Saturday, December 22, 2012

Does Barbara Steisand's Reasons To Support Obama Match Yours?

On CNN's Piers Morgan show Singer/Actress/Actorvist Barbra Steisand was asked to detail the primary reasons for her support for President Obama.
She answered:

  1. His support for Gay Marriage
  2. His defense of Abortion
THIS POST is NOT about "Gay Rights" or "Abortion".

In my frequent debates with Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers and their solemn quest to "Keep The Right Wing Enemy On Trial" as a means of affirming the popular sentiment held by Black people - they also call out Black people who support "The Right Wing 'racists' ".

They are careful to qualify the indictment as a conjunction.   Support for "White" and "Right wing" as proof that they are active in suppressing the interests of Black people.   If you are a "Black Conservative" elected official then the fact that you have POWER and stand against the prevailing progressive sentiments make you a marked man.

There is been a fraudulently deficient amount of discussion and consideration about the impact of the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally during the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" (described above)

We always hear some people take ownership of "What Our Ancestors Fought For". 
When we hear a White Progressive Fundamentalist like Strisand prioritize the two points that she did - I assure you that there is NOT going to be a discussion about how this squares with "The Ancestors".

This is because it would open up more critical scrutiny of President Obama and his importance to PROGRESSIVISM contrasted with the interests of the Black community. 

I have no interest in debating "Gay Rights" or "Abortion". 
Instead I want to apply a "Dark Matter Analysis" and talk about what Barbra Streisand DID NOT talk about - nor did Piers Morgan follow up upon.

  1. Barbra Streisand was not troubled with the International Coup upon the sovereign African nation of Libya
  2. Barbra Streisand lacks the "intellectual curiosity" to project forward and consider the damage that will be suffered by "The Least Of These" if they matriculate through this present interval of time, having failed to acquire the "organic competencies" that will allow them to survive the painful truth that America's economic condition will express over time
  3. After 50 Years Of "Struggle" - the claim that "Education is the great equalizer" might indeed be seen present in the HOPES of "The Black Agenda" but it is not present in the GOVERNANCE of this same agenda in which some brave souls dare to say: "NO we are not going to hand over any more of our valuables until you show us empirical data that the previous investments have produced material change.  We care about OUR INTERESTS more than the PROGRESSIVE-JOINT VENTURE'S interests 
The sad truth is that the Black Racial Services Machine thinks of Barbra Streisand as they do about the radio callers into "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio".    It is more important that they STAND IN SUPPORT OF what is the adorned as the vessel through which the Right Wing Enemy will be battled than they care about the logical reasoning OR "bucket of hopes" that a supporter arrives at his position.

Barbra Streisand went to say:
  • If you like "Safe Food"
  • If you like "Clean Air"
  • If you believe that women deserve equal rights......................
"the choice was easy".

The problem with Progressive Fundamentalism is that, despite its claimed international consciousness - the bulk of their indictments are contextualize in the United States for the purposes of political elections.

Just a few hundred miles from where Ms Streisand lives in her palatial mansion in California - women of Mexico have their "human rights" violated - but not by the Arizona Klan that she might be more interested in.   They also lack environmental protections.

Don't expect Ms Streisand to engage in any "Anti-US Imperialism" protests while she has a "thing" for the Commander In Chief.  

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