Friday, December 28, 2012

Filled Negro's Pecking Order Of Value Of Life By America Vs What The Filled Negro Blog Shows As HIS Values

Filled Negro's Assessment Of AMERICA'S Valuation Of LIFE

  1. White Women
  2. White Children
  3. White Men
  4. Other Races
  5. Black Children
  6. Black Women
  7. Pets
  8. Black Men
(Note: With a list like this the "Filled Negro Blog" is sure to get another Black Progressive Weblog Award.   He should make shelf space right now.

The Constructive Feedback University / Doctoral Program Of LampBlacked Yellow Journalism Studies / Appraisal Of What The FILLED NEGRO BLOG VALUES THE MOST AS Its "Soul Food Seasoned Self-Chum" Proves Pleasing To His Base

The following subjects are most likely to be featured on the Filled Negro Blog:
  1. White Women Who Talk Negatively About President Obama
  2. White Children Who Go To School Tell Their Teacher What Their Republican Parents Said Negatively About President Obama
  3. White Men Who Remain Committed To Right-Wing Rather Than Becoming "Good White Folks", Like The Primetime Lineup Of MSNBC and Current TV
  4. Other Races Who's Members Don't Like President Obama 
  5. Black Children Attacked By White Hispanic Civilians Who Have Been Promoted Into POLICE OFFICERS In Order To Run A "Struggle Against Police Violence Against 'The Blacks' "
  6. Black Women Who Live Vicariously Through Michelle Obama And Believe That When Michelle Obama Is Critized THEY Are Criticized
  7. Pets That Are Made Into Police K-9 Officers That Are Trained To Bite Black People By Focusing On The Smell And Not Just The Skin Color Of The Suspect In Order To Capture Any Negro That Is "Passing" 
  8. Black Men Who Achieve The Highest Rungs Of Power And Wealth In This Country BUT STILL Can Be Made To Feel Like A "Ninja" That Is Thrown On The Hood Of A Police Cruiser At The Bequest Of ANY WHITE PERSON IN THIS NATION - Regardless Of How Feeble And Poor This White Person Is.   THEY ARE SUPERIOR In The Mind Of Filled Negro BECAUSE In Making The MOST POWERFUL PROGRESSIVE BLACKS "Inferior" Their VICTIM STATUS Allows Filled Negro's Goal Of Advancing PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM Work
  9. Any Human Being Who Dares Read The Works Of The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser & Their White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - Concluding That Their Coordinated "Black Community Consciousness Attention Filibuster" STEALS Away The Black Community Governance Culture - has NO CHANCE IN HELL of being published OR winning a "Blogging While Being Progressive And Black" Award For Protecting The Valuables Of Black People From Being Stolen For Yet Another 50 Years Of Play In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"
I Was On Track To Become The First Black President Who Grew Up In A Black Community And Who Has "Slave Blood" Until The "Stop And Frisk Policies" That Were Imposed In The Name Of Gun Control Gave Me A Criminal Record And Then Disqualified Me For Consideration For The Highest Office In The Land.  Today I Vow To Invest My Black Consciousness And My Ballot In Support Of Anyone Who Promises Me That They Will Disassemble The "New Jim Crow Prison Industrial Complex".
SADLY - I Will Never See That This INVESTMENT, If Made Into The PROPER GOVERNANCE OF THE INSTITUTIONS WITHIN MY COMMUNITY Rather Than Into The "Malcolm X Football Game", Would Be More Profitable.   Since They Don't Show MSNBC On Cable TV In Prison My Mind Might Begin To Think Straight After 10 Years Of Going To The Library And Reading For Myself. 

Filled Negro can't see that after winning the war over the Racist Right-Wing and he and his White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally will one day stand upon the top of the heap - he will try to get his White ally to SEE HIM AS a FULLY EQUAL HUMAN BEING.    The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - after so many decades of assuming "Negro Inferiority" as part of a tag team will have trouble understanding that now the Progressive Negro IS NOT PLAYING!  He wants to be seen as EQUAL.

The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally will LAUGH IN HIS FACE, the teeth that have been whitened with "whitening strips" showing the truth.

He fears not what the Negro will do to him BECAUSE - he is the primary agent that ensured that the NEGRO DID NOT GROW STRONG through the INSTITUTIONS that the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" had amassed over time.   As the Negro assumed control over these INSTITUTIONS that used to deny him admission - Just as is the case with Gompers Elementary School inside of the beloved city of Philadelphia where Filled Negro lives - the facility shifted  from SUPERIOR to INFERIOR once too many Negroes began to occupy the facility.

Even though the NAACP lead the congregation to believe that the INFERIORITY came from lack of funding - as it traveled along with the "Flying White Folks" - THE TRUTH IS that they fretted the most that the WHITE FOLKS have departed the building.  Their dreams of educating Black children via the OSMOSIS of sitting next to White kids were dashed.  

After several decades of "Tricking Black People" and then slipping up and becoming "THE ESTABLISHMENT power" that is failing to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE TO 'THE LEAST OF THESE' - the Embedded Confidence Men - who understand how aggrieved Black people think - began to stay one step ahead of the Negro congregation - by reframing their indictment about "social justice" by claiming that when the WHITE MAN DEPARTED from the community and schools he violated the Civil Rights Of Black People - because they failed to leave every child in the school with an iPad so that they could tune into the very same lessons that the White children in the suburbs have access to.

This plan caused a split within the congregation as the Black school teachers began to get the feeling that THEIR INSTRUCTION was not "good enough" in the eyes of the NAACP.

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