Thursday, December 06, 2012

How The Negro's Conscious Attention Is Drawn Into "The War On Christmas" And Away From The Management Of His Community

The Secular Progressives

Secular Progressives are OFFENDED that pro-Christian images are allowed in the public space.  They can't see that with the majority of these fake trees manufactured in China - the greater crisis is about the US Trade Deficit as a sign of American Hyper-Consumerism than they can find any "CHRISTIANITY" seen in the behavior at Wal-Mart and Target on Black Friday.
The Political Conservatives

Bill O'Reilly chases down "Holiday Trees".  He Believes In "Free Speech" As Long As It Is Not Offensive To Christian Dogma And Traditions.
The Political Progressives Chasing After The Conservatives

Media Matters Says Bill O'Reilly Covers "The War On Christmas" More Than Real Wars.   They Say That Since "Libya Was A HUMANITARIAN MISSION And Not A War", Media Matters Should Not Be Called Out For Spiking Its Own Coverage.  Media Matters said:   "Besides THE AFRICANS IN AMERICA Were Not Protesting About The CIA In Libya So There Was No Use 'Riling The Negroes Up' With Our News Coverage On American Imperialism Under Obama When They See Him As Their 'Baby Jesus For Social Justice' - Just As We Want Them To Believe In A Progressive American President"

The Street Pirates Who Don't Give A Damn Who Operate In The Clear Because "Young Turks Won't Cover Them Because They Don't Want To OFFEND Black People"

Old National Highway - College Park Georgia

The Street Pirate Grinch Who Stole Some Shyt - And Didn't Give A Damn If It Was For Christmas Or Even A Birthday President For A Little Black Child.

The Street Pirate Said Via The Webcam That He Stole:  "Let Baby Jesus Bring The Least Of These Kids Some Toys.   We Will Steal Those Too.   Those Damned Republicans Are Stealing Everything In America - Why Are You All Tripping Over My Gang Stealing A Few X-Boxes?  If You Protested Outside Of Microsoft And Apple To Bring The Manufacturing Jobs Back To America AND If You Used Your Take Over Of The Schools That Are Named After Civil Rights Heroes To ACTUALLY EDUCATE ME Rather Than For Government Service Contracts For Your Friends And The Proxy Fight Between The Koch Brothers And George Soros - I WOULDN'T BE STEALING THIS STUFF And College Park Would Not Be The Most Violent City In Metro Atlanta.  YOU TELL ME - WHO IS THE REAL THIEF?  I Stole TRINKETS.  YOU ALL STOLE MY POTENTIAL AS A YOUNG BLACK MAN BECAUSE OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS.". 

The Civil Rights Pharisees Inc. Work Stay Above The Fray -They Are Focused Upon Any REAL PROGRESSIVE Who Is Going To Exploit The Fact That January 21 2013 Is "Martin Luther King Jr Day" And Inauguration Day For President Obama And Their "Anti-War" Spirit Would Come Back Into Fashion As They Protest Drone Bombing.
Professional Progressive Political Preacher Minister Al Sharpton:  "As A Christian Preacher For Social Justice I am familiar with the biblical story of the BURNING BUSH and I support it.    I keep an eye out for Republicans that want to misuse the bible for their own purposes.   Thus on Martin Luther King Jr Day 2013 when I am in Washington DC celebrating what "My Jesus" brought to us with the election of President Obama - my "National Action Network Right-Wing Monitoring Service" is going to keep a look out for any Tea Party activists who are BURNING OBAMA.

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