Thursday, December 13, 2012

Constructive Feedback University: Today's Treasure-trove Of Research Information Upon The "Black Americanized Consciousness"

Though I am presently disappointed in my friend Janet over at "Hinterland Gazette" for totally compromising her journalistic integrity for the sake of propaganda - I have not given up all hope on her - JUST YET.

Take a look at the clip above.
Now apply it to THIS MODEL BELOW:

My friend Janet calls out Tavis Smiley for "TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE" - especially PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

The unsaid statement is: YOU "stop talking about people" BEFORE you ask someone else to stop talking about YOU.

Janet doesn't want Tavis Smiley to "Stop talking about PEOPLE".
If Tavis Smiley was "Keeping The Right Wing Enemy On Trial" - then Smiley would be her favorite person.

When you read the "Hinterland Gazette" blog - and see how it is functionally a "Protected Space" for the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that Progressive Fundamentalists dominate - you can understand the mindset of the author(s).

Please be clear - Hinterland Gazette reports TRANSACTIONAL occurrences of "Street Pirate Attacks", even doing so regardless of the race of the Street Pirate.  

You should not be fooled (as with The Root, The Grio, AOL Blax, etc) that TRANSACTIONAL REPORTING is ANALYSIS .   If you are expecting them to make the very same "cause and effect" analysis of the results that have transpired when a RIGHT-WING ESTABLISHMENT is in power - you are going to be waiting for a very, very, very long time.

Just as I asked a few weeks ago:  "How does Smiley/West LOSE, their 'Progressive Social Justice' agenda being deemed a failure?"

Certainly the continued presence of "The Least Of These" is not evidence of their failure.  This serves as grounds for their continued struggle.

Well - the very same construct should be applied to the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Press".  There IS NO "Mission Accomplished situation", where "The Least Of These" are seen suffering - decades after handing over their valuables to the cause - just as these Embedded Confidence Men had motivated them to do so with their serial "Focused Black Conscious Filibuster".   By "sweating the small stuff that is OFFENSIVE, they justify their abandonment in muckraking against the larger set of issues that have been incompetently governed by the Favorable People In Power".  

If Janet makes an "Attack On The President Of The United States' " POLICIES from Tavis Smiley into an ATTACK ON THE PERSON in the form of "Barack Obama" then her justified defense of "The Black Progressive President" who is POPULAR with "The Blacks" and motivates them so - then TAVIS SMILEY has rendered the ASSAULT.........per the popular view of "The Blacks".

BUT WAIT - WHICH FORCE is engineering these terms to "The Black Rank & File"?
The Paid Blacks in the Media -are doing it.

So it is more accurate to say that while Tavis Smiley has attempted to hold President Obama up to the standard "Progressive Measuring Stick" - the JingOists have snatched it out of his hands and beat him upside the head.   This measuring stick is reserved for THE ENEMY.   You make the Right-Wing Enemy try to LIVE UP TO the principles of "Progressive Social Justice".  Their shortfall is the justification for the focused attacks upon them.

The truth is that the main ATTACK UPON BLACK PEOPLE that is transpiring right now - with a bunch of complicit operatives is the "ASSAULT ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE".

Like any other "The War On {Fill In The Blank} " the impending external threat mandates that:

  1. The masses stick together because dissension will allow the enemy to divide us
  2. The masses to yield their INDIVIDUAL interests for the sake of the whole
  3. Any corruption or ineffectiveness be spiked because we need to buy into the LARGER VISION not the nefarious transactions

This is why the "Recruited / Employed And Paid Black Press" has been assembled.  
Some crafty people who intensely studied HOW BLACK PEOPLE THINK, long before I fixated upon the body of research, have mastered the equation.

That snarling, growling "Unbought / Unsold" African lion merely needs a GREATER OPPORTUNITY dangled in front of him and then AN EXISTENTIAL RACIAL THREAT that is dangled at the opposite end of the pasture that will repulse and OFFEND him.   

With these two forces at play upon his consciousness - he will WAYS walk through the gate of SOCIAL JUSTICE - just as predicted. 

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