Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dekalb County GA - From The Days Of Hosea Williams To The DA Seeking The Death Penalty Against Street Pirate Gang Members Who Beat A Victim To Death Beyond Recognition

Every Black Person Is A Product Of His Time

AJC: Dekalb County District Attorney To See The Death Penalty In Killing

From The AJC Article:

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James will for the first time in his tenure seek the death penalty in a murder case.
The county’s top prosecutor has previously stated his reluctance to go after death sentences.
But in the Jan. 8 slaying of Robert Ross, the 46-year-old was beaten beyond recognition during a robbery attempt.
Alleged Bloods gang members Darrius Aderhold, Christopher Foreman and Jonathan Ray are accused of robbing and killing Ross at a Tucker hotel.
“My office is committed to prosecuting these individuals to the fullest extent of the law,” James said in a statement. “This act was senseless and horrible. They took the life of Mr. Ross in a cold and calculated manner. We will hold them accountable for their actions and the crimes they committed.”
The three suspects appear Tuesday before a DeKalb County Superior Court judge for a pretrial hearing.

Unfortunately - Some People NEVER CHANGE

When given the choice of making a SELF-INDICTMENT, for the protection of the Black community or an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT for the satisfaction of the majority of the Black Community - the choice is clear.

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