Friday, December 07, 2012

I Have Just Betrayed The Majority In My Race - Cavorting With The Korean Merchants In Detroit

I must be truthful.

Upon seeing the truck load of toilet paper delivered to the Firemen in Detroit - I placed a call to the "Korean 'Black Business' Owners Association".

I did not see any evidence of an open bidding process.

Since the Firemen are PUBLIC EMPLOYEES - they should only be allowed to use materials received through the GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL PROCUREMENT PROCESS.

IF private funds were used to purchase this toilet paper - it should not matter.

GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES need to be isolated from INFLUENCE and only the OFFICIAL PROCUREMENT PROCESS should be used.

The Koreans that have a gas station a short distance away from where I sit - have become expert in selling "Single Serving Toilet Paper rolls to "The Least Of These".
I suspect that they purchase the rolls in bulk from Costco/Sams Club/BJs, and then wrap them individually for sale

I told the "Korean 'Black Owned Business' Association Of Atlanta" to do a call with the "Korean 'Black Owned Business' Association Of Detroit" to file a "Freedom Of Information Act" request with the City of Detroit, demanding to see the paper trail on where the money from the purchase of the truckload of toilet paper came from.

They need to seek court action to lock up and seal the truck - until their lawsuit is settled.

It seems that the purchase did not go out to "Competitive Bid".
Since the firemen have been doing without toilet paper for this long - it should not harm them to wait until the lawsuit is settle.
If anything, if the Koreans strike at this time - they are more likely to get accelerated justice as their case is moved to the front of the line, akin to a capital murder case..

I told the "Korean 'Black Owned Business' Association" to make a cursory call to the Detroit NAACP, to at least advise them on what they are doing.  
Since the NAACP has a history of demanding TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT and they know that "LET THIS ONE SLIDE THIS TIME" provides the "wink wink" that the establishment needs to keep doing what they do - NOW is the time for the "Korean 'Black Business Owners' Association" to leverage their power.

They said that they could undercut whatever price that was paid by 10%.
With Detroit in a fiscal crisis - they can't afford to have any padded Purchase Orders.

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