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Constructive Feedback University: Analysis Of Black Progressive Argument Template - Featuring Bayard Rustin

I still have some research in draft mode on the two recent documentaries that I saw on Hubert H. Humphery and George McGovern.  

As I focus on "What makes the prevailing Black Progressive Political Thought tick" I have learned that it is more effective to focus on "Favorable People In Power" upon which they express satisfaction than to consider the enemies that anger them.

You see - when you are satisfied, you typically provide a list of "accomplishments" that allowed this "Favorable Person" to live up to your expectations.   With Constructive Feedback University - we then make a sampling of all of the "Black Community vital statistics" at the point in reference when this "satisfaction" was had.      Far more often than not, we note the same basic level of results in this body of statistics.  The key point is that the OPERATIVE has a vested interest in affirming the person in power.  Instead of indictments he expresses "HOPE", usually couching it in the HOPE that the RIGHT WING will stop blocking their way and thus they can make even more "Progress", thus actually "Earning The Black Vote" as Morris O'Kelly said - making even more Black people happy.

As I was going through my camera phone to find the pictures that I took from Gary Indiana I came across this screen shot of Bayard Rustin - the father of the "Vote Your Way Into Community Salvation" scheme that is presently being run within the Black community.

In his written piece "Where I Stand" he articulates why he is (at that point in time) an unwilling supporter of the Johnson Administration's "Vietnam War".  
As you read his arguments - it is easy to note the pattern that it fits with other arguments used by Black Progressives when there is a "favorable person in power" who they don't wish to indict.

On the matter of the Vietnam War:

  1. Acknowledge that there is dissension among the ranks of Black Progressive Civil Rights leaders.  Don't slam them for their divergent position as you are ultimately focused on the same end, merely taking a different track at this time
  2. Affirm "THE STRUGGLE" - make an itemized list of Black Community problems that have yet to be addressed -------AS LONG AS you don't BLAME THE VICTIM for his present condition - this list of "Black Injuries" will be accepted - NOT as a "Critic" but as a person who is CONNECTED and well knowledgeable of the NEEDS OF THE COMMUNITY 
  3. INDICT THE RIGHT WING and INDICT THEM OFTEN!    With the present prevailing consciousness within the Black American - there IS NO DOWNSIDE in lumping as much blame as the cart will hold upon the RIGHT WING ENEMY.  In as much as your agenda is POPULISM (Congregational Unity) and not EFFECTIVE MITIGATION using ORGANIC CAPABILITIES through the  institutions that are now in your hand - by tapping into the INNATE HATRED that Black people have for the Right-Wing, but which is self-affirmed as PROTECTION against an ENEMY - the process of getting mass agreement on "WHO DID THIS TO US" makes for the mark of a "Strong Black (Political) Leader" than one who dares to question "IS IT WORKING"?
  4. When you need to sell an agenda that would otherwise be rejected by the Progressive Base (Militarism and Imperialism) you must dress it up in language that is in line with the base's desires:  SHARED STRUGGLE TOWARD A GREATER END.   ("If we don't stop the North Vietnamese now - we will be forced to have a larger fight with China later on. " Sounds as if someone had just has a private meeting with the President himself in order to coordinate talking points.  Too bad that there was no such thing as "MSNBC" at the time or else Bayard Rustin would have been given his own show - but not in prime time)
  5. SELL THE FRUITS OF VICTORY!!   Ask the people to "struggle onward".   Hold your nose right now because once this slight diversion is completed - we will get back to our DOMESTIC fight ...........................against the Right-Wing

To be clear - Bayard Rustin later changed his position and came out opposed to the War.

The fact is that his "CHANGE" was seen as a "Welcome Home" to a prodigal son.  As a progressive he suffered no permanent damage (indictment) for his previous position.  No one accused him of having "blood on his hands" for the time when he supported American imperialism.  

MY POINT is that we should not settle for transactional indictments against people like Bayard Rustin for the time that they cozied up with "The Imperialist Commander In Chief".   This is too short sighted. 

MY AGENDA is to note that when it comes to POPULISM - the defacto ideology within the Black Community - the only thing one needs to "Manufacture Consent" (hey isn't that a title of Noam Chomski's book?) is a sound MEDIA OPERATION that hits upon certain themes repetitively, latching upon what Black people WANT to hear.

At this point in my studies I am less impressed with the forces that can successfully "OFFEND Black people" and thus trigger a predictable response.  
The forces that can make note of the "OFFENDED STATE" of Black people and then translate it into another cycle of "HANDING OVER OUR VALUABLES" in support of the FIGHT AGAINST the "OFFENDER", thus suspending all credible efforts from those who would otherwise tend to ask "WHERE IS MY MONEY?  Somebody is going to get cut up in here if I don't get the right answers!!" 

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