Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Constructive Feedback University: How Non-White White Supremacy Held By Black Activist Destroys The Black Community Governance Culture In Managing Our Community

MANY OF YOU see the latest transaction of a mass gun shooting which highlights the differences of opinion in America.

I see a PROXY FIGHT that is going on.

I am stunned the amount of "psychological projection" that is heard as many of the same Black people who did little as the transactional "Street Pirate On Black" homicide has transpired (especially during this past election season) are now OUTRAGED that AMERICA doesn't respond until they see someone who looks like themselves getting killed.

Those same people had the opportunity to filibuster their public commentary made on their blogs, radio call in shows or written articles - attesting to the VALUE of the Black lives that have been lost - while America went about its BUSINESS - which is POLITICS.

The oft heard rhetorical statement of "They are killing each other - so why should we care?"  should be replaced with:  "If the Blacks AREN'T leading the way in changing what is going on within their community AND they will attack us for saying something about it - WE ARE JUST FOLLOWING THEIR LEAD. " 

What we see in the examples above is a lot of "psychological / conscious projection".
Those who are more comfortable with STRUGGLING rather than MANAGEMENT toward desired ends - understand when they are "above their pay grade" in resolving such matters.

How did George Zimmerman get promoted to be a POLICE OFFICER?  And what is the psychological effect of doing so?  Likewise - is there a twin brother to such PROMOTION, found in the inferiorization of "Favorable People In Power" - as they occupy the seats of power that used to be targets of protest, but now these seats are no longer seen as "the problem" - so the struggle departs the community to find "disagreeable fellows"

We can't run away from the PSYCHOLOGICAL underpinnings as we study 'What makes the present prevailing Black political consciousness tick?".  

No Longer Able To Hide Behind The System

IF we mandate that the consciousness contained in "Davey D's Hip Hop Corner" EXPAND to cover ALL BLACK HOMICIDES as we target the goal of reducing BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION RATES - DOWN TO OUR POPULATION PROPORTIONS....................does Davey D's cherrypicked viewpoint ENCAPSULATE the entire domain of "the problem" OR does he just insure that he will be POPULAR among the "progressive types" - and not step upon their toes?

Many of you tire of my "Progressive Chasing" - but to pretend that the prevailing Black consciousness is NOT filibustered by the priorities as set by people with this disposition is a denial of the truth.

My observation stands:   A TIME LINE and a GPS are needed as you enter a debate.  You must come with the knowledge of the "Universe" of issues because some people will work to filibuster "Congregational Unity" by driving at a MARGINAL issue.

Upon "Mission Accomplishment" - YOU'VE WON at what they set out for - and they will propagandize "The Victory".
You HAVE LOST when we place the proper context of your problems into view and see that they are not competent enough to develop the GOVERNING INSTITUTIONS that will allow a solution to come to fruition - upon the backs of the people with a vested interest  -as they are the ones who will partake in the reformation.

Today "Systematic - UNCHECKED - Racism" has been replaced by "Systematic RACISM CHASING".   The goal is not to MITIGATE THE PROBLEMS within the Black Community.  Instead they want to live off of POPULISM.

With "Congregational Unity" among Black people at hand - the matter becomes less about actually achieving a level of mitigation or accomplishment.  Instead with the masses of people AGREEING that "WE HAVE WON" - this all becomes a matter of "Who Has The Longest Media Gun" to work the crowd and engineer the favorable consciousness - as they retain the same story line across the various media venues.

The people don't need to see that what is seen in the media does not reflect what is on their streets.
They only need to believe that:

  • The ENEMY is the reason for these conditions
  • The ENEMY does not suffer these same problems so it must be him that is trying to destroy us
  • The ENEMY must be stopped so that WE can achieve the desired state
  • I am going to HAND OVER MY VALUABLES in the fight against THE ENEMY
The Black Community "Valuables" is not "The Black Vote". 
The Vote is a piece of currency from the "American Political Domain".   It is as much of a "fiat currency" as if the American dollar that is being created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve.

The VALUABLES that I speak of is the 'Black Community Consciousness" - the will to DEVELOP our people through the INSTITUTIONS that we have control over in our community.  The abandonment of these institutions - or the belief that they are "inferior" as compared to others - produces what we see today :  the OUTSOURCED CONSCIOUSNESS where the fix to our problem is had by fomenting a "change by coalition" that will one day rain down upon our own communities.   When in truth this merely produces the consciousness by which a PERPETUAL STRUGGLE is had - as the people are "had".

Think of the perversion of terms.    During the "Klan days" we needed to protect our people because a culture of HATRED sought to kill us as a means of keeping us in our own place.

Today those who say we are not in a "post racial society" do so as they point to the "other guy".  They can't see that with themselves having more control over the institutions that were once powerful enough to OPPRESS BLACK PEOPLE - their present consciousness fails to leverage these institutions as a channel for ORGANIC uplift.    "Organic" is a necessary qualifier because there is a spirit among them that seeks to make "all mighty INSTITUTIONS" rather than produce PEOPLE who are "finished" as they matriculate through the institutions - allowing them to reach the level of consciousness about themselves that GOD created them to become - IF the society follows the straight and narrow.

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