Sunday, December 09, 2012

Controversial First Amendment Piece: "The Opportunities Created From Ninjas Standing Upon The Third Rail, In Desperation"


The reference to "Voter ID" was merely "editorial ease".
I am NOT alleging "Voter Impersonation Fraud" is an issue.

The VOTING FRAUD that most negatively impacts the Black community in the modern day is the FRAUDULENT NARRATIVE that is engineered by the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist News Mediat that generates an "Existential Racial Threat" TO The Black Voter and thus triggers him to VOTE FOR HIS BLACK COMMUNITY SALVATION.

I yield that "VOTER TRICKING" is "American As Apple Pie".  Even George Washington's campaign is said to have given away whiskey in exchange for vote.

The IMPERSONATION is that the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS has been fused into the MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME - with no evidence of a force PUTTING IT OUT OF THIS FRAUDULENT GAME because of the CONCUSSIONS that are suffered upon the CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the Black players that are lulled into battle against the UBIQUITOUS RIGHT WING OPPONENT as defined by the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" in cahoots with the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" Who Hold Their Valuables At The End Of Every Season.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about the statements that the 2000 and 2004 elections that were supposedly voter disenfranchisement for black folks? Were those votes really destroyed or not useful? Or was it something made by Democrats to keep black folks angry at the Republicans despite there are no Republicans running their community?

What I never understood is how they would believe statements like Bush II restarting segregation from John Kerry and Biden's chains comment and believe it? Any politician who would try such a thing would get fired and be tarnished for the rest of their career.

Constructive Feedback said...



From my perspective - MY "Black Priorities" are:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes

If you make the mistake in assuming that POLITICS are the most significant "channel" through which these points will be achieved in support of the development of Black people THEN - logically when YOU RETAIN A STRANGLEHOLD where Black people live in high concentrations BUT you fall short on delivering - THIS CREATES THREE TRUTHS

1) Those who see the functional "Black Voter Nullification" where WE VOTE, regardless of the RESULTS - then they have a heightened propensity to SUPPRESS THE BLACK VOTE. I believe that ANYONE has access to the legal system to make their case. (I even grudgingly say that they can propagandize in THE NEWS MEDIA, repetitively making this their main argument)

2) Those who have RECEIVED BLACK VOTES in the past and have failed to diver HAVE A VESTED INTEREST in keeping their own people FOCUSED on what works to retain "Congregational Unity"

3) Those forces who are fighting Group #1 have an interest in making the case of the RACISM of their "brothers".

THE BOTTOM LINE IS - it is up to the BLACK COMMUNITY to ultimately measure the proportion of the VOTER SUPPRESSION "THREAT" and weigh it upon the OTHER MAJOR ISSUES that will suffer from "Benign Neglect" as the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" is expended on FIGHTING bogus points like PHOTO VOTER ID.

I saw many Black people in cities that SHOULD have their entire leadership purged due to basic failure, INSTEAD energized to FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS because the RACIST RIGHT-WING was trying to "Take Away Black Votes".

AGAIN - I am gaining an excellent amount of research on Black people and POLITICS as this aggregate "Fraud and Hokum" is executed.

ALL COMBATANTS are going to feel great pain as they spent their time fighting amongst themselves as the "Ship Of State" crashes.