - we now see that anything is on the table.

Again - this is not a request to boycott this film on my part.
This, coupled with the fraudulent game called "politics" (and the related loyalties)  is yet another artifact of proof that the Black American of 2012-2013 has lost his way, USING that which he claims defines his "Unique American Experience" for his own consumer/political advantage today.  

Shamefully - there are plenty of external and internal "confidence men" more than willing to feed him a steady diet of chum for him to feed upon in affirmation of his consumer consciousness and FULL "AMERICANIZATION".


Anonymous said...

You do know that Roots is plagiary and total fiction right? Like MLK Alex Hailey was a plagiarists.

The saddest part of any of these movies is that black people will mistake this fiction as real.

Constructive Feedback said...

SBPDL Lurker:

Let me follow your logic.

Instead of voicing any concern about the torture and beating of another EQUAL human being in order to instill the association of "DO What I Command You To Do" OR face my wrath of VIOLENCE and DEATH was more important to you to take MY observation that the comedy "Django Unchained" DIDN'T ATTEMPT to be authentic about this tragic period in HUMAN HISTORY - but you instead told me that both Dr King and Alex Hailey were plagiarists?

I would be more impressed if you went back to 1812 and claimed you found evidence that "NO NEGRO GOT BEATEN in North or South America OR the Caribbean because "the White Jesus of the Slave Master" commanded that the SAVAGE not beat those who he called SAVAGE as a justification of his violence.

It seems that YOU have a larger treasure-trove of assumptions that JUST AIN'T SO than the average Negro. You have a larger IQ and thus can store more lies about your personal greatness.