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Election Administration Fiasco In Richland County SC: How The Civil Rights Pharisees Are Neutralized When Their Friends In Power Produce Results That They Would Otherwise Call "Racially Disparate"

Richland County is where Columbia South Carolina is located.

From The Article: 

COLUMBIA, SC — Five more lawmakers on the Richland County Legislative Delegation said Tuesday that embattled county election director Lillian McBride should step down or that they have no confidence in her ability to run a county election.
Democratic Sen. Joel Lourie, Rep. James Smith and Rep. Beth Bernstein said in interviews McBride should leave her $89,124 post.
Also, Rep. Kirkman Finlay, R-Richland, and Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Richland, announced Tuesday that if the delegation were to hold a vote about McBride, they “would vote no confidence.”

Those five join Democrat Reps. Mia McLeod and Joe McEachern as well as Republicans Sen. John Courson and Rep. Nathan Ballentine, who have already urged McBride’s ouster. That makes nine of the 16-member delegation who now want McBride to go. 
The Nov. 6 election was marked by voter lines of up to five hours or more, an unexplained shortage of voting machines and uncounted numbers of people who didn’t vote because of unusually long waits. McBride, who was unanimously appointed to her post by the delegation in 2011, could not be reached for comment. At the time she was hired, she had not run an election. McBride has declined to answer questions from reporters since Nov. 6. The delegation meets at 2 p.m. today in the Senate Gressette building.

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I have no opinion on the facts of this situation in Richland County South Carolina.
My disposition is with regard to the frequent and untethered claims of BLACK VOTER SUPPRESSION that is heard frequently among Black people.

The tale of:

  • Long lines
  • Insufficient quantity of voting machines in "Black areas"
  • People turning around and not voting because they don't want to be bothered................... always spoken in an ambiguous manner to have the other people listening in to assume that a "Grand White Right Wing Conspiracy" to suppress the Black vote is the reason for these problems.

I am rising above the transactional issue in this one case in South Carolina and pointing out the presence of "ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION".    As more "favorable people rise to power" but the results do not change - this is no guarantee that the prevailing discourse will change from "What the WHITE FOLKS have in their community" over to - "WE need to GOVERN the people who are in power - just as WE did the previous occupant of the seat".

I have to admit that there are two distinct sides to the conversation.
  1. The "official" voices - in this case the county governing board who's job is to regulate these outcomes.
  2. The "Man on the Street" voices that are heard in the media and the press.   
The second group of forces seek to influence opinion within the Black community and lean upon the "official voices".   There are some "official voices" that reach out to the "man on the street" to whip up a petition against their adversaries.

What gets lost as we deal with this populism is the actual GOVERNANCE of the important civic services.

If a "favorable person" comes under attack - some of the very same people who were complaining about the long lines might later be seen among the "defense forces" - protecting the "favorable person" from a "Racist Attack".

Do not be surprised if the Democrats on the board are called out for being "turn coats".

Article Two: Richland County Attempting To Put The State In Charge Of Elections

I can't help that I am "damaged" by what I hear in the context of Atlanta politics.
IF this same scenario was run in the context of Fulton County Georgia (which also has big problems with its election administration) - the FIRST thing out of Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio would be "The State Republican Right-Wing Does Not Like Seeing Black People In Power and they are trying to move the power over elections to the state level, in order to return themselves into power - just as they had during the days of Jim Crow".

The damage done to the "Black community governance culture" is that this "Superior Narrative" that is incessantly repeated begins to co-opt the original purpose of the seat of power in question:  EFFECTIVELY GOVERNING THE ELECTION.

Don't ask this person if they are satisfied with the elections.   INSTEAD play the audio tape back of their words a few weeks ago BEFORE the "Right Wing Threat" came into view.  
From this we see that their main agenda items is NOT the provision of sound, above board civic services but instead to engage their RIGHT-WING ENEMY at all fronts - generating the CONGREGATIONAL UNITY in "Struggle" that provides the nullification that they need to do as they please. 

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