Saturday, December 15, 2012

Constructive Feedback University - Progressive Propaganda Studies: Unlike Haiti - Libya Is Never Framed As "The American Installed Government", Neither Will Syria Be In The Future

I have noted before:  As a long time viewer of "Democracy Now" the change in their disposition of the US Central Intelligence Service is blatant.  (I am a fan of MUCKRAKING REPORTING, beyond any perceived partisan bias that you see in me. )

"Speak Truth To Power" from the Progressives is akin to "Fair And Balanced" from Fox News.  When you practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" in which you consciously deny that "the Favorable People In Power" have the POWER to do the very things that you used to protest against - are you any different than those who cheer-lead when your enemy is in power?

The video below "Aristide And The Endless Revolution" fills in many of the blanks as to why there is a difference in handling.

The American CIA treck through South/Central America and the Caribbean was driven by "Right wing" governments of Reagan and Bush I/II.   In the view of "Democracy Now" they favored wealthy corporatist leadership that depressed the voices of the people.

With the 'Arab Spring' and the "Humanitarian Mission" in Libya - the people rose up to overthrow their government.

Please keep an eye on Syria.   In the video below an American official notes about Haiti: "Aristide can no longer control the nation, keeping a lid on violence".  This was the justification to remove him from power.

Just this week various voices in the United Nations wondered if the present government of Syria is able to "control the violence in their nation".   This comes after the United States and various allies have given aid to the rebels that are fighting the government.

Focusing on the difference between these two classes of justification ("lifting up the people" versus "lifting up the corporate class") as you fall into your ideological proclivities - fails to note that - from the perspective of the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT - the TACTICS to achieve the desired ends are THE SAME:
CIA insurgency,  US Military violence.

In truth - the only thing that we are dealing with is the JUSTIFICATION that the partisan operative back in America is willing to consume and then propagate as they debate on behalf of their team.

Pay attention to the various reference to "Haiti would have been GREAT until the United States uncut the government" and then ask yourself - why they are not saying the very same thing about many of the nations today that the CIA is operating in?

WHY are the most vocal opponents from the video above SILENT today?

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