Monday, December 31, 2012

"Django Unchained" Discussed On A "Battle Royal" Cable Channel Where "Black Community Consciousness" Is Blind-Folded And Pummeled Into Compliance

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AGAIN if you took the framework of "Django Unchained" and use the "flora and fauna" of a dystopic view used in "New Jack City" the film would have worked just as well.

I can't wrap my head around two "Hip Hop Professors" who point to "SLAVE HISTORY" that is in the film but then dismiss the molestation where:
  • A "hooded Klan" lynching scene where they debated about how the holes in their hood might prevent them from seeing as they ride.
  • A Black man who shoots "White fugitives dead" but his WHITE "confidence man" partner shows up on the scene in a nick of time with the appropriate paperwork that triggers the WHITE SLAVE OWNER, his overseers and handful of armed slaves from SHOOTING THE NEGRO DEAD and then asking the White man to see the paperwork.
 The intellectual fraud of these two "Hip Hop Professors" who bathe in "intellectual fraud" is that they GREEN LIGHT the cherry picking of slavery - because they understand the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE of appeasing "Modern Day Negroes", showing them how "The Black Man Finally WON" - because it provides currency in what they are scheming upon today.

 I can only pray that "Hollywood" will see the profit that this film has made and that a new genre of "American Chattel Slavery Comedies" will come along, except this time, without the vetting of "Foxx/Washington/Jackson" and the "Paid Black Media" (TVOne, MSNBC, BET, The Grio) to stamp their blessing upon it.

THEN "Our Ancestors" will be disrespected and it will provide yet another opportunity to see the FRAUD and SELECTIVENESS within those who believe they own the right to determine "Black Authenticity" while wearing "Knock Off Foster Grant" eye glasses. 

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