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Dark Matter Analysis Applied To Dr Adolph Reed's Arguments

In The World Of Prof Reed - Not Only Did This Incident Where The FACE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE Was Burned In Effigy To Protest Against US Government Actions In Their Lands - HE And Those Who Think Like Him Would Be Satisfied If MSNBC And The NY Times Discovered That American Right-Wing Evangelicals Sold These "People Of Color" Around The World The Lighter Fluid And Thus THIS Is Enough Of A Link For Them To Dismiss These Global Protests As Having Been Initiated By WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISTS Who Hate Obama.
They Can't See That In THEIR THOUGHTS - These People Of Color Have Been INFERIORIZED So That Their Vicarious Living Via The "Commander In Chief" Is Not Disturbed By Reality. 
The ONLY Problem That I Have With Prof Reed Is That NO NEGRO Or Member Of The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Will Come Forward And Assign The Appropriate PROPORTIONALITY Of POWER Between Tim Scott Vs President Obama And The Rest Of The Elected Progressives That Have Captured "The Black Struggle", Fusing It Into THEIR Agenda, Knowing Fully That In The Present Consciousness "The Americanized Black" Makes Reference To OPPRESSION AND RACISM For The Benefit Of The Democratic Party's VICTORY More Than He Thinks About Organic Development Of Black People - Especially Those Who Are Not Within The Borders Of America Where They Can Hope To Receive "Social Justice" If They Keep Voting Hard Enough
All Of The Emperor's Clothing Has Been Provided By The Diverse Progressive Joint Venture - Right Off Of Their Own Backs - Because They See The Greater Utility In Defending His Efforts Than Protecting Their Own Integrity.

Though They "Self-Convince Themselves" That They Are Protecting Him From Exposure Of The Right-Wing Forces Of Corrosion - The TRUTH Is That Since THEY See Him Wearing THEIR CLOTHING They Understand That Any Mud That They Throw At Him In Protest Over The Actions Of The US Government - JUST AS THEY USED TO DO - Would Ultimately Require Them To Bear The Cost Of The Dry Cleaning Bill

Since Their Ultimate Goal Is To Retain The State Of "Appeasement In Struggle" Of Their Diverse Progressive Joint Venture - There Is Little Interest In Protecting The Integrity Of The Progressive Fundamentalist Movement By Preventing The Compromises That Ultimately ONLY THEY Would Have To Report To "Themselves", Thus Upsetting Themselves In The Process

These are the "Best And Brightest" of the "Negro Progressive Intellectuals" - given tenure at elite schools, access to the New York Times & Washington Post - but who have yet to breach the last remaining evidence of White Progressive bigotry that is indexed by the measure of Black Progressive investment support:  A PERMANENT PRIMETIME HOSTING SPOT on MSNBC and Current TV.

Prof Reed's arguments require the affirmation of fellow Progressive bigotry to make sense.

NY Times:  The Puzzle Of Black Republicans By Prof Adolph Reed

Before I apply the "Dark Matter Analysis" - I must say that I agree that "Republicans who are Black" are puzzling to me - in a certain context.  Prof Reed's ideological bigotry prevents him from seeing that there are two types of "Republicans who are Black"

  • The "Powell/Steele/Watts/McAllister/Jackson" wing of the Black GOP - who are seen articulating how their party must change in order to be more acceptable to more Black Progressives - BUT who don't seem to understand that the Progressive Fundamentalists who frequently invite them to their shows often USE their arguments to affirm why "The Blacks" are channeling their racial struggle through the Democratic Party and thus they need a "resident right-wing evil" in order to place 'The Blacks' on a racially defensive posture
  • The "West/Cain/Thomas" wing of the Black GOP.  Their main constituency are REPUBLICANS.  They focus in upon fighting against the Ideological Donkey.  
The Puzzle that I have as it relates to "Republicans Who Are Black" that attempt to sell the Republican party as the gateway to solving the Black community's problems is that they can't see that the Black community and its present "Regulatory Capture" has their Republican party as the primary antagonist to Black development.   As such the "Powell/Steele/Watts/McAllister/Jackson" wing spends most of their time telling the GOP what they need to do to change to make it more appealing to "The Blacks".   They seem incompetent at noting that "the Democratic Party has all of the valuables of Black America, but instead of 'SAVING' us - they spend more time "Keeping Their Enemy On Trial So They Don't Have To Indict Their Friends In Power".    As such BOTH the Democrat and the Republican - allowed free access to the "Black Community Conscious Nucleus" is a THREAT TO BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT as the operatives are going to do the "Fatal Fusion":  Use the knowledge of how Black people think and what we are aggrieved about for PURELY POLITICAL GAINS - as the Black Struggle is channeled into American politics for marginal gains.   

The damage is seen when we see specimen like Detroit, Newark or Memphis where the results suffered BY the Black community after 50 years of investment of our valuables IS NOT CALLED OUT  but instead the Embedded Confidence Men converge on a comprehensive talking point by which the machine in power which failed the people are now PROTECTING the people (the city powers) from FORECLOSURE!!!!     No one will remember that these same Embedded Confidence Men mandated that the municipal bond traders who sold the debt of the city into the financial markets BE BLACK - just like the constituents of the city.  Today the embedded confidence men tell us that the 'White bankers' are the threat.   None of the Embedded Confidence men risk being fired as they are the ONLY force that remains standing tall through success or failure of the Black community.  They ALSO just happen to be the brokering force - the one that controls the MESSAGING that is trained upon the Black community. 

Unless we dismantle the notion that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has a primary interest in DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE but instead are merely USING the condition of Black people to advance their Progressive Fundamentalism - then the attacks made on this super minority will go on unchallenged.   The primary reason for Prof Reed's attack and many prior attacks from other Progressive Fundamentalist voices is the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" that he seeks to retain in defense of the establishment power.

If Prof Reed were to exit his office at the University Of Pennsylvania, walk up to Market Street and then go north on 52th street, winding his way into the West Philly community that the angry protesters told Republican Mitt Romney to to take a "Poverty Tour" - he would be forced to question many of his basic assumptions that have gone unchallenged as to the real agenda of the Black Racial Services Machine as it relates to the development of Black people.  Their primary goal is only "congregational unity" - to ensure that "Black grievances" are bundled up for the profits of the Democratic Party and progressivism. 

Matter - The Arguments Of Prof Reed
Dark Matter

Constructive Feedback University - The More SUBSTANTIVE Points That You Are Not Going To Hear From A Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser
WHEN Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina announced on Monday that she would nameRepresentative Tim Scott to the Senate, it seemed like another milestone for African-Americans. Mr. Scott will replace Senator Jim DeMint, who is leaving to run Heritage Foundation. He will be the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction; the first black Republican senator since 1979, whenEdward W. Brooke of Massachusetts retired; and, indeed, only the seventh African-American ever to serve in the chamber.


Prof Reed is living within a city who's hallmark is that the Black Racial Services Machine SET MILE MARKERS for "Black Political Achievement" only to stand upon the marker and SELL THE STRUGGLE FORWARD - rather than showing the least bit of transparency as they detailed to Black people the VICTORY that was had.

  • The First Black Mayor burned down 2 blocks of houses within a Black community in Southwest Philadelphia, while Mumia Abu Jamal is heard talking more about Police Chief/ Mayor Rizzo's "racism"
  • After the school board achieved "Mission Accomplished" status as a diverse set of favorable progressives took over - the school system failed to meet the performance goals and was subjected to a state take over.
  • Today Philadelphia PA has taken over Philadelphia Mississippi as a place where the safety of Black people cannot be assured by the police authorities
You are NOT GOING TO HEAR ABOUT the "confidence scheme" that has been played upon Black Americans BY people who think like Prof Reed.   They confuse what is POPULAR with Black people via the Prevailing Progressive Political Consciousness with what is EFFECTIVE at developing Black people.

Prof Reed - like many others assume that ALL BLACK PEOPLE see the RIGHT-WING as the SUPERME THREAT to Black people when, in truth they are ONLY a threat to the PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST.  
The real problem is that PROGRESSIVISM has subsummed "Black Community Consciousness" today.

But this “first black” rhetoric tends to interpret African-American political successes — including that of President Obama — as part of a morality play that dramatizes “how far we have come.” It obscures the fact that modern black Republicans have been more tokens than signs of progress.Did you get the license plate of that truck that just drove through the sports bar - or am I just drunk?

If I told you that THERE IS NO published document from Prof Reed that inspects COMMANDER IN CHIEF OBAMA in the same way that he inspects the future Senator Tim Scott - would you be surprised?

The ironic point is that the "Inferiorization Of The Black Progressive With POWER" as a VICTIM OF RIGTH-WING RACISM has a twin brother:

The SUPERIORIZATION of the "Free Ranged Negro" - the Black Republican - giving him POWER that he could only wish he had.

In truth his covorting with the ENEMY makes him worthly of all of the mud and feces that is thrown at him.

OH YOU THOUGTH that Prof Reed included President Obama in the reference BECAUSE he believes that his two elections represent a "false - How Far We've Come".

The fraud of Prof Reed's position is that HE KNOWS that if he plugged Commander In Chief Obama into this article he would receive a beat down similar to what "Tavis Smiley" has received from the Black Progressive Fundamentalists.

I love the "Jedi Mind Trick" used in the enlarged text.  Instead of documenting the PROGRESS that has gone along with the VALUABLES that the Black community has invested in the Democratic Party - Prof Reed understands that his students would prefer to talk about the handful of Black Republicans and how damaging they have been to the "Progress of the Black Community".

It is more accurate to say that they have been more UPSETTING to the Black Progressive Fundamentalist Bigots than they have the POWER to do any real damage.

But wait - didn't he say that WHITE DISTRICTS elected the Black Republicans????

The cheerleading over racial symbolism plays to the Republicans’ desperate need to woo (or at least appear to woo) minority voters, who favored Mr. Obama over Mitt Romney by huge margins. Mrs. Haley — a daughter of Sikh immigrants from Punjab, India — is the first female and first nonwhite governor of South Carolina, the home to white supremacists like John C. Calhoun, Preston S. Brooks, Ben Tillman and Strom Thurmond. When I tell you that it would be better for the long term interests of Black people IF the GOP shrinks into a marginal regional power, look no further than the line of reasoning to the left.

Prof Reed assumes that the #1 goal of the GOP should be to attempt to ingratiate themselves to "Minorities".

He lacks the intellectual curiocity to look at the forces who ARE INGRATIATED to "The Blacks" and "The Hispanics" and if the valuables contributed to this cause has produced sufficient return on investment.

We should note that with Prof Reed's list of WHITE BIGOTS he assigns STATE MEMBERSHIP rather than PARTY MEMBERSHIP because he knows that all of these people were Democrats at one time in their careers.

His agenda is to indict conservatism and not the Democratic Party.

Mr. Scott’s background is also striking: raised by a poor single mother, he defeated, with Tea Party backing, two white men in a 2010 Republican primary: a son of Thurmond and a son of former Gov.Carroll A. Campbell Jr. But his politics, like those of the archconservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, are utterly at odds with the preferences of most black Americans. Mr. Scott has been staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion. If I had one "Christmas Gift" to come true - it would be the removal of the tendency of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist to conclude that THEY OWN the "Best Interests Of The Black Community" BECAUSE they have a LARGE CONGREGATION that affirms this opinion.

When we shift from "Populism" over to "Measure of EFFECTIVENESS" in obtaining actual Permanent Interests for Black people - through the institutions that they now control - we see a gross corruption of the Black Community governance -which has a vested interest in protecting its valuables from usurpation.

  • The Mission Accomplished Zones don't have a problem with ANTI-TAX.  They have failed to develop and sustain their TAX BASE - allowing the base to live up to their desired standard of living
  • The most Anti-Union environment that one can produce is when the MARKETPLACE that is generated fails to sustain the "Consumers Of Labor" who agree to the union's terms.  A record number of UNION people have now moved out of Gary Indiana , many of them now living in Right-To Work States.
  • Anti-Abortion - I will now introduce a graphic that I thought of upon sitting with a group of Black mothers during a recent outing:

Even if the Republicans managed to distance themselves from the thinly veiled racism of the Tea Party adherents who have moved the party rightward, they wouldn’t do much better among black voters than they do now. I suspect that appointments like Mr. Scott’s are directed less at blacks — whom they know they aren’t going to win in any significant numbers — than at whites who are inclined to vote Republican but don’t want to have to think of themselves, or be thought of by others, as racist. Tales of the Tea Party's RACISM in blocking President Obama's agenda has motivated more Black Progressives to defend the actions of the US Government and President Obama - than Commander In Chief Obama's use of the US Military and CIA in "Nations Of Color" has triggered Black Progressives to stand AGAINST the actions of the UNITED STATE GOVERNMENT that they would have previously been protesting.

I credit Prof Reed as a long line of "Black Community Consious Attention Filibuster" operators for producing such effective results for their agenda.

The Black Unemployment Epicenters 

IF the molestation of Black people's Permanent Interests has NOT driven "The Blacks" away from their Progressive Leadership and the Democratic Party - SURELY the Republican Party that has purged itself of "RACIST TEA PARTY operatives" is NOT going to do the trick.


Just as white Southern Democrats once used cynical manipulations — poll taxes, grandfather clauses, literacy tests — to get around the 15th Amendment, so modern-day Republicans have deployed blacks to undermine black interests, as when President Ronald Reagan namedSamuel R. Pierce Jr. to weaken the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Clarence M. Pendleton to enfeeble the Commission on Civil Rights and Clarence Thomas to enervate the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I will not do a transactional rebuttal of Prof Reed's arguments.

MY REBUTTAL is simple:


Again - I challenge Professor Reed to take a walk Westard or Northward in Philadelphia.


Over the course of history, racial alignments have shifted radically. The Democrats were the party of white supremacy until the New Deal. The Republicans were a party of relative, if feeble, support for civil rights until the 1950s. The tables have completely turned. No Republican presidential nominee has won the black vote since 1936. All four black Republicans who have served in the House since the Reagan era — Gary A. Franks in Connecticut, J. C. Watts Jr. in Oklahoma, Allen B. West in Florida and Mr. Scott — were elected from majority-white districts. NORMALLY we would be looking at:

  1. The pills that YOU DID ingest that promised to cure your ailment
  2. The mutual funds that YOU DID invest in because the investment advisers told you that they were GROWTH FUNDS
But for some strange reason when it comes to the INVESTMENT OF THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS - we hear more about how the RIGHT-WING ENEMY proves too OFFENSIVE for any "Black In Good Standing" to even think about investing their ballots.

While Prof Reed takes us on a history tour of party positioning - he can't see the key distinction from the Black perspective.

  • During the days of Fannie Lou Hamer - Ms Hamer went into a den of WHITE BIGOTRY to demand official recognition by the Democratic Party.  She understood that Black people in Mississippi needed political representation and that the Democratic Party was the only game in town at that time.
  • TODAY - the Black Rank & File has the "Black Racial Services Machine" overlay - THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED in making the "GOP DIVERSE".  They are more interested in making the GOP PROGRESSIVE!!!!
If there was JUSTICE in this world a force from within the Black community would challenge them on their fraudulent usupration of the "Black Community Development Consciousness", demanding that they prove that POLITICS is the domain through which Black people will receive our "Community Salvation".  
Telling us WHY we should look to government for anything more than the actions in line with policing, sewer and trash pick up.  (Note: This is not my attempt to define the exact limits of government.  It is a rhetorical demand that they show why we should expect our DEVELOPMENT as a people to come from legislative ends - that are always in the company of other people who they admit have no interest in supporting Black people.)

They understand that the very worst situation for their consciousness to find themselves in is ALONE - being forced to produce the desired ends THROUGH the institutions that they now control.  In other words PRODUCING the social justice that they seek from other. 

In This "Killing Field" For Black People Known As "The Old Fourth Ward" (Atlanta) - NO ONE Thought About The Irony Of Plastering The Picture Of A Man Who's Claim To Fame Was That He PROTECTED THE BLACK COMMUNITY FROM ASSAULT FROM RACIAL BIGOTS.............
Today As Black People Are Assaulted In The "Old Fourth Ward" It Is NOT Due To RACISM But The Fact That The STREET PIRATE Who Did The Assault Was Never Taught To "Give A Damn" Because His Mentors In The Community Were Off Fighting RACISM In Some Other Community, As An Attestation To What They VALUE As A SUPERIOR Interest. 

There is little that connects these men to mainstream black politics or to the country’s first two black senators, Hiram R. Revels and Blanche K. Bruce, who were elected (by the Mississippi State Senate) during Reconstruction, that extraordinary and brief moment of African-American political empowerment after the Civil War destroyed chattel slavery. (Jesus Please Help This Man)

If I told you that Prof Reed was PLEASED when Black Progressive Fundamentalist jouranlist Ta-Nehesi Coates stitched together this collage of Black Civil Rights Heros - would it suprise you that HE NEVER THOUGH that:  The ONLY connection between Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Commander In Chief Barack Obama is that THE NAACP believed that BOTH OF THEM WERE PLEASING TO THEIR ORGANIZATION - would you be surprised.

(With all due respect - I am reluctantly including Jesse Jackson Sr in on my model of distinction with Obama - but just tentatively)

  • None of these others held an ELECTIVE POSITION in the US Government
  • All of them primarily FOUGHT AGAINST the Government as it had been COMPROMISED in support of the oppression of Black people
Thus we must conclude that it is NOT the "CONNECTEDNESS WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY" that matters the most - Prof Reed understands that HE is apart of the panel that DEFINES what is acceptable to the Black community.  

We must set up a TRANSPARENT MEASURE for THE DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE and evaluate Obama AND the "Black Racial Services Machine" as operatives who have stood up an AGENDA but who still need to be REGULATED in protection of the Black Rank & File.

YOU ALL WILL NEVER KNOW how much I wish the LAMPBLACKED YELLOW JOURNALIST PRESS would do MUCKRAKING against "Favorable People With Power" IN DEFENSE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - just as Prof Reed is doing against the "Free Range Negro" Black Republicans.

Instead they serve as MARKETING AGENTS for the Favorable People In Power TO the Black Community.  They ask that Black people not lose sight in the fight against the RIGHT WING by getting down on the Black Progressive leadership.

Unfortunately what used to be at the municipal level has now scaled into anational protection racket. 
Not until the Great Migration of blacks to Northern cities between the two world wars were they again capable of electing candidates of their choosing. In the South, blacks began to register to vote in substantial numbers only after the Supreme Court overturned the “white primary,” which had allowed Southern Democrats to exclude blacks by defining the party as a private club, in 1944. The Voting Rights Act in 1965 turned the trickle of black politicians into a flood. You will be disappointed if you were expecting Prof Reed to tell of TODAY'S migration of Black people out of the "Mission Accomplished Cities" after the main force that attracted them into these cities evaporated: JOBS

In the world of Prof Reed those who stand on the side of "The Living Wage" are friends of the Black agenda EVEN IF they use this charge to rise to power yet retain a double digit Black unemployment rate - all the while failing to develop our people via the academic institutions that they control.

One Day Prof Reed Will Join With Isabel Wilkerson To Do The "Black Exodus Out Of Mission Accomplished Cities Back To The South To Help Turn Red States Blue"

The Black Migration That Is Documented In The 2010 Census Has Far More Credibility Than Does Prof Reed Regarding "Negro Affairs And Interests".

The Census Is A THIRD PARTY MEASUREMENT TOOL That Can Effectively Get Past The False Front Of What Is POPULAR With Black Progressives.  They Value JOBS Over Protecting The Progressive Municipal Leadership From Attacks By The State Republicans.

But the increase in representation has been a mixed blessing. Redistricting and gerrymandering have produced “safe” seats for black politicians across the South but have also concentrated black votes in black districts, giving white Republicans a lock. (As The New York Times reported, House Democratic candidates won about 50.5 percent of the national vote last month but only 46 percent of the seats; in North Carolina, they won 51 percent of the vote but only 27 percent of the seats.) This is astounding analysis!!!

Though "safe Black elected officials" like Rep Chaka Fahtah and Rep John Lewis preside over large pockets of Black poverty that stems from the failed BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EFFORT - they have no concern about losing their seats to those who demand "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You?"

The same New York Times published an article that said that President Obama lost about 5% of support in 2008 due to RACISM has now created a fraudulent statistic on the number of VOTES received by party in the US Congress.

In the past the Black Progressive Fundamentalist saw "White People" in the US Senate and asked "Why are there no Black people in the upper house of Congress"?   (Note - even with Obama as President having been promoted from the Senate they asked this question).

The FACT is that there are 100 state-wide elections that span the 6 year period of time in which 3 groups of US Senators must run for reelection.

I would be impressed if Prof Reed look past the RED SOUTH and into the Blue states and asked them to prove "If NOT RACISM - how else do you explain the fact that only a Republican state has a Black person representing them in the US Senate?   IF you don't give us a satisfactory answer - we Blacks will CONTINUE TO VOTE HARDER FOR THE DEMOCRATS in order to counter the threat that the Black man - Tim Scott represents in the US Senate."

For Mr. Scott, the true test will come in 2014, when he will have to run to complete the final two years of Mr. DeMint’s term. (If Mr. Scott wins, he’d have to run again, in 2016, for a full six-year term.) As Mr. Obama has shown, the question is not whether whites are willing to vote for a black candidate, but whether black candidates can put together winning coalitions (no matter their racial makeup) and around what policies. I suspect black South Carolinians will not be drawn to Mr. Scott. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) faces a conundrum from the perspective of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist Bigot - but which is INVERSE with that of President Obama:

  • IF Senator Tim Scott LOSES this first election that he will stand for in 2016 it will be due to RACISM - thus the Black Progressive would have his views AFFIRMED about the RACISM of the Right-Wing Opposition
  • BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If The BLACK MAN named Tim Scott of South Carolina gets the majority of the REPUBLICAN VOTE in 2016 - BUT loses the BLACK VOTE IN SOUTH CAROLINA - it will not be due to BIGOTRY among Black people - but more clarity in what BLACK PEOPLE PREFER in their REPRESENTATION - according to Prof Reed

The brilliance of Prof Reed is that he won't ever be tasked to go into the Mission Accomplished Cities - make note of the condition of Black people per the institutions that are in favorable hands and then tell all of us who are interested "WHAT FORCE IS CAUSING THESE CONDITIONS TO REMAIN?".

We already know that he is going to say the external force of WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISM. 

The trope of the black conservative has retained a man-bites-dog newsworthiness that is long past its shelf life. Clich├ęs about fallen barriers are increasingly meaningless; symbols don’t make for coherent policies. Republicans will not gain significant black support unless they take policy positions that advance black interests. No number of Tim Scotts — or other cynical tokens — will change that.

Adolph L. Reed Jr. is a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania.
Prof Reed - I have changed my mind.
Instead of walking WEST or NORTH from your offices at the University Of Pennsylvania - I ask you to go EASTBOUND - down to Philadelphia City Hall.

IF you can use the terms:

  • Newsworthiness
  • Shelf-Life 
  • Fallen Barriers
  • Meaningless Symbols 
to the GROUP OF PEOPLE who enjoy the support of Black people DESPITE the condition of so many neighborhoods in the City of Philadelphia - I will assign a bit of academic merit to your work.

When I was in my birth city of Philadelphia a few months ago I saw all of the COLORFUL MURALS  and concluded that no "Cynical Tokens" will CHANGE the condition of the people - but they have done an effective job at keeping the graffitti off of the walls.

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