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Democrats In Chicago Plan An "Open Primary" To Fill The 2nd District Seat Vacated By Jesse Jackson Jr, No Fear Of "Crossover Raiding" Because There Are Not Enough Republicans In The D+32 District

Fox Chicago: Democrats To Have An Open Primary To Fill Jesse Jackson Jr's Seat

Open primary. A registered voter may vote in any party primary regardless of his own party affiliation. When voters do not register with a party before the primary, it is called a pick-a-party primary because the voter can select which party's primary he or she wishes to vote in on election day. Because of the open nature of this system, a practice known as raiding may occur. Raiding consists of voters of one party crossing over and voting in the primary of another party, effectively allowing a party to help choose its opposition's candidate. The theory is that opposing party members vote for the weakest candidate of the opposite party in order to give their own party the advantage in the general election. An example of this can be seen in the 1998 Vermont senatorial primary with the nomination of Fred Tuttle as the Republican candidate in the general election.

As with Atlanta, Philly, Detroit and Memphis - the Democratic Party has little concern that by having open (or even non-partisan) elections that this prima facie bit of transparency and inclusiveness will ever come at the risk of them losing the seat.

 The 2nd district has a Cook partisan voting index of "D+36".   This nearly off the scales and thus a rock solid district for the Democratic Party, regardless what the previous occupant of the office has done to misappropriate the "valuables" that the people had vested in him.

The point of this post IS NOT to suggest that a Republican could do a better job.

My argument is to ask - (and I was in this district about a month ago, by the way as I also visited Gary Indiana) - DESPITE the strong amount of POPULAR SUPPORT for the status quo in political leadership - do the results as expressed on the streets, in the schools and in the commercial zones justify the use of the POLITICAL CHANNEL as the primary piston for uplift in the plot of land that has been defined as "The 2nd District" or elsewhere?

"Pullman Porters", Gary IN, Flint MI,  "Tuskegee Airmen"
What do these names have in common?

They all are modern day references to a bold initiative invested in by others, upon which "Black Community Progress" was had.

  • The Pullman Porters - who are immortalized by references seen in the 2nd district where Black rail car attendants in a bygone day.   The Pullman Company, seeking to deliver a certain class of comfort for its passengers in the days of "Jim Crow Segregation" acquired the labor services of a significant number of Black people.  The Pullman Porters used the opportunity for dual purposes:
    • They operated with the consciousness of "first class service" to their customers
    • A workers union lead by A. Phillip Randolph was created as they demanded better pay and working conditions
  • Gary Indiana - a steel town, just outside of Chicago, founded by US Steel as it developed a location for a large steel production plant. With this hearth as the heart of the city - this once under-developed plot of land became a thriving city, attracting many people - including a sizable Black population.   This economic power base turned into a political power base for the "Black Progressive Struggle".  
  • Flint Michigan - very similar to the story from Gary IN.   A town that grew via the presence of the heavy industry, specifically automobile manufacturing.  The two grew strong as the industry grew and saw its fortunes decline as the plant operations waned.
  • "Tuskegee Airmen" - the name Tuskegee was made into a brand based on the efforts of Booker T. Washington who was appointed by the schools founder to lead the development efforts to educate the "Post-Reconstruction Black American", supplying industrial skills so that they can "cast their buckets where they stand" - in the context of withering racial oppression.   From these efforts at building up a sound foundation - when the US military went looking for a regimen of Black pilots - the infrastructure that was in existence - known as "Tuskegee Institute" served as the feeder system for a crew of Black airmen who were available when the opportunity was offered
If the tale of the "Pullman Porters" that of "Slave Wages" showing exploitation  OR the organizing effort that grew out of the "LABOR RELATIONSHIP" with the corporate sponsor?
What happens when only one side remains present on the "ball field"?  
Was your "WIN" really a "WIN"?

QUESTION - WHERE is this same spirit TODAY?  WHERE Are The "Branded Institutions" Through Which "Black Progress" IS CLEARLY Measurable?
(Note: POPULAR OPINION and CONTENTMENT is not PROOF.  TRANSPARENT MEASURE that shows wide-scale evidence of organic development is)

POLITICS and brinkmanship has come to define "The Black Struggle".
To be clear this "Struggle" only encapsulates a small portion of the actual efforts of the "Black rank & file" - which is mostly non-aligned as they focus on their day to day tasks which are focusing upon surviving and thriving.

"The Struggle" is an ideological/ political construct.   TODAY, unlike the past, the agents of "The Struggle" have ELECTIVE POWER over places like Chicago, Gary, Flint, Newark and Philadelphia.

The promise of "Social Justice" that drove the Pullman Porters to organize and leverage their power to control the price of labor to the "consumers of labor" has today been transformed into an unrecognizable facsimile.   Those who lead the marches for "Jobs and Justice" are now THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER in the Mission Accomplished Zone.   They owe their power to the untethered hopes about the future within the rank & file that was organized  into a populist electoral victory.  

This new establishment is very perceptive as they know how their constituents think.
Instead of leaving themselves as the "establishment that is failing to deliver SOCIAL JUSTICE to the masses" and thus become the target of protests - they have adeptly transitioned as the "STRUGGLERS WITH ELECTED SEATS OF POWER" leading the charge against enemies at larger rungs of power.   Those old local protests outside of city hall or the county building now are done by a petition over the Internet or through a delegation who has the benefit to travel to the state capital or Washington DC to let the external RIGHT-WING enemy know how much they are standing in the way of "Black Progressivism".

This is the popular will of the masses of Black people.   The (embedded confidence men) leaders insure that the masses are focused upon the proper "devil" - who just always happens to be an outsider that they must fight against or an insider who has "sold out" as he no longer tows the popular line.

The Eye Has Been Taken Off Of The Prize As Perceptions Of Future Power Has Nullified The Demand To Know: "Where Is My Money At!!!???"

A new class of political opportunism known as "Systematic Racism Chasing" has crowded out much of the demand for ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of the Black community that WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ACHIEVED after the collective Black "Community Development Consciousness" was invested into the American political domain.

At the time when the Black community should have been developing internal TRANSPARENT SYSTEMS OF GOVERNANCE (The Governance Culture) - those who were bent on retaining and aggregating power understood how to ensnare the "Black Consciousness" into progressive fundamentalist politics.

The dangling of RIGHT-WING OFFENSES in front of the face of Black people is the #1 force of nullification of the normal "WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU BEFORE???" spirit of self protection from a confidence scheme.

The knowledge that the creation of an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to "Black people" will work in the very same way that "The War On Terrorism" or "The War Against Japanese Imperialism" did to justify the loss of civil liberties in America.  

The unchecked fusion of "The Black Consciousness" upon the GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION of Gary Indiana, the 2nd District In Chicago or the Atlanta Public Schools - provides cover for the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN to rile up "The Blacks" - as they are made to focus in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

As a result the RIGHT-WING CRITICISM of the "corruption in Chicago" becomes a SUBLIMINAL RACIST REFERENCE.  

Add to it the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes - with unmitigated flow into the "Black Consciousness" per the brand loyalty that MSNBC, Media Matters and their "Black Branded" subsidiaries and you have what we see today:  THE PROJECTION of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - HEAD FIRST into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - the concussions received from this games play, being sufficient to render the community into UNCONSCIOUSNESS as to the state of the GAP between what was promised when they handed over their VALUABLES, where they stand today and how the PROPAGANDA MACHINE can be revved up yet again to ensnare another set of Negroes to get in on the "IPO" that runs in a two year cycle.

The most UNREGULATED SPACE in America is not Wall Street - it is the fortress known as 'The Black Community Consciousness" (about itself) - which is OPEN FOR THE TAKING.  
Those who OFFEND this consciousness SET THE NEGATIVE PRIORITIES on "The Agenda"
Those who feed it WHAT IT WANTS TO HEAR receives the VALUABLES.

The "Valuables" are NOT "The Black Vote" - as this is a province of the government.
The prime valuable that we need to focus upon is the "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" that is necessarily stripped down to its lowest common denominator so that it can be a good "Team Player" with the Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition -used to fight against the forces that OFFEND this fragile being with insecurities that THE FOX AND THE WOLF exploit for their profit.

The best thing is that the majority of the BLACK PRESS OPERATIVES always AGREE WITH "THE PLAN"

A Poster From "Stuff Black People Don't Like" told me "You are stuck in your Malcolm X constructs" (The fox and the wolf).

MY REBUTTAL - PROVE that Malcolm X was WRONG in his analysis of the "Usurpation Of The Negro By ATTACKING him where he is most sensitive (lazy, criminal, stupid) AND "AFFIRMING HIM" where he is most vulnerable (you are a VICTIM and I will help you, its not your fault its the fault of my racist brothers).

I do not push the "Blue Eyed Devil" theory and do not "Hate White People".  I look at how SYSTEMS and PROPAGANDA are expertly used to trigger predictable results and an astounding amount of CONSCIOUS NULLIFICATION of the truth.  Is there a better scheme than to USE A PEOPLE'S OWN HATRED AGAINST THEMSELVES and GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF THEM?   

Isn't this what is happening in "The Congo" regarding their minerals?  After decades of the Black Establishment voices asking the "Corporate Negro" - "Do you think that you are special and that they don't see YOU the same way" - IT IS THEY who can't bring themselves to ask:  "AM I ANY DIFFERENT than the Negro in Africa who did not get on the ship?  Instead of minerals what is being mined right under my feet as I practice political tribalism"? Are the people who I TRUST to monitor my interests - THEMSELVES ON THE TAKE?  Why then do I remain so POOR but so HAPPY after elections and upon listening to "Black Media News Casts" from people who I have invested my trust within?

All thought Malcolm X was ultimately MURDERED by the force that he did not account for: THE EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who are aware of these external forces and USING BLACK PEOPLE for his own advantage.  

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