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CSU Psychology Studies: WAOK Part II: "County School Systems Are Losing Their Accreditation Because People Can't Work Together"

The guest host on the "Mo Ivory Show" talked about how elected officials can't get along and how it harms the interests of the people.

She made a glancing reference to the various county school systems in metro Atlanta who have lost their accreditation as an example of how personal and ideological squabbles harm the public interests.

Most people would accept this claim, disarm and say "OK let's work together".
Being in metro Atlanta allows me to disassemble that argument.

  • Dekalb County GA School System - Probation
  • Clayton County GA School System - Lost Accreditation and got it restored
  • Atlanta Public Schools - Probation

Let me say in passing that all of these school systems are lead by 100% Democrats or a monopoly majority. AGAIN - this is not the centerpiece of my argument.

The talkshow guest went on to enumerate how President Obama's policies and theories match her own and thus she voted for him, and in turn was strongly opposed to President Bush.  Point well taken.

HOWEVER - when he look at the SYSTEM and how it is true that all three of these problem plagued school systems had individuals just like her, VOTING for what was appealing to them as the proper course to obtain QUALITY EDUCATION for (Black) children - the results, in aggregate do not bear this out.

I have been saying incessantly what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the "Best Interests Of The Black Community" cannot, in and of itself, be confirmed as the EFFECTIVE MEANS of producing these desired ends.

When a person, like the radio host starts out with the notion:  
  • My (progressive) views are correct
  • I am open minded enough to receiving information about a better way of doing it and I will change upon seeing it
  • NO ONE HAS CONVINCED ME YET so I keep investing my valuables.
BUT WAIT!    Why aren't the failures that you just referenced evidence that you are not correct in your assumptions?   
When the "Mission Accomplished State" is achieved in a metro-area like Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago - those who are entrenched in their beliefs merely "Expand The Police Tape Outward" - finding the RIGHT WING enemy who is made into the "External Variable" that must be defeated before this "social justice" end can be achieved.

The radio host - who I am not sure if she actually lives in metro-Atlanta fails to mention the powerful force of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" that have a strong influence upon the way things work in Atlanta.

Take the model that I mentioned above about the "Mission Accomplished" school systems, municipal governments (executive, legislative, police and judicial) and then note the RESULTS that I mentioned.  Just because "Black people have been failed" DOES NOT mean that those "favorable people in power" will be protested against.

The "Civil Rights Pharisees" are the force that define "good and evil" (ie: are Black people to be OFFENDED by the actions of the government OR is there a away to generate a "Struggle Motion" against the external right-wing Republicans?).

In recent years the "Civil Rights Pharisees" have conducted more legal and protest action against majority White (Republican controlled ) school systems than they have shown willingness to defend the interests of the parents and students who voted for the school board in the "Mission Accomplished" systems listed above. 

It is not the presence of PROTESTS against their friends in power that would show proof of their even handedness.  My test for their transparency would be for them to identify a model for good governance, lean upon their friends to implement it, clearly communicate to the adults in the community their role in achieving academic success and then measure the results   Affirm what works and throw out what has failed- firing some people in the process. This includes their own recusal.

Instead we have the notion of "Sharing The Poverty" with the White school systems as the new name for "school busing" - because "racial integration" has fallen into disfavor.  Shamefully only "poor Blacks" are in mind when they talk about the "shared resource" that will get on the bus each morning. 

"The Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice Scheme"

The radio host's model of "Work together" did not mention if SHE AGREED with the findings from the "Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools" on their probation/ loss of accreditation.   While it is true that in all 3 cases the "dysfunctional school board" and/or sloppy governance was the reason sited for the sanction - the CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES ran a "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" play in which they PUT THE JUDGE (the system) on trial and deemed the "defendant" a VICTIM (of SACS).

The fact that only "Black school systems" seem to get in trouble with SACS was proof of their RACISM.  The notion that the ANTICS that are allowed among the system leadership that was elected by the parents - who are influenced by the Civil Rights Pharisees was never considered as part of the problem.  

This is how the promise of "Salvation Through Voting" is squandered within the Black community.   The rational shift from "Once We Get Favorable People Into Power We Will Prosper" over to "OUR VOICES Are Represented By The People In Power.  We Must PROTECT THEM From This Attack Upon Black People". 

I don't recall Mo Ivory - the Democratic Party delegate standing against the antics of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" to "judge the judge".    I do recall during this recent election, however, she joined the chorus against the "State Charter Schools Initiative" as an attack on BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS as White people seek to do an end around against their local power by starting their own charter schools.

The point is that the Civil Rights Pharisees are guilty of promoting BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS over the interests of THE RANK &  FILE.   
It sounded to me that the talk show guest did this very same thing in acting as the voice of Obama.
Instead of being able to say "The 50 year economic development policies have failed the Black community and thus we have a disproportionate number of people who are unemployed" - she advocated for more Unemployment Insurance and THIS was the adopted "Struggle Motion" against the right-wing that opposes the extension.

The cascading shift toward the "external indictment" while abdicating the "Black Community Governance Culture" where the INVESTMENTS are to be protected as someone stands up and demands a return on investment FROM THE INSTITUTIONS THAT DEVELOP THE PEOPLE rather than from PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY TRANSFER PAYMENTS - is the biggest damage that is being done to the Black people as so many people go along, affirmed by the POPULARITY of the theories. 

The notion that the "combatants" in the school board have lost sight of their jobs of educating the children, leaving them less prepared to become "Professional Service Providers" for the Black community's uplift - is lost as "The Blacks" function as loyal Democrats. 

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