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Dark Matter Analysis Of Progressive Fundamentalist Media Submissions

This is in no way a defense of the Republican Party. My focus is upon "Progressive Fundamentalism" and the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friend" scheme that serves as the "Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster" that I speak of.

This scheme is so prevalent that it is stunning to see that it has not been called out more.

The problem is that of the two groupings of individuals listening into this scheme:

  • The Republican is placed upon the defensive, and they don't know what is hitting them.  They so frequently stick to dogmatic, right-wing entrenchment that they can't see that they should be callingout "the left" for vacating their positions as the effective rebuttal.  To be clear (and for example) when "The Left" is seen breaking with their "Anti-War" disposition but the (clueless) right-wing still criticizes, saying that the Commander In Chief should have struck faster and used more bombs - "The Left" need only sit back and shut up and then remind their base about WHO they would otherwise be dealing with if they were to lose their pragmatism.
  • The Democrat prefers their base to stay united more than they care about the pathway they traveled to get to this endpoint of unity.   As long as "the other guy" doesn't know how to debate and "the base" has its own views affirmed via the filibuster scheme, nothing other than CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHARACTER (that which you do when you are in a room by yourself) can alter this.
The last line above is the point at which I stand.  
Until the Black Community sees the damage that is being done to the "Community Governance Culture" as it becomes clear the in "unity enforcement" - the ESTABLISHMENT POWER benefits from the silence that comes along with this commitment.  

In fact the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" scheme is but a tactic in the "Congregational Unity" product.   It affirms what one already believes about the enemy.   
More importantly, though, it JUSTIFIES the obfuscation away from the necessary "introspection" that is needed to deliver the long term, corrective infrastructure. 

I don't blame the obfuscators.
The main responsibility must be placed upon the "rank & file" who know that they have not received the grand return on investment but they also have not developed a managerial/systematic means of defending themselves from the "Embedded Confidence Men" forces that know HOW they think and what they want to hear.

MatterDark Matter

John Avalon  - Republican US Rep Tim Scott would be a good choice as a US Senator From South Carolina.  Let me tell you about his detestible conservative record but how the appointment of a Black man from a Confederate State would prove that the Republicans are still racist, but just not as much.

Does Anyone Believe That John Avalon Could Be Made To Believe That The Condition Of "Mission Accomplished Cities" IS NOT Evidence That MORE NATIONALIZED STRUCTURAL REFORMS And "Social Justice" Is Required To Achieve A Fix But Instead A Defect In PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM That Dominates These Places Is What Is Due?

When I read an article that is framed as John Avalon framed the history of South Carolina and the relationship between Republican Party and "The Blacks" I always wonder if such a person could bring themselves to look at the complementary point:

  • Beyond what Black people are OFFENDED BY - What about the forces that Black people ENDORSE - handing over their VALUABLES to, but who ultimately did not produce?
  • Will an urban killing field EVER be seen as EQUAL to a "Klan County From 1950" - in the mind of John Avalon?
  • What should we make of the fact that John Avalon's article archive has NOTHING about the fall of "Jesse Jackson Jr" - due to corruption charges - this same blackout of ANALYSIS that charges a grand betrayal of Black people's confidence  that no other "Black Journalist" bothered to mention.  They saw Rep Allen West's ouster as more news worthy.
The grand irony of Mr Avalon's account of history is that he believes it to be a coup if the Southern Republican party would appoint a bonified BLACK Conservative Republican into the US Senate.   Mr Scotts RACE and the related symbolism seemed to surmount the repudiation that Avalon has for conservatism - and boy did he itemize his concerns in this article.  

I wonder why Mr Avalon's family moved to Charleston South Carolina and not North Philadelphia or the Hill District In Pittsburgh - two places that Tim Scott the Black Conservative could never get elected?

  • Is There Any Chance That Anyone Will Here Lawrence O'Donnell Demanding That Progressives APOLOGIZE For Taking Over All Of The Seats Of Power In "Mission Accomplished Cities", Imposing Their Priorities & Theories But Ultimately FAILING TO DEVELOP THE LEAST OF THESE?
  • Is There Any Chance That Anyone Will Ever Hear Lawrence O'Donnell Standing Up To DEFEND "The Least Of These" From TEAMING WITH Progressives BEFORE Making A Deal By Which Their VALUABLES Are Contributed To DEVELOP ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN THEM, THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS AT PLAY, But NOT JUST TO FIGHT THE RIGHT WING.   O'Donnell Notes:  "In As Much As There Is No RIGHT-WING THREAT In Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Gary Or Atlanta - WE NEED TO BE HONEST As We Note That The ABSENCE OF OUR COMMON ENEMY, AS PROGRESSIVES, Can No Longer Be Evidence Of VICTORY If We "Win".  I am committed to developing people - even if this means putting THE ESTABLISHMENT ON TRIAL when "WE" are in power. "
Maureen Dowd:  The GOP's Days Are Numbered - As The Mayans Predicted

Does anyone believe that NY Times opinion writer Maureen Dowd saw the news about the condition of Black & Hispanic students that was detailed recently in:

  • The Schott Foundation Report - which labeled her home state of New York as a "Red State" because of their unsatisfactory graduation rates?
  • A recent "PBS" episode of "Independent Lens" that focused upon the wealth that is concentrated in a Manhattan high rise (including David Koch who lives there) and then they travel a few miles away to a location where "inner city kids" are starved of educational funding
When these conditions are brought to the awareness of Progressives the call for a "policy" and "priority" change in America to show that the nation values the lives of those who have been shut out of the closed quarters of the economy and society are made.

The point that I am attempting to communicate is that when it comes to "Progressive Theory and Indictments" - "They don't need to have to outrun a bear - they just need to run faster than their conservative camping partner" They do not need to prove that they care about 'THe Least Of These' - by yielding their own valuables to the point of self-induced poverty.  They ONLY need to support "confiscation and sharing" of private income and wealth - in the face of right-wing opposition.

The Gays Support Mayor Cory Booker's Run For Governor As They Are Not Pissed That He Directly Laid Off More Municipal Services Worker Union Employees Than Did Republican Governor Scott Walker - Who "The Gays" Supported A Recall Election Out Of Solidarity With The Progressive Coalition 

When it comes to "Justice" (the legal system type of "justice") those who are most critical of our present system point to the "Cross-District" unpredictability in judicial outcomes as proof of:

  • Racism
  • Bigotry
  • Injustice
Please understand that POLITICS is merely "Organized Fraud" - in my view.  You merely need to get more of "Your People" to stuff more ballots into the box than "The Other Guy".

In my study of "Progressive Fundamentalism" I see that each of the component groups have their "special interest" to promote.  In their own way they are fighting against "The ESTABLISHMENT".

They "pick your pocket" by engineering an INDICTMENT:
  • "Why are you against MARRIAGE EQUALITY?"
  • "Why are you opposed to women being equal?  Is it because you have not yet stopped beating your wife?"
It is their art of DISASSEMBLING the "Establishment Power" upon multiple fronts that allows them to justify WHY, for example - with Newark New Jersey being functionally bankrupt and thus unable to retain the "standard of living" that the large municipal staff would upkeep, had to lay off hundreds of workers, BUT when it came to PUNISHING the political laders who handed out the pink slips - their names are not listed in the "Austerity Cut Hit List" that hangs on the walls of Progressive Operatives.

Please understand:
  • When a conservative makes "austerity cuts" they are using their dogmatic economic theories that plunge more people onto the unemployment rolls, thus producing a multiplier effect of economic malaise.  They need to be removed from office.
  • When a progressive votes to purge workers - it is because the STATE or FEDERAL government is full of "Right-Wing Forces" that failed to connect with the plight of the lower rungs of government, damaged by the "Bush Economic Policies" and thus they need to be PROMOTED up the ranks of power in this nation - so that the progressives will have a stronger base of leverage against the RIGHT WING
Those who appear on the corrupt political media operations are given a brief segment to wage a verbal jab at their opponent.  In the spirit of "games play" we rarely get to hear full ideas developed where such "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" schemes are analyzed for the damage done to the constituencies that were lulled into going along.

What about the condition of Newark should serve as a resume "plus" for Cory Booker - when it was THE MACHINE that he is apart of that rode the city on the decline?  

Is Booker distinct from Sharpe James despite the fact that they are party mates, ideological soulmates - except the present mayor has determined that the city can no longer afford the "Jobs Program" that the MACHINE had constructed?

The most effective means of reubutting the Progressive Fundamentalists is to ASSEMBLE their disaggregated quest for "Social Justice", deinying them their ability to perform "Establishment Power Repudation" forcing them to accept their role as "The Establishment Power" that FAILED TO DELIVER "SOCIAL JUSTICE" to the least of these.

Focus on "The Valuables" they hold form "The Least Of These" and note the lack of a "consumer rights" movement......against THEMSELVES.

Those who drive for "Marriage Equality" among homosexuals are now using "Discrimination Of Government Benefits" as their angle of attack.

In an ironic twist, long term, the eroded condition of ORGANIC ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY in population centers like Newark - will only make this fiat economy that we are living within even more vulnerable to the "Grand Collapse".

The challenge is to force the Progressive Fundamentalist to PROVE that  the ESTABLISHMENT that they are building can, in fact, DEVELOP PEOPLE and not just provide them with "Consumer Social Justice".  
We all know that a poor person who obtains education, gets married and then uses this stabillity to obtain gainful employment can effectively lift their family out of poverty.   While the progressives want you to focus on "The Gays" who are not allowed to share in their partner's retirement (or inheritance benefits) - it would be wise for you to look at the FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR more expansive number of HETEROSEXUAL couples who live within the PROGRESSIVE CULTURAL  ESTABLISHMENT but who don't choose to get married - and thus they have the "rights" that a gay couple is limited to.

Their theories are incompetent at compelling "The Least Of These" to do what is necessary to support their own uplift (other than VOTING FOR THEIR SALVATION).

Table Cell Table Cell

My personal belief (and hope) is that the "Republican Party" - the proverbial "White Party" needs to be made into a marginal/regional party - allowing the "Progressive Fundamentalist Establishment" to take control.

I have noted before:  "Progressivism is INORGANIC".   Instead of having the competence to DELIVER "SOCIAL JUSTICE" to the "Least Of These" THROUGH the institutions that it becomes the "Establishment Power" over, channeling the HOPES, DREAMS, HATRED and VOTES from "The Least Of These" into a political power movement - it needs to find an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT upon a RIGHT-WING force to generate unity through the guise of "Justice", "Rights", and "Opportunity".

Its not that they ever have to PRODUCE these desired goals.   They only need to dangle them in front of the aggrieved masses.

Lucky for them that the fail to develop the "governing culture" within the base of their congregation which would provide them with the confidence to see through the "hamster wheel" scenario that they have been placed within for the proposes of political opportunism. 

Go into the lower rungs of the "political architecture" that they are constructing (local/county/state/national) and you will see that they need to produce the "HOPE Forward" scheme to evade the questions of their DEVELOPMENT COMPETENCIES otherwise.  

TIME and DIMENSION are vital tools.

The notion that in the "future" (time)  the masses will receive the economic and social "social justice" that they have been denied in the past proves the necessary NEGATION of the normal "appraisal and punishment" for failing to grow the "investment" of a contributor.  

The dimension aspect comes from the need to fuse the individual faction in the coalition toward a common goal: "Fighting Against The Right-Wing Threat".   IT DOESN'T MATTER, IN FACT, IF there is a rational "Right Wing Threat".   Like the psychological issue of "Hypochondria" -  their ailment defines their persona.  

  • Is there a "Racist Dog Whistle"?  It is the INAUDIBLE TONE that compelled the "Civil Rights Pharisees" to not make the POVERTY that they still experience - 50 years into the "Voting For Your Salvation" investment scheme a DEAL BREAKER in the recent national election - against those who have already "Gotten The Valuables" from Black people.  Worse this notion has JUSTIFIED the recent corruption of almost ever 'Black (political) organization" because of an existential racial threat.  
  • Is there a "War On Women"?   Go to Mexico and see it or some war story out of Africa.  

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