Monday, December 24, 2012

Dr Prof James Clingman - Your Model Of "Black Leadership" Is Flawed And Outdated

Prof James Clingman: Black leadership or pleadership?

Dear Prof Clingman:

I have been reading your viewpoints for several years and do not consider you one of the "bad guys" who are using the grievances from with the Black community for political opportunism for the benefit of the "progressive coalition" but NOT the Black Community.

In the case of your article (linked above), however - I believe that you are misaligned.

You speak about the "Black Community Development Consciousness" in terms of POLITICAL projection.   Your article does not strongly emphasize the need to establish/govern and protect 'Human Resource Development INSTITUTIONS' within the Black community FROM the political opportunism that is presently damaging them.

The problem with the Black Community today is that is is TOO UNIFIED - UNIFIED in the belief that we are going to VOTE OUR WAY INTO SALVATION.

We don't have a problem with "Black Leadership".  THERE IS NO "BLACK LEADERSHIP"!!!!!

With the inducement of full conscious integration into the American system - it is best to describe the present situation of Black America as an IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL movement that seeks to use RACIAL INDICTMENTS - against the "Right Wing Enemy" with the ultimate goal of having PROGRESSIVE PROCEEDS channeled into the hands of more Black people as a show of gratitude for helping in the larger fight between the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" and the "White Conservative Wolf".

The more accurate question that you should have asked the "Black rank & file" is:    HOW MUCH MORE WILL YOU ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE COMPROMISED AS YOU ENGAGE IN THIS FOOLISHNESS known as the 'Malcolm X Political Football Game'.

Quick, Prof Clingman - name ONE time in which this so called "Black Leadership" has LIMITED the exposure of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO an upcoming election, as they told us that by shifting our hopes into POLITICS and allowing the local forces who TOOK OUR VALUABLES for the last 50 years - off of the hook - IRREPARABLE DAMAGE will be done to the "Black Community Governance Culture? That such a shift in focus would provide the unspoken message to Black people that WE lack SELF RESPECT - unable to enforce a PROMISE TO OURSELVES by following through with the demand for "social justice" from the Favorable People who are now in power?

The truth is, Prof Clingman the OPPOSITE is true.
Those forces who are the "Propaganda Messaging Machine" with a trusted relationship with Black people (because most of them are Black) - understand that what they SELL TO BLACK PEOPLE TODAY - is merely a matter of "congregational unity enforcement" within the present BATTLE.   It doesn't matter what they "Self-Promise" to Black people as to the benefits that will be received in an election victory - their ONLY goal is to increase Black voter turn out - having us DO WHAT THEY KNOW WE ARE GOING TO DO - VOTE AGAINST THE RIGHT-WING!!!!

Question Two: When we see "Mission Accomplished Cities" like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia Or Atlanta that are run by "a diverse set of favorable people in power" - DOES THE FACT THAT the governing forces got "50%+1" of the Black Community Support make the situation inside of the political domain one of "AN ESTABLISHMENT POWER that has been FULLY AFFIRMED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY"?

I have coined the term "Establishment Power Repudiation" to define the situation in this case.  When the results are short of their expectations - instead of working to reform the GOVERNANCE (and assumptions) within the community - that same coalition can "Self-Agree With Itself" to scale their indictment outward, agreeing that some EXTERNAL FORCE is the reason why things did not work out as promised.  The same PROMISE that compelled them to invest their valuables into the establishment power, replacing the old establishment - is now focused outside of the Mission Accomplished Zone for their salvation.  Simply put, Prof Clingman this is NOT "Management".  This is exploitation of group think (tribalism)

We are now at a time in our development history, Prof Clingman where if PEOPLE LIKE YOU can't find their way to DISCONNECT the "Black Community Development Consciousness" from the American Political Domain - that the chances of the Black American developing a functional "Community Governance Culture" in the presence of a relative lull in racial and internal violence and chaos will be lost forever.  Instead an alternative platform based upon the reactionary need to make order out of future chaos will be required.

Black people are 100% equal therefore there is an equal need to REGULATE the ability for Black people with a leveraged position to misappropriate their influence (and worst of all the INVESTED HOPES that have been projected upon them FROM BLACK PEOPLE) to ultimately exploit Black people, freezing our people into a permanent cycle that is for the use of the American political machine.

The true test of the value of what the Black American involves himself into is to ask:  IF this CONSCIOUSNESS were bundled up and deposited in any other Black Diasporatic area around the world that is in desperate need of DEVELOPMENT - would they receive in this package:

  • A CONSUMER - who ultimately complains about the conditions in his new lands?
  • A MANAGER/DEVELOPER who sees the void in the academic/cultural/commercial/medical fabric of his new home and expresses competence to FILL THE VOID?

Prof Clingman - "Black Consciousness" today is what YOU REFUSE TO DO in the name of "Blackness", stopping another person who us USING BLACK PEOPLE "in the name of Blackness" from continuing his misappropriation because you see the long term damage. 

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