Friday, December 28, 2012

"Django Unchained" Was About As Much Of A "Slavery Movie" As "Lawless" Is A Depiction Of The History Of Moonshining In Rural Virginia

The movie "Lawless" was a very entertaining movie from my perspective.
It used the "flora and fauna" of "Moonshining" during the "Prohibition Era' to detail a bloody struggle between a family of "Moonshiners", competitive "Shiners" and "The Law".

I DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM with the film because no "rural White folks" came forward and claimed that it was an "accomplishment" in the presentation of their culture on film. 
IF it wins an "Oscar" none of the actors are going to take to the microphone and claim that this movie gave voice to his "Backwoods ancestors" who have been shunned by slicked up White folks on Madison Avenue who look down upon them.

I would have no problem with "Django Unchained" - but for the fact that it IS being used as a vehicle for "Black Cinematic 'advancement'  " when, in truth it also used this as "flora and fauna" to a standard revenge film.

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